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Huirong Fu, Ph.D
Office: 528 EC
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Xiaodong Deng, Ph.D
Office: 340 Elliott Hall
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Debbie Valla
Administrative Assistant
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Center of Cyber Security

The mission of the Center of Cyber Security is to advance interdisciplinary collaborative research and technology solutions in the field of cyber security. The mission will be achieved by leveraging the partnerships and resources of the university, and building upon the momentum that has been launched in research, curriculum and outreach in cyber security. In addition, the Center will position Oakland University to seek further funding through external funding resources.
Center of Cyber Security

The purpose of the Oakland University Center of Cyber Security (The Center) is to promote the interdisciplinary collaborative research in the area of cyber security, leveraging the partnerships and resources of the university. The establishment of the Center builds upon the momentum that has been launched in research; curriculum (Master of Science in Cyber Security, SECS, Master of Science in Information Technology Management, SBA) and outreach (OU INC MedHealth Cyber Security Program and Macomb INC Cyber Security Range for Defense and Advanced Manufacturing).  As such, the Center aligns strongly with the University’s new strategic plan and goals. The Center will have a strong research and scholarly direction, provide opportunities for student research and internships, and with the integration of the incubators and their business connections, will be a strong nexus in engaging the community.  Community partners have already expressed the need for solutions, training, and talent with a desire to form partnerships to meet these needs.  The Center will generate considerable synergy among the University’s goals leading to greater success. The extent of possibilities is yet to be defined as it will grow as the partnerships and collaborations strengthen; however, the existing momentum and demonstrated demand exist.

Faculty Members:

Huirong FuSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Subramaniam GanesanSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Hua MingSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Khalid MahmoodSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Mohamed ZohdySchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Lunjin LuSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Anyi LiuSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Dae-Kyoo KimSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Erik FredericksSchool of Engineering and Computer Science
Xiaodong DengSchool of Business Administration
Vijayan SugumaranSchool of Business Administration
Thomas LauerSchool of Business Administration
Eddie ChengCollege of Arts and Sciences
Douglas CarrCollege of Arts and Sciences
Albert J. MeehanCollege of Arts and Sciences
Larry HerrimanMacomb OU INCubator
Amy ButlerOU INC Incubator & Innovation Center


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Events and

Recent Events

  • [Mar. 2018]

GenCyber summer camp 2018 program starts to accept application. To apply click here

  • [Mar. 2018]

5th Annual Detroit Chapter ISACA Scholarship Competition

ISACA Detroit is excited to announce our 5th Annual Scholarship Competition.  This competition is designed to enrich the experience of students by providing them a “real world” experience.  The competition consists of a case study where contestants work on a case study and present their conclusions to a panel of industry professionals who will play the role of potential future employers. 

The contestants not only have an excellent chance to win some cash, but the 1st place university also earns the right to display the ISACA Detroit trophy (just like a Stanley Cup) for the next year.  So, let the competition begin.

This year the competition will start on March 16, 2018 at 6 pm and end on March 18, 2018 at around 4 pm.  Registration Link will be provided by mid-January 2018.    The format of the competition is as follows:

  • You are free to form a team.  It is recommended that the team is of two students, one with a background of IT auditing or assurance, and the second with a background of IT Security
  •  A university can send multiple teams to the competition
  •  Teams will be competing for three scholarships:  1st place is $4,000, 2nd place is $2,500 and 3rd place is $1,500.  The winners will get a certificate and the 1st place team university will get the “ISACA Detroit Cup”.  And of course all participants will get honorable mention on ISACA’s website and their monthly newsletter. 

Like last year, it is also possible that the judges give out more than one 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place awards.  One year, we had two teams getting 1st place award of $4,000 each and two teams getting 3rd place award of $1,500 each

  • Teams will be issued a case study at 6 pm on March 16, 2018.  Teams will be expected to work on the case study till Noon of March 18, 2018.  At that time, the teams will present their report to the judges.  This year, the presentation will be held at Oakland University, Elliott Hall, 275 Varner Drive, Rochester, MI 48309.  The winners will be announced after all the teams have presented (around 3 pm on March 18, 2018).
  • The case study will be made available on March 16, 2018 at 6 pm via email.

March 16-18, 2018  6:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Oakland University
Elliott Hall
275 Varner Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309


  • [Jan. 2018]

Cyber Security 2018: A Video presentation and discussion
We kick off the year with a look at how an actual cyber attack using ransomware took place in 2017, paralysing the UK's National Health Service (NHS). In 2017, the NHS was hit by a widespread and devastating cyber attack - BBC Horizon tells the inside story of one of the most challenging days in the history of the NHS. On the morning of 12 May the attack started. Appointment systems, pathology labs, x-rays and even CT scanners were infected - putting not just data but patients lives at risk, and on every screen a simple - some may even say polite - message appeared. 'Ooops, your files have been encrypted!' But what followed was far from civilised. It was very clear that all the data on an infected machine was now scrambled and only the hackers could unscramble it. For a price - and with an extra twist - after a few days the ransom money doubled, and if nothing was paid within a week, the hackers threatened to destroy all the data - forever. Following this there will a general discussion, Q&A and update on the current state of Meltdown and Spectre (recent hard flaws and issues with current processor chips).

Date: 25 January 2018
Time: 06:30 PM to 08:00 PM
115 Library Drive
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309
Building: Engineering Center
Room Number: EC 254

  • [Oct. 2017]
Oakland University hosted the GrizzHacks competition which brought together the greatest young minds for two days of excitement and technological passion. For more information click here
  • [Jul. 2017]
REU: OU has successfully hosted the UnCoRe program. For more information click here
  • [Jul. 2017]
OU has successfully hosted the GenCyber summer camp program that has delivered substantive cybersecurity training to upper elementary (4th, 5th and 6th grades), middle school, and high school students in Detroit Urban Area (Macomb county, Oakland county and Wayne county). For more information click here
  • [Apr. 2017]
Doctoral student wins Best Full Paper Award at 12th Cyber and Information Security Research Conference (CISRC 2017), Oak Ridge, Tennessee.. For more information click here
  • [Apr. 2017]
GenCyber summer camp program starts to accept application. To apply click here
  • [Nov. 2016]
REU: UnCoRe program is open to accept applications now. The application deadline is February 28th, 2017. To apply click here
  • [Aug. 2016]
OU has successfully hosted the GenCyber summer camp program that has delivered substantive cybersecurity training to upper elementary (4th, 5th and 6th grades), middle school, and high school students in Detroit Urban Area (Macomb county, Oakland county and Wayne county). For more information click here
  • [May. 2016]
GenCyber summer camp program starts to accept application. To apply click here

Media Reports



CRII: CPS: Minimizing the Oracle Problem for Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems (2017-2019).


Development of Secure and Compliant Application and Network Architecture with Built-in Forensic Analysis Readiness (2017-2018).


Developing Context-Aware Strategies to Minimize Network Impact on an Internet of Things Home Network (2017-2018).


Minimizing Security and Power Concerns in Cyber-Physical
Systems (2017-2018).


Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing and Correlation against Advanced Cyber Intrusions (2017-2018).


Collaborative Research: Building Cybersecurity Capacity in Pervasive Computing (2016-2019).


Inspiring the Next Generation of Cyber Stars

Magna Electronics

Development of Supporting Tools for Driver Assistance Systems of Autonomous Vehicles (2016).


REU: Undergraduate Computer Research (UnCoRe) in Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (2015-2018).


NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Network Economics for Secondary Spectrum Ecosystems (2015-2018).


Collaborative Research: EARS: Large-Scale Statistical Learning based Spectrum Sensing and Cognitive Networking (2014-2017).


SHF: Small:Collaborative: Application-aware Energy Modeling and Power Management for Parallel and High Performance Computing (2014-2017).


SHF: Medium:Collaborative: Compute on Data Path: Combating Data Movement in High- Performance Computing (2014-2017).


Image Processing Cloud (IPC): A Domain-Specific Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Research and Education (2012-2016).


REU Site: Undergraduate Computer Research (UnCoRe)(2011-2014).


CCLI - Phase 1: Information Assurance and Security Education with A Multidisciplinary Collaborative Approach in A Realistic Environment (2008-2011).


CT-ER: TrusT-US: Trustworthy Transportation Ubiquitous Systems (2007-2010).


REU Site: Undergraduate Computer Research (UnCoRe) for Women at Oakland University (2006-2009).


CyberSecurity Capacity Building (2005-2008).


CyberSecurity Capacity Building at North Dakota (2003-2005).


Government Sites:


  • S&P (Oakland) (IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy)
  • CCS (ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security)
  • Crypto (International Cryptology Conference)
  • Eurocrypt (European Cryptology Conference)
  • Security (Usenix Security Symposium)
  • NDSS (ISOC Network and Distributed System Security Symposium)

Cyber Competitions: