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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for funding?

All organizations must apply for funding through GrizzOrgs by filling out a budget request form.

The form can be found under your organizations GrizzOrgs portal. 

1. Click "MORE"

2. Click "TREASURY" 


4. Click "NEW BUDGET" 

What do I do after being approved for funds?

After being approved for funding from SAFB, the funds are transferred into you SAFB account.

After this, you may: 

1. Fill out the Payment/Reimbursement form found on GrizzOrgs and work with the CSA accountant in order to make payments for online purchases, conference registration fees, etc. 

2.  Fill out the Petty Cash Request Form found on GrizzOrgs. Petty cash request is for purchases up to $100. After form is approved, you may take out the petty cash from the CSA, purchase your items, and return the extra cash with the receipt to the CSA within 48 hours

You can find more detailed information HERE

What is the difference between my SAFB and FLEX account?

All student organizations have two accounts, an SAFB account and FLEX account. 

The SAFB account contains money that has been previously applied for and been APPROVED by the Student Activities Funding Board. This is the account that money is transferred into when approved for discretionary funds, equipment, conference fees, catering, etc. 

The FLEX account contains money that the registered student organization has raised itself. For example, this could be done through fundraising, donations, membership fees, etc. 

What are discretionary funds and what can they be used for?

Discretionary funds are part of SAFB funding and need to be applied for every semester. 


Fall- $400        Winter- $400        Summer- $200 

What can they be used for? 

- Marketing materials

- Apparel (up to $10 per item)

- Print Shop Expenses

- Office Supplies 

- Once you have APPLIED and been APPROVED for these funds they can also be used for events on campus, catering, equipment, conference registration fees, etc. without having to re-apply to SAFB. 


When is the last day to use funds?

These are the deadlines for budget request relative to the budget period they belong to.

All contracts, invoices, and payments through the CSA must be made by these days and their perspective semesters. 


End of the Fall Budget Period- December 1st

End of the Winter Budget Period- April 1st

End of the Summer Budget Period- August 1st


What if I still need more help?

Please feel free to ask for help with any questions you may have regarding funding! 

- You can email the SAFB Chair, Kayla Dafoe, at

- Call us at 248-370-4291

- Visit the SAFB Chair during office hours or make an appointment.