Student Activities Funding Board

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Rochester, MI 48309-4454
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CSA Service Window Agreement


- must be submitted one month before event:

  • This form is for organizations and departments to sell tickets and to sign up for events through the Center for Student Activities Service Window. This agreement explains the services provided Service Window and the responsibilities of the student organizations and departments.
  • 1. The CSA Service Window provides service for Oakland University community with a focus on students as the primary audience.
  • 2. All organizations utilizing CSA Service Window will have an Oakland University account number. All monies collected will be deposited directly into the account number provided. Deposits will not be made into an SAFB account.
  • 3. The CSA Service Window accepts cash, checks and Spiritcash for the purchase of tickets and to sign up for events. Organizations may opt to accept credit/debit cards with the Master Card and Visa logo.
  • 4. The CSA Service Window provides its service at no cost to OU registered organizations.
    • However, for all credit and debit card transactions the organization will be charged the processing fee that CSA is charged.
    • The fee will be 2% - 4% of total credit/debit card purchases.
    • This may also cause a delay in the charged/debited funds being deposited into the organization account.
    • Student organizations can opt out of this fee by indicating they do not want credit/debit card to be accepted for this event.
  • 5. This agreement must be completed, and signed by the organization and the Service Window Manager at least one week prior to the start of ticket sales/sign-up.
  • 6. The interior of the CSA Service Window is open only to Service Window and authorized CSA staff members. Student organization members are not allowed to enter the area to check the computer.
  • 7. All ticket sales are final. The Service Window is not responsible for lost or missing tickets. There will be no refunds unless authorized by the sponsor, which must be indicated in writing on the information form.
  • 8. Generally students are limited to one discount ticket and allowed one guest, if guests are permitted. Requests for an exemption to this policy must be presented to the CSA in writing on the information form by the authorized sponsor.
    • For each event, the CSA Service Window will:
    • 1. Set up a sign-up page on the computer and designated key(s) on the Cash Register to handle the ticket sale or sign-up for each event.
    • 2. Sell tickets and/or to sign up for events according to the parameters given to the CSA Service Window by the sponsoring organization.
    • 3. Provide periodic reports of the process of sales/sign ups upon request.
    • 4. Direct deposit all money taken in from sales/sign ups into the designated account. Process debit/credit card transactions, including assessing processing fees as they are reported to the CSA. Process any authorized refunds.
    • 5. Email to the designated officer a final sales report or sign-up sheet from the computer either at the time it sells prior to the event.
    • 6. Return unsold tickets to the organization for door sales.
      • All door sale tickets must be accounted for within one business date of the event.
      • All door sale revenue must be deposited into an on campus account at the CSA Service Window and the unsold tickets returned to the CSA Service Window.