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Welcome to the Rochester Oral History Archive (ROHA) project, a community initiative designed to capture and preserve the history of Rochester area residents ages 55 and over. The ROHA project provides technology tools as well as personal guidance to record oral histories and maintains a digital archive that anyone can search via the Web. Participants can submit an oral history by attending a collection event in the community or contacting the project coordinator to schedule an individual session. Researchers operate digital voice recorders and guide participants with a series of prompts. No technology experience is necessary!

In Winter 2011, students enrolled in Writing and Rhetoric 160 courses recorded Oakland University-themed oral histories to preserve stories about the early years and significant turning points in the history of the university. Community members (including faculty, staff, and alumni) recorded stories that are now available for listening in the ROHA archive. 

Are you interested in sharing your family history with your children? Learn more about “Family Stories to Go,” a community oral history workshop hosted by both ROHA and the Meadow Brook Writing Project. Children ages 10 and up are invited to bring and adult partner to record an oral history. A digital file of that recording is given to each pair. For more information visit Family Stories to Go.

You can listen to selections from the ROHA archive by clicking Listen. Oral histories collected by the ROHA project will remain available on the web in our searchable database, and recordings and transcripts will be archived in the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm.

For more information about the ROHA project or our partners, please click About Us.

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