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Meadow Brook Musings
By John Callaghan     

The idea of having a functioning newsletter for the Meadow Brook Writing Project has nagged at me for some time. The summer institute experience is so intense and so inspiring that one doesn’t want it to come to an end. I’ve been involved in Writing Project summer institutes long enough to know that feeling--it isn’t unique to any particular summer institute but is, in fact, common to almost all summer institute experiences across the nation. Read More>>>
From the Author’s Chair:
Podcasting the Summer Institute
An Interview with Matthew Brown
By Cornelia Pokrzywa

Recently, Matthew Brown and Cornelia Pokrzywa sat down to talk about the genesis of the MBWP podcast, a promising new way to take the products of the summer invitational experience to a wider audience. Read More>>>
Meadow Brook Writing Project
Summer Institute e-Anthology
By Rebecca Rivard                          

Have you been searching for a teaching resource that is perpetually available and continuously updated by thousands of colleagues from every discipline and grade level?  Well, this treasure of new ideas and like-minded innovators is available to you this summer through the Meadow Brook Writing Project’s summer institute.  One of the pedagogically profitable tools of the summer institute is the unique e-anthology, an interactive website for summer institute participants.  Read More>>>
Meadow Brook Writing Project,
Summer 2008
By Laura Gabrion                    

An invitation to join the MBWP for the summer was met with some trepidation.  What would we do for four weeks?  What would be expected of us?  

Such anxieties were quickly dispelled as we launched into a first week packed with information and activity, and we felt that we had (as the facilitators jokingly insisted) stumbled upon a summer camp for grown adults.  Read More>>>
The Springfed Arts Writers' Retreat
By John Jeffire                   

As a fellow of the Meadow Brook Writing Project, you're a teacher who takes writing seriously, and you don't just teach writing, you do it yourself as often as you can. In the project, you shared ideas and pieces of writing and immersed yourself in creativity and collegiality-but now what? Where can you turn to receive feedback on what you've recently created, engage in thought provoking discussion of literature with peers, and experience that sense of belonging only felt in the presence of other writers? Read More>>>
Member News

Congratulations to science teacher and MBWP TC Laura Amatulli of the Avondale Meadows Upper Elementary School. This summer Laura was named one of the second-place winners of a $7500 DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund for "Closing the Technology Gap in Education."

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February 7, 2009
Join us for a Mystery Writing Workshop, free to all elementary school writers grades 2-6. The workshop will run from 1-3:00. For more information, go here

March 7, 2009
Sign up to participate in our first Podcasting Institute on March 7 from 9-12:00. Learn how easy it is to turn your essays from the Summer Institutes into MP3 podcasts to share with family and friends. To sign up for this free Advanced Institute, contact Lori at

March 14, 2009
Make plans to attend the Motown Word Fest on Saturday, March 14th beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the Chippewa Valley High School. In addition to poet Jessica Care Moore, singer-songwriter John Lamb will perform with other special guests. Click here for more information.

May 2, 2009
Our Side By Side Symposium will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at the MISD Educational Service Center. The symposium is open to teachers in all content areas, K-12+.

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