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Barbara Penprase, PhD, RN, CNOR

Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Endowed Professor Relationship Based Care
3041 Human Health Building
Phone: (248) 364-8712

  • Wayne State University , PhD and MSN
  • Oakland University, BSN 
  • Nursing Leadership, Perioperative Nursing, 
  • Critical Care Nursing, Complexity Theory, Nursing Education 
Courses Taught
  • NRS 227 Pathophysiology 
  • NRS 280: Nursing Practice Concepts (Pilot Group) 
  • NRS 281/283 Assessment Lab 
  • NRS 284 Principles of Nursing Practice 
  • NRS326 Acute Health Needs 
  • NRS336 Acute Care Clinical/Adult 
  • NRS 380: Comprehensive Adult Nursing 
  • NRS /281381: Comprehensive Adult Clinical 
  • NRS 387: Community & Mental Health Clinical 
  • NRS 485: Transition into Nursing Clinical 
  • NRS 354 Nursing Care Management 
  • NRS 636 Field Experience in Nursing Education 
  • NRS 648 Pharmacology for Adv Practice 
  • NRS 687 Graduate Research Project 
  • NRS 810: Health Systems, Policy & Regulations 
  • NRS 899: DNP Graduate Research Projects 
Research / Publications / Grants
  • Stevens, P., Penprase, B., Kepros, J., & Dunneback, J. (2010). Parental Recognition of Post-Concussive Symptoms in Children. STN’s Journal of Trauma Nursing
  • Franson, H., Atchley, J., Bergakker, S., Eimers, T., Penprase, B., Mileto, L., & Bittinger, A. (2010). The use of High Fidelity Simulation in Admission Process: One Nurse Anesthesia program’s Experience. AANA Journal. (Submitted-revisions)
  • Penprase, B., Elstun, L., Ferguson, C., Tillman, C., & Schaper, M. (2010). Pre-Operative Briefings and Communication in the Operating Room to Improve Safety: A Literature Review. OR Nursing 2010, January
  • Penprase, B. & Koczara, S. (2009). A review of current research on Accelerated Second-Degree Nursing programs. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 40(2), 74-78.
  • Penprase, B., & Penprase, J., (2009). A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way in Prevention: Best Practices of PPE Usage in the Operating Room. OR Nursing 2009, 3(1), 13-15.
  • Penprase, B. (2006). Healthy care for the Older Adult: A Case Study. Geriatric Nursing, 17, 45-50.
  • Jackson, F., Early, K., Myers, S. & Penprase, B. (2005). HIV knowledge perceived seriousness and susceptibility, and risk behaviors of older African American. The Journal of Multicultural Nursing & Health, 11(1), 56-62.
  • Penprase, B. & Norris, D. (2005). What nurse leaders should know about complex adaptive systems theory. Nursing Leadership Forum, 9(3), 127-132.
  • Thompson, T. & Penprase, B. (March/April, 2004). Rehabilitation nurses online: An analysis of the breadth and depth of the Listserv experience. Rehabilitation Nursing.
    Penprase, Barbara. (October, 2000). A collaborate approach to perioperative orientation. AORN, 72(4), 663-670.
  • Penprase, Barbara (2009). Leadership Development Activity for Scholarship Recipients. $1000. Funded.
  • Penprase, Barbara (2009). New Careers in Nursing Scholarship. Robert Woods Johnson Foundation/American Association of Colleges of Nursing. $100,000. Approved.
  • Penprase, Barbara. (2008) Nursing Education, Practice and Retention: HRSA-09-106. $900,000. Not approved.
  • Penprase, Barbara. (2008-2009). New Careers in Nursing Scholarship. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/American Association of Colleges of Nursing. $150,000 – Funded.
    Michigan Nursing Corps Demonstration Models:Beaumont Hospitals and Oakland University School of Nursing, (2008). $250.000-Funded. Grant applicants: Cathy Campbell, Barbara Penprase Adreena Harley Val Gokenbach, Nancy Susick, Diane M. Norris, Linda Thompson, Oakland University
  • Penprase, B. & Thompson-Adams, L. (2007-2008). Duke University School of Nursing/Fuld Project, 2007-2008. $1000.00 - Funded. National Study - 2nd degree nursing program.
    Faculty Investigator Award, School of Nursing. 2007-2008. Award by the School of nursing for the sum of $5,000 towards research related to the Accelerated 2nd Degree Nursing Program.
  • Accelerated Health Care Career Training (2005). Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Federally Funded Grant , $1700,000.00 Funded. Grant writers: Norris, D., Schott-Baer, Darlene, Flanegin, Jim, Pearl, Jim, Penprase, Barbara, Abernathy, Sherry. B. Penprase contribution related to materials in reference to the 2nd Degree Program.
    Penprase, B. (2004). Northeast Detroit Geriatric Clinic. Department of Health and Human Services-Federally Funded Grant., $250,000 per year/5 years. Approved without funding; score 74. PI: Barbara Penprase
  • Penprase, B. & Norris, D. (2004). Creating Careers in Geriatric Advanced Practice Nursing. American Association of Colleges of Nursing & The John A. Hartford Foundation. ($26,985-not funded).
  • Penprase, B. (2003). Complexity Theory’s Application to Nursing Leadership. Board of Visitors Research Funding Award. ($3000.00-no funded).
  • Penprase, B. (2003). Older Adult Comprehensive Outreach Services. St. John Health Foundation Board. ($50,000/2 years - funded).
  • Penprase, B. (2002). Understanding Complexity within Nursing and Healthcare Organizations. American Nurses Foundation, Ada Sue Hinshaw, RN Grant. (Approved without Funding).
  • Penprase, B. (2002). Understanding Complexity within Nursing and Healthcare Organizations. American Nurses Foundation, American Nurses Foundation Scholar. (Approved without Funding).
  • Norris, D., Penprase, B. & Mittelstaedt, M. (2003). Student Nurses’ Learning Outcomes. 2003 Educational Development Grant. (Not Approved). The grant proposal was divided evenly between these three parties but D. Norris was the lead person on the grant.
  • Griffin, D., Penprase, B., & Klamerus, J. (2011). Relative Does Intensity: Improving treatment and outcomes in early stage breast cancer, a retrospective study. Submitted to Oncology Nursing Forum.
  •  Penprase, B. (2010). Perception of Nursing Practice: Accelerated Second Degree Nursing. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing. Accepted
  •  Freeman, B. & Penprase, B. (2010). Morning insulin administration and glucose monitor in the hospital. The Diabetes Educator. 37(3), 353-358.
  •  Penprase, B., Mileto, L., Bittinger, A., Hancock, A., Atchley, J., Bergakker, S., Eimers, T., & Franson, H., (2010). The Use of High Fidelity Simulation in the Admissions Process: One Nurse Anesthesia Program’s Experience. AANA. Accepted June 2012
  •  Smith, C., Swain, M, & Penprase, B. (2011). Perceived effective clinical teaching characteristics congruence between nurse anesthesia students and certified registered nurse anesthetist preceptors. AANA. ACCEPTED FOR 8/2011
  •  Hagerty, D. Penprase, B., & Abele, C. (2010). Pain Assessment Tool Utilization in the Severely Demented Nursing Home Resident. The Director, 18(1), 20-24.
  •  Malloy, T & Penprase, B. (2010). Nursing Leadership Style and Psychosocial Work Environment. Journal of Nursing Management, 18(6), 715-725.
  • Penprase, B., Johnson, A., Pittiglio, L., Oakley, B., & Grant, T. (2011).  Understanding Stress Reduction through Effects of Mindfulness-Based Training. DMC Foundation. $5000
  • Penprase, B. 2011.  Understanding Empathizing-Systemizing Characteristics and their Impact on Attrition of Students. OU University Research Grant. $1200.
  • Oakley, B., Topacio, J., Tanner, M., Penprase, B., Konkani, A. and Simpson, S. (2011). Reduction of Noise Levels inthe Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) of Beaumont Hospital. 2011 OU-Beaumont Multidisciplinary Research Award. $15,000.
  • Penprase, Barbara (2009). Leadership Development Activity for Scholarship Recipients. $1000. Funded.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Nurses Association 
  • American Anthropological Association 
  • American Association of University Professors 
  • AONE 
  • AORN - CNOR 
  • Michigan Nurses Association 
  • Past Member of the Nurse Practice Committee at State level 
  • Past delegate for MNA 
  • Midwest Nursing Research Society 
  • National League for Nursing 
  • Leadership Oakland 
  • Plexus Institute-Complexity Science 
  • Sigma Theta Tau 
  • Faculty Counselor – Board Member 2008-present 
  • President, Chapter Theta Psi 2004-2006 
  • President-Elect, Chapter Theta Psi 2002-2004 
  • Wayne State University Alumni Association 
  • Oakland University Alumni Association 
  • Chairperson of Alumni Association, School of Nursing