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Friday, January 18, 2013 - Tudors history lecture to cut through the myths on Jan. 23
By Carin Inglis, media relations intern

As part of the History Comes Alive series, guests are invited to share in an evening of learning and enlightenment with a lecture that aims to tell how the famously influential Tudors helped in creating a unified nation, and how this time in history essentially created the England of today.

The lecture, titled “The Tudors and the Unity of England,” will be presented by Seán Farrell Moran, assistant professor of History, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 23, in the Oakland Room of the Oakland Center. 

Moran has taught modern British history at Oakland University since 1990 and has an extensive background in philosophy and theology. Moran gained much of his knowledge of the Tudors in graduate school and became interested in the experiences and thoughts of people in that time.

“The Tudors fascinated people in their time and still do today,” said Moran. “For one thing it is England, and we are inheritors of much of that history for good and for bad. But they played a crucial role in redirecting England and its history, taking what was a small nation on the periphery of European affairs and moving it into a place of prominence and great influence.”

The lecture aims to move beyond the myths to discover how the Tudors truly unified England. Listeners can expect an enthusiastic and thought-provoking lecture full of history and drama. Anyone with an interest in English history is encouraged to come learn about this significant time in the country’s history. 

For more information on the History Comes Alive series, view the flyer.