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A-Z Course Catalog

Catalog of classes and certificate courses offered through Oakland University's Professional and Continuing Education Department.Note: PACE courses do not align with the OU academic semesters and all listed courses may not be on the current schedule. Use the "more details" link for additional information.


Accent Reduction (customized program)
This program was designed by a linguist to help non-native English speakers improve pronunciation, decrease misunderstandings, and increase verbal confidence. Unlike an ESL class, Accent Reduction is for learners who already have a great deal of language proficiency.  This course is currently offered as a custom tailored program to meet the needs of an organization.
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The Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institutes
Sponsored by Oakland University and endorsed by the College Board, participation in the AP* Institutes will strengthen your school's academic success. OU will hold two summer sessions for instructors at the main campus in Rochester, Michigan. These four-day conferences offer excellent training for both experienced teachers and those that are new to AP*. The program will offer experienced teachers the opportunity to learn about new and emerging trends in their content areas. For teachers that are new to AP*, the program is a chance to become better informed about the fundamentals of the AP* program. Oakland University's institute is ideally suited for department chairpersons, gifted and talented teachers and curriculum coordinators. 

Animal Assisted Therapy
The use of animal assisted therapy dates back hundreds of years. Oakland University's Animal Assisted Therapy Certificate program addresses several health and social issues, including an increased need for alternative, innovative and holistic practices. Utilizing animal assisted therapy in educational, therapeutic and health care settings benefit at-risk children and adolescents, the elderly and other special-needs populations. The program is completely online with a couple of the assignments involving meeting with people in the field in your area and visiting an animal sanctuary, shelter, farm, etc.  Classes in this course include Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy, Psychology of AAT, AAT for Special Populations, Working with Animals, and the AAT Capstone.
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APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program
The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program prepares physical therapy students for clinical education experiences by developing learning experiences,supporting ongoing learning through questioning and effective feedback, discussing performance evaluation skills, and identifying and managing students with exceptional situations.  The program closes with a brief look at legal implications for clinical educators, including issues presented by American with Disabilities Act (ADA) legislation.
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Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers & CPR for the Professional Rescuer
Class will cover techniques for adults, children, and infants.  BLS certification is required for admission to the LPN, CNA, or PCT programs. 
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Career Development Facilitator
A Career Development Facilitator (CDF) is a person who works in any career development setting or who incorporates career development information or skills in their work with students, adults, clients, employees, or the public. A CDF completes at least 120 instructional hours of training which is taught by a nationally trained and qualified instructor. The program is approved by the National Career Development Association (NCDA) which provides individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work. Individuals who provide or will provide career services in business and industry, government agencies, non-profits, veteran employment services, K-12 schools, colleges and universities would all be candidates to obtain this certificate of achievement.
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Certified Nursing Assistant
The Certified Nursing Assistant Program is offered through Oakland University's School of Nursing-Continuing Education. This program is currently being offered at The Riverview Institute of Oakland University; in the heart of downtown Detroit.  Riverview is one of the most technologically advanced medical training facilities in the state. This course provides basic fundamental nursing skills, and state certification as a Nursing Assistant. This course will introduce the theory and techniques involved with the role of the Nurse Assistant. After completion of this training program, you will be able to perform various hands-on patient care procedures with supervision in areas ranging from daily care operations (bathing, feeding, dressing) to patient discharge. 
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Cultural Comparison Course
The team will receive additional projects after the training to help reach goals that are generated from the training such as mentoring, generational discussions, etc. Our expert instructor will check in to make sure that the team is moving forward to support team accountability and will provide coaching as necessary to drive home the change management concepts. This will provide evidence that the training knowledge is being directly applied for maximum benefit.

Participants will be introduced to Chinese and US history, focusing on each culture's history since 1949. The class will explore social structure aspects and the business environment in each country with an emphasis on social relationships, time consciousness, achievement and success, etc. The course will end with informal discussion with business leaders to compare and contrast the two countries. This session will serve as a basis for problem solving and experiential learning for the business environment.


Energy Management Certificate
Energy usage and its sustainability are becoming crucially important issues facing many organizations. Firms have to evaluate energy alternatives strategically and manage business processes efficiently to address the broader stakeholder values: environmental, economic, and social. Simultaneously, engineering activities related to processes, products, and services need to adapt to changing regulatory, tax, supply chain and demand environments. To achieve this, management and engineering perspectives need to be integrated for effective energy management. The program supports the transition to a new energy economy by preparing professionals to differentiate themselves in their careers, and help their organizations become sustainable enterprises.


Financial Planning Certification
Oakland University's Certificate Program in Personal Financial Planning is registered with the CFP Board in Washington, DC, and meets the standards set by CFP Board. Students who complete the OU Financial Planning Program are eligible to sit for the CFP Certification Examination. This quality program, offered through the School of Business Administration, presents the techniques and knowledge necessary to formulate the executive comprehensive financial plans that will assist clients in accumulating, conserving, and transferring personal wealth.
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GMAT Preparation Course
The GMAT Prep Course is a 27-hour course that focuses on both content and test-taking techniques. You'll test your skills with the most realistic GMAT practice tests and get comprehensive prep for the Integrated Reasoning section. The course is designed to be the best GMAT prep course. This program will help you achieve your best score with personalized attention, live office hours, result-driven instruction and realistic testing practice.
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Japanese Language and Culture for Business

This course is designed for participants to learn Japanese culture, business practice, customs, and manners, and fundamental language skills to better understand Japan.


Leadership Series
This program takes participants on a professional and personal development journey. Each person will take a short on-line assessment before the session. Participants will learn about their strengths and areas of improvement about themselves and their team members. First they will divide into groups with others who share similar behavioral styles. They will also be divided into teams with differing styles in order to discover how diversity enhances strong teams.
The following topics will be covered on continuous change and becoming a creative thinker:
  • The necessity of change even when things are going well
  • The psychological comfort of the status quo which is the kiss of death
  • Accept ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Behave like you are in business for yourself
  • The necessity of continuous learning
  • Hold yourself accountable for outcomes
  • Constantly add value to the organization

Lean Green Belt Certificate Program

Participants in the Green Belt Certificate program will gain the ability to tackle targeted concerns within a company's value stream or operations, apply Lean principles to focused areas of the business and recommend ideas for culture change.  
The Green Belt Certificate requires 53 hours of classroom and online coursework. During the course, you will complete a Green Belt-level project that demonstrates the concepts of Lean and makes an impact on the business model. A certified Green Belt should be able to facilitate Lean projects and apply Lean principles that complement your current role in your company.  
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Lean Overview
An overview of the concepts of Lean Methodology including 8 Elements of Waste, 6S, Visual Management, TPM, Mistake Proofing, JIT, Quick Changeover, 5-whys, and Standard Operating Procedure.  Hands-on exercises for executives will be conducted during the presentation.

Licensed Practical Nurse
The Practical Nurse Program is provided through Continuing Education with the School of Nursing. Students will complete approximately 1100 contact hours and will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Successful completion of this examination qualifies the graduate for licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and the ability to practice in the State of Michigan. Graduates are also eligible to take the National Association of Practical Nurse Educational Services (NAPNES) Pharmacology Certification Examination, which affords the graduate to administer medications within various employer settings.
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A Millennial Approach to Teaching Writing
This 4-week online course will provide K-12 teachers with the tools to improve and engage student writers. Teachers will explore reading and writing connections, the writing process, and writing with new media. Focusing on the importance of classroom connections and shared best practices, teachers will interact with other teachers as they develop ways to sharpen writing instruction as well as create innovative writing assignments. This course will be led by experienced instructors who will guide informative discussions while modeling effective strategies for improved writing instruction. 


Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy (OMPT) - S1, S2, E1, E2
Featuring updated content and structure, these four courses provide an in-depth and systematic orthopedic manual therapy approach to the examination and treatment of muscles and joints of the trunk, neck and head and upper and lower extremities. 

Overview of Balanced Score Card
This half-day course provides information on how to build and implement a balanced scorecard strategic management system. It includes examples and hands-on team exercises to allow you to get practice in developing the balanced scorecard for your organization. Topics covered by the course include:
  1. Key concepts of a Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
  2. Why do we need a BSC?
  3. How to align BSC and your corporate strategy.
    • Developing a Strategy Map.
  4. Building effective performance metrics
  5. How to build and implement the BSC
  6.  Feedback and continuous improvement of BSC

Overview of Lean Supply Chain
Current technologies offer supply chain partners the ability to develop collaborative plans in a "pull" manner. Retail level point-of-sale (POS) technology can capture demand as it occurs. Data mining can detect the early onset of demand trends. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) can be used for communicating demand information, collaborative forecast development, and for developing replenishment plans. These technologies can (1) better enable supply chain partners to share and agree upon joint forecasts and to ultimately synchronize production planning, purchasing, and inventory allocation decisions across a supply chain and (2) offer an enhanced ability for supply chain trading partners to operate in a Lean manner.
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Paralegal Certificate Program
The Paralegal Program introduces students to the study of law with an emphasis on real-world applications and legal procedures. Classes are taught by attorneys, judges, and qualified professionals who understand the role of the paralegal in modern legal practice. OU's Paralegal Program has maintained the ABA endorsement since its initial recognition in 1976. 
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Patient Care Technician
The Patient Care Technician program is offered through the Oakland University's School of Nursing-Continuing Education. This program is currently being offered at the Riverview Institute of Oakland University in the heart of downtown Detroit. Riverview is one of the most technologically advanced medical training facilities in the state. This course provides the skills necessary for patient care delivery and can prepare you to work in an expanded role with registered nurses. This course will introduce the theoretical applications and techniques related to the role of the Patient Care Technician. Responsibilities such as diagnostic procedures will be taught; with an emphasis placed on safety, documentation, standard precautions, legal and ethical considerations and OSHA standards.
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Preparatory Course for Actuarial Exam P/1
This is a preparatory class designed to ready Actuarial Science students for the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Exam P/1 in Probability. The class time will be mostly devoted to problem solving, discussing exam strategies and taking sample exams to assess individual student's state of preparation for the exam. 

Project Management Principles and Best Practices
This Project Management Institute-registered certificate program is designed for novices through experienced professionals. The course uses the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) as a text and is led by an instructor with over 30 years experience.  It will help those preparing for PMI certification as well as those seeking to better understand the responsibilities of project management, such as creating clear and attainable objectives, building requirements, and managing the triple constraints of cost, time, and scope.  
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Quantitative Methods Workshop

This non-credit course is intended to provide the graduate student with a review and/or introduction to many of the mathematical techniques and applications likely to be encountered in the working world, and is useful to professionals who need to brush up on these skills. Successful completion of this workshop satisfies the MBA quantitative methods prerequisite. Classroom attendance is essential. The textbook will be provided, but must be returned at the completion of the workshop.
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Spanish for the Healthcare Profession
An intensive, one-month course, designed to prepare medical students to interact with Spanish speaking patients at an intermediate low level. Students will be able to:
  • Communicate effectively in Spanish about health-related issues at an intermediate level.
  • Gather and communicate health-related information in an effective manner demonstrating cross-cultural competence.
  • Apply basic techniques of consecutive interpretation to a clinical encounter.
Survival Business Chinese Language
This course will provide 30 hours of basic Chinese language and survival dialog targeted at doing business in China. Participants completing this module will learn to properly pronounce Chinese characters and words with the proper pronunciation tones. Participants will learn the basic components of Chinese characters and how to organize them into basic grammar and sentence structure. This course will emphasize survival business and travel language used in airports, trains, business conversations, restaurants, hotels, etc.


Vegan Diet Course
"A Lifestyle Change to Improve Health: The Vegan Diet" course is offered through Oakland University's School of Nursing. The seven-week, online course offers a unique self-study module each week Anyone interested in learning about this culinary alternative to improving diet and lifestyle can register. Participants will learn how a vegan diet offers a well-balanced approach that offers benefits beyond the prevention of chronic illnesses that are often caused by poor choices in diet and lifestyles.OU's School of Nursing Vegan Diet course is designed to emphasize health enhancement benefits. Veganism is often a misunderstood lifestyle choice. While some still view it as "new age," researchers are finding evidence that following a balanced vegan diet boasts a host of health benefits while preventing major diseases such as most cancers, heart disease and type II diabetes. Additional benefits include weight reduction, increased energy levels and better health. Those enrolled in the course will enjoy a tasty approach to a wide variety of foods and menus that can eliminate the need for reliance on drugs as well.
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