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Thursday, February 14, 2013 - Take 5 with the Gilberts - Valentine's Edition
By Colleen Campbell, contributing writer

Composed of a diverse array of faculty, staff and administrators, the Oakland University community is unique, creative, and dedicated. As part of a continuing effort to explore the various roles and lives of our Golden Grizzlies, the News @ OU website presents the “Take 5” interview series.

In recognition of Valentine's Day, this edition of the "Take 5" series features one of Oakland's many couples.

Garry and Holly Gilbert have worked together at Oakland for six years.
“Take 5 with the Gilberts”

Not only do Holly and Garry Gilbert share an employer, they also share a passion for journalism. For most OU journalism students, the Gilberts are synonymous with the Department of Journalism. Garry, a former editor of The Oakland Press, is the director of the journalism program. Holly is the chief curriculum adviser for the department and the professional adviser for The Oakland Post. The Gilberts have a son, Jackson, who is majoring in political science at Oakland.

1.) How long have you worked together?

Garry: We first met at The Oakland Press and worked there together for 13 years. Then 13 years passed where we didn't work together. Now we've been at Oakland together for six years. So we've worked together for 19 years — more than 50 percent of our working lives. We've had a lot of experience with this!

2.) What's a typical day at the office like, as it relates to your relationship?

Holly: We only really see each other during class breaks, but we keep in touch during the day with text messages.

Garry: Maybe once a month we have lunch together. Or Holly will call from Subway and ask if I want to split a footlong.

3.) How does working together impact your dinner conversation?

Holly: I love it because we never run out of things to talk about. If we're not talking about our children, we're talking about Oakland and our students. Sometimes Garry will tell me something he did in class and I'll say "oh cool, I'll adapt that for one of my classes." But I think we talk more about journalism than Oakland itself.

Garry: Most nights we are all at the kitchen table with our Mac Books open talking about stories we read online or journalism news. Jackson is pretty engaged in the news, I don't think he could have helped it.

4.) What are some other ways that Oakland has made its way into your home?

Garry: Jackson said the reason he decided to go here is because it felt like home. He was practically raised by former editors of The Oakland Post.

Holly: We always have have a lot of visitors at our dining room table — from alumni to former Post editors. It's nice to hear from our alumni what's going on in the journalism profession.

Garry: The most rewarding aspect is keeping in touch with graduates. When they're still interested in your opinion, that's really nice.

5.) How do you escape?

Holly: I walk my dog, sometimes on campus. I also run and swim. We like to watch movies and TV. Although when we go to the movies we come home and research them.

Garry: There are six or seven golf courses in the area that I play, including the two on campus. When people ask me if Holly plays golf I say "No, and that's probably a good thing."