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Career Services - November 15, 2013
In the 2012-2013 academic year, Career Services asked each student who participated in a scheduled appointment with a Career Consultant to complete a 17 question survey developed in Survey Monkey. The survey was completed by 383 students and focused on students' overall experience within the office, reasons for scheduled appointment, rating of confidence on topic discussed with Career Consultant, and knowledge of Career Consultant. Career Consultants are the professional staff who meet with students to provide career advice, industry knowledge, employment bench marking data and workplace readiness training.

Table #1 responses allowed us to capture the top reasons why students are scheduling appointments with Career Consultants. More than 79% of the scheduled appointments relate to resume and cover letter critiques.
Table #2 indicates the confidence students felt after meeting with a Career Consultant on a given career-related topic.
I feel more confident in Strongly Agree Disagree / Strongly
Developing an effective resume 99% 1%
Preparing for and exploring internship options 96% 4%
Interview techniques and strategies within the interview process 94% 6%
Using the STAR method to behavioral interviewing 88% 12%
Preparing for a career fair and researching companies 90% 10%
Networking and social techniques 90% 10%
My knowledge about career services events and resources available. 96% 4%
Career Services found that overall, students' perception of Career Consultants' and their ability to meet their needs was extremely positive.

As a result of assessing the top reasons for students visiting Career Services, we have updated and revised our Resume and Cover Letter Guides as well as our sample resumes to better assist students in producing professional resumes. We evaluated the content within our website to make sure we include online resources addressing students' needs. We also expanded our Peer Mentor Program so that lower level students can meet with a Peer Mentor to develop their first resume prior to meeting with a Career Consultant.

We will continue to assess service levels offered to meet students' needs as a result of survey feedback.
Assessment Tips
  1. The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning.

  2. Good assessment requires variety of measures.

  3. Assessment works best when it is ongoing rather than episodic.

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