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Love Our Campus!

Got Those Winter Blues?
Here are a few tips on how to stay active during these longest winter weeks. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer for hours on end try one of these tips!

1. How about renting a few movies and spending time with family this weekend.

2. Invite a friend or family member to taking a trip to the nearest museum or zoo for the day.

3. Make a date to the gym with a co-worker or friend before or after work.

4. Have lunch with an old friend you haven't talked to in a while.

5. Trick your brain into thinking spring!  Try putting fresh flowers on your desk, or wearing brightly colored clothes!

6. Are you finished with all your work in the office? If so, take a walk down the hall and say hello to everyone, a smile always goes a long way.

Staff Member News

Please welcome all of the new employees that have joined us in January, 2010!

Elizabeth Lent, Development Writer, University Relations
Jim Zentmeyer,  Director, University Housing
Christopher Tucker,  Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid
Julie Borkin,  Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Integrative Studies Department
Doug Bourassa,  Director of Graduate Marketing & Recruitment, Graduate Study Dept.
Alison Wagner, Events Coordinator, School of Nursing
John Arseneau, Custodian, Campus Cleaning
Carolyn Delia, Academic Coordinator, Upward Bound


Jim is the Energy Manager for Facilities Management and has been with Oakland University for 8 1/2 years. 

Read about Jim's contribution to the University on Employee of the Month page.

Nominate a shining star for Employee of the Month!

Click on the Nominate link to complete the online form.


In recognition of the many outstanding accomplishments of Oakland University's AP employees, the university is pleased to open nominations for the AP Award program for calendar year 2009. This year's award is $1,000. Information can be found on the UHR Announcements website.

Benefits Corner


Are you enrolled in one of the following HMOs?

  • HAP Health Engagement (Non-faculty)
  • Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living
  • Priority Health HealthbyChoice Incentives

If you and your spouse are enrolled in one of the HMOs listed above, remember you must both complete the on-line health risk appraisal and visit your primary care physician before the end of March 2010 to retain the higher level of benefits.

If you have any questions about your benefits, please contact the Staff Benefits office at extension 4207 or stop in to see us at 142 North Foundation Hall.

Training Update


In January, UHR presented management and supervisors with an overview of significant contract changes for Clerical/Technical (OUPSA) and Campus Maintenance and Trades (OUCMT).

Please click here for a link to a PDF of the materials distributed.


If you are a person responsible for hiring and/or the employment process for faculty, staff or students at Oakland University in any capacity, you need to attend an information session. The E-Verify Team will share new regulations and help you with future hires.

Please register for one of the available sessions on the UHR Training Page.


The Pawley Learning Institute will offer a series of webinars to provide lean training to Oakland University Faculty and Staff. The Lean Thinking Webinar Series will feature webinars introducing lean principles, practices and application. The first webinar entitled "What is Lean Thinking?" is a basic theoretical introduction to lean. For those looking for some general background on what lean is, this webinar provides an overview to answer those inquiries. It includes three areas: an introduction to lean and its history, an introduction to three philosophies of lean and an introduction to five organizational practices of lean. For more information, visit

There are a lot of things underway in the Technical Training and Professional Development department. Look for upcoming trainings on preventing identity theft, using the new OU event calendar, and adding forms and blogs to your university websites. Please visit our website to enroll in training.

Custom Training Options
Did you know that individualized training is on hand for you?  Technical training is available on a one-on-one basis as availability permits.  Please contact us at 248-370-4579 or to discuss your training needs and how they can be met.

Please visit our website it enroll in training.

Online Learning

Featured SkillSoft courses:

Managing Yourself and Those Around You

Successful administrative support professionals must be good managers. This means managing their own time and energies, as well as cooperatively working with their boss and co-workers.

Crucial Skills for Tomorrow's Managers
In business today, managers are moving far beyond the boundaries of traditional directorship. Ever-evolving models require that managers be equal parts teacher, advocate and mentor, fostering the growth of their most valuable asset--personnel.

How to Read Body Language
Learn how to read the body language of your team members.

Foundations for Grammar
When do you use "your" or "you're"? "Me" or "myself"? Is "good" an adverb or an adjective? Understanding how to use various types of words is a building block of good writing.

Finding Your Life Balance
You fill your life with many activities and it is difficult to get the balance between those activities right. But getting the balance right gives a tremendous payback. You feel fulfilled. You are in harmony with yourself and your world. Which is good for you, and also impacts positively on your family, friends, and co-workers.You fill your life with many activities and it is difficult to get the balance between those activities right. But getting the balance right gives a tremendous payback. You feel fulfilled. You are in harmony with yourself and your world. Which is good for you, and also impacts positively on your family, friends, and co-workers.

Building a Better U

Building a Better U is the Oakland University employee wellness program that provides educational programs to help you maintain your overall health and wellness.  Watch for wellness programs offered through the UHR training web site. 

Shape Up OU!  Are you ready to make your health and well-being a priority?  Do you want to be around people who will support and encourage you? Then Shape Up OU is what you need to add health and wellness activities into your daily life.  Click here to learn more about Shape Up OU!


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