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Report a Claim

Reporting a Claim 

Employee Injuries and Illnesses

Work-related accidents and injuries must be reported to a department supervisor immediately. Supervisors must complete an Occupational Accident Report within 24 hours of the reported injury and forward it to University Human Resources. 

Timely reporting of injuries and illness ensures that unsafe situations or conditions are addressed immediately and that employees receive the appropriate care and treatment without any delay.  In addition, timely reporting of injuries and illnesses ensures compliance with OSHA 29 CFR Part 1904 Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses.  

 injuries and/or illnesses are caused by an event or exposure in the work environment that either causes or contributes to the resulting condition or significantly aggravate a pre-existing injury or illness. 

In the event that an employee is injured:

  1. Ensure that the employee receives appropriate and prompt medical care and treatment. 
    •  If an employee is seriously injured, contact the Oakland University Police Department at ext. 3331 or 248-370-3331.
  2. Supervisors should complete and sign an Authorization to Seek Medical Treatment Form and send it with the employee seeking medical treatment.
    • Employees can be seen at Graham Health Center M-F from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., contact Graham Health Center at ext. 2341 or 248-370-2341. 
    • Outside of normal business hours, employees can be seen at Crittenton Hospital's Occupational Medicine Department, contact Crittenton Occupational Medicine at 248-652-5000. 
    • After hours services for Occupational Medicine are available through the Crittenton Hospital Emergency Room.
    • Employees working in Macomb County of off campus should be seen at the nearest emergency room or urgent care center.
  3. Immediately report unsafe situations or conditions to Environmental Health and Safety at ext. 4196 or 248-370-4196 or Work Control Center at ext. 2381 or 248-370-2381.
  4. Supervisors must complete an Occupational Accident Report  within 24 hours of the reported injury.


On-Campus Personal Injury (non-auto)

If an injury occurs to an employee, student, volunteer or visitor on campus, the Accidental Personal Injury Report Form should be completed and emailed to the Office of Risk Management.  In addition, a report should be made immediately to the Oakland University Police Department at (248) 370-3331 or in person at the Dispatch Operations Center located in the Police and Support Services Building.  If you are an employee and have been injured at work, you also should contact  the University Human Resources Benefits Office at ext. 3484.  

Property Loss or Damage of Oakland University Property

All Property Damage/Loss Claims are subject to a deductible.

If damage or loss occurs to Oakland University property, please contact the Office of Risk Management immediately. If you have a desk top computer, external hard drive, laptop or any other data storage device that has been lost, University Technology Services (UTS) also should be contacted and information on the data lost reported to them.  

Auto Accident/Damage to OU Vehicle

If an auto accident occurs involving an OU vehicle, please contact OUPD or the local police department to file a report. Please submit a copy of the police report and a completed Vehicle Loss Report Form to the Office of Risk Management Office at 13 Police and Support Services Building, Fax#:248.370.3175, Email:

Foreign Travel Claim