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Has anyone else tried out the hammocks around Bear Lake?  They are comfortable, peaceful, and shady... highly recommended for a break-time snack locale!  Thanks to OUSCCares for the respite!
Benefits Corner
HMO Sessions
On May 24 representatives from our three HMOs, HAP, Blue Care Network and Priority Health, came to campus and made presentations describing their latest health plan offerings. Over 250 staff and faculty attended these meetings. The products that were described are being offered today to new and existing clients. The intent was to educate the campus about the innovations in the health insurance marketplace in Michigan. No decisions have been made about changes to the HMO offerings at Oakland for 2012.
If you were unable to attend a meeting or would like a copy of the slides used, they are available on the UHR website titled "HMO Presentations, May 2011".

DreamTrips Vacations

Oakland University is offering the DreamTrips Vacation Membership exclusively to Faculty, Staff & Retirees. Enjoy hundreds of 4 & 5 Star vacations at 2 & 3 Star pricing! DreamTrips are packed with extra values and amenities. Choose from Cruises, All-Inclusives, Resorts, Weekend Getaways, Sporting Events, Hunting & Fishing Trips and more. Create lifelong memories with your family and friends. Participation in this program requires a monthly membership. More information will be available in the coming days.
Staff Member News
Please welcome all of the new employees that have joined us in May, 2011! 
Abigail Bearman - Administrative Project Coordinator - SEHS Professional Development
Nameeta Dhir - Senior Developer Analyst - Database Applications
Kecia Jones - Project Advisor - Project Upward Bound
Maurice Kavanagh - Director of Clinical Skills Training & Simulation Center - School of Medicine
Kathrine Kranz - Nurse Practitioner - Counseling Center - Graham Health Center
Andrzej Kupraszewicz - Risk Management Analyst - Purchasing & Risk Management
Victoria Lucia - Director of Research Training - School of Medicine
Tiffany Elliott-Fowler - Program Coordinator - Pre-College Programs
Jill Tyus-Coates - Senior Financial Aid Officer - Financial Aid Department
Benjamin Werthmann - Senior Windows Systems Engineer - Architecture Technical Support


Domenico Luongo, Laboratory Safety and Complicance Manager with Environmental Health and Safety, has been with Oakland University for 9 years.

Read about Domenico's contribution to the University on his Employee of the Month page.

Nominate a shining star for Employee of the Month! 

Click on the Nominate link to complete the online form.

Performance Management Process Update
As we turn the calendar pages to June supervisors should be meeting with their employees for that important face-to-face conversation regarding performance. A Supervisor's Checklist is available on the web to help you prepare for that meeting.  A process flowchart is also available on the Performance Management site to guide you along the way.
Training Update
Training Courses Offered for June, 2011
CareWorks CMS -  Content Management System
6/7/2011 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
CareWorks CMS - News and Events
6/9/2011 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Google Overview
6/14/2011 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
6/16/2011 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Careworks CMS - Form Builder/Media Gallery
6/21/2011 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

If you have any questions, please contact the training department at x4579.  You can click here to enroll in these and many other courses.

Contact the Training department for information on one-on-one trainings, Banner training, or special topic training for your department.

Banner Training
There are several tools available for learning the fundamentals of Banner.  Banner Digital Library is a tutorial from the vendor that gives a thorough exploration of the Student, Finance, Financial Aid and Human Resources modules.  You must schedule an appointment to use this tool by contacting Dana Pierce or Vicki Larabell in UHR Training.  Banner Training Resources on PortAdm is a repository of training materials from various campus units, and also includes a walkthrough tutorial that you can look at from your desk.  If you log in and do not see "Banner Training Resources" please contact Dana or Vicki.  Additionally, one-on-one Banner training is available by contacting Vicki Larabell.
Dana Pierce - - 248-370-4579
Vicki Larabell - - 248-370-4601

Training Reminder Note
For those of you who take SkillSoft Classes: the courses that are taken on SkillSoft are manually added to your training history files quarterly.  Last week, we updated all of the SkillSoft course completions, which generated messages that you had a training course scheduled for the end of May.  Please disregard these emails, as they are auto-generated responses. 
Online Learning
Anger Management Essentials: Understanding Anger
Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion, rooted in the instinct for self-preservation. It provides important information about our relationships with others and can help us face trouble and overcome obstacles. But if it's not managed properly, this powerful emotion can be very destructive. And the consequences of poorly managed anger in the workplace may be much greater than in other contexts. Yet, its potential benefits may also be greater. This course explores the different ways that people express anger and the common causes of anger in the workplace. It also describes how you can use anger positively in the workplace, and the resulting benefits when you do.
Business Curriculum > Communication > Anger Management in the Workplace

Please click here to enroll in SkillSoft.
Building a Better U
Get It Straight…The First Annual OU Poker Walk Challenge Was A Royally Flushed Success!
The Department of Campus Recreation and the AP Assembly teamed up on Wednesday, May 18th to host the first annual OU Poker Walk Challenge! 160 participants came out to support National Employee Health & Fitness Day and walked a mile with the hope of drawing the best poker hand. Both individuals and teams walked with spirit (and some in costumes) to get a little exercise and have some lunchtime fun. In the end, the three top hands went to Cathy Cheal from e-Learning and Instructional Support, Joan Wancour from the School of Business Administration, and Meaghan Walters from the Center for Student Activities. The top winners selected prizes including a Mini Pass to the Recreation Center, OU Basketball Tickets, and a Hansons Running Shop Gift Certificate. Team prizes were awarded to two teams with the Most Poker Walk Spirit 2011: the Thrify Witches (Payroll and Accounts Payable) and Bear Footin' (Facilities Management). Bear Footin' also took the team prize for most creative team name. The Elysians from e-Learning and Instructional Support took a surprise team prize for first team to register for the Poker Walk! Twenty five other individuals won random prizes for participation including cooking classes from Whole Foods.

Did you miss the fun? Want to see your coworkers in costumes? Check out the pictures on the Campus Recreation Facebook page. You can also "friend" us on Facebook, view our newsletter, and get Campus Recreation updates at Oakland U Campusrec.

Get Moving With A Good Walk
  1. The summer months are upon us and hopefully Mother Nature will warm it up and dry it out a bit-sooner than later. When she does, take the opportunity to get outside and get moving! Walking is the easiest way to get started on the path to better health and fitness. It's easy, inexpensive, non-invasive, and can be fun if you walk with friends or a pet. In case you need more convincing, here are ten great reasons to put on your supportive shoes and get going:
  2. Walking prevents Type 2 Diabetes. The Diabetes Prevention Program showed that walking 150 minutes per week and losing just 7% of your body weight (12-15 pounds) can reduce your risk of diabetes by 58%.
  3. Walking strengthens your heart if you're male. In one study, mortality rates among retired men who walked less than one mile per day were nearly twice that among those who walked more than two miles per day.
  4. Walking strengthens your heart if you're female. Women in the Nurse's Health Study (72,488 female nurses) who walked three hours or more per week reduced their risk of a heart attack or other coronary event by 35% compared with women who did not walk.
  5. Walking is good for your brain. In a study on walking and cognitive function, researchers found that women who walked the equivalent of an easy pace at least 1.5 hours per week had significantly better cognitive function and less cognitive decline than women who walked less than 40 minutes per week. Think about that!
  6. Walking is good for your bones. Research shows that postmenopausal women who walk approximately one mile each day have higher whole-body bone density than women who walk shorter distances, and walking is also effective in slowing the rate of bone loss from the legs.
  7. Walking helps alleviate symptoms of depression. Walking for 30 minutes, three to five times per week for 12 weeks, reduced symptoms of depression as measured with a standard depression questionnaire by 47%.
  8. Walking reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer. Women who performed the equivalent of one hour and 15 minutes to two and a half hours per week of brisk walking had an 18% decreased risk of breast cancer compared with inactive women. Many studies have shown that exercise can prevent colon cancer, and even if an individual person develops colon cancer, the benefits of exercise appear to continue both by increasing quality of life and reducing mortality.
  9. Walking improves fitness. Walking just three times a week for 30 minutes can significantly increase cardiorespiratory fitness.
  10. Walking in short bouts improves fitness, too! A study of sedentary women showed that short bouts of brisk walking (three 10-minute walks per day) resulted in similar improvements in fitness and were at least as effective in decreasing body fatness as long bouts (one 30-minute walk per day).
  11. Walking improves physical function. Research shows that walking improves fitness and physical function and prevents physical disability in older persons.

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JUNE 2011
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