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The Student Affairs Assessment Team is proud to present our monthly installment "Assessment Highlights" featuring individual department's assessment initiatives. Watch for monthly highlights in your email!
The Tutoring Center - February 2014
The Tutoring Center's Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides organized study sessions 2-3 times a week for students enrolled in traditionally difficult courses. SI Leaders help students review notes, understand and apply key concepts, and prepare for tests. At the end of each semester a survey is distributed to all students enrolled in SI. Results from Fall 2013 with a cross section of courses (10) including BIO, CHM, PHY, MTH, ECN, and MUT had 623 students responding in one of two sections. One section is for those who attended SI at least once and the other for those who never attended.
Graph #1 is the percentage of students (based on 254 respondents who attended SI sessions "Once or twice each week "or "Basically all the time") who rated helpfulness of SI as 7 or higher on a scale of 1-10 (1= not helpful, 10= extremely helpful).
Graph 1

Graph #2 compares the GPAs of students attending SI sessions at least 15 times or more during the semester and those in the class who never attended.

Graph 2

Participation in Supplemental Instruction sessions impacts students' course GPAs and the students who attend SI on a regular basis indicate that they find SI to be very helpful.

The challenge for The Tutoring Center is to reach those students who do not, or cannot due to work or class conflicts, attend sessions. A collaborative effort with E- learning & Instructional Support led to the development of E-space sites for each SI section. On E-space, session content is uploaded which adds an online resource for every student enrolled in the course. Content includes helpful videos, practice problems, quizzes, and tests which are the same activities that SI attendees participate in during sessions. They are now available to non-attendees.

Current SI Leaders are informed of the GPA differences to help promote SI to the non- attendees in the class, however, more marketing to the academic departments and student population regarding the positive impact of SI needs to occur in the future.


Assessment Tips
1. Make sure you have everything in place needed to assess your goals.

2. Check your data at least twice a year to see if any changes are needed.
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