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Monday, November 23, 2009 - Do you do more than brag with your tag?

Out-of-state active alumni ambassadors do more than brag with their tag. Unable to showcase their alma mater on their vehicle’s license plate, out-of-state alumni need to be a little more creative to boast over their school colors. Ed Johnson, CAS ’69, active in the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program (AAAP), is one such example.

Johnson independently represented Oakland University in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon on October 26, 2008 and then made the four hour roundtrip up to Portland on March 22, 2009 to attend two regional Pacific Northwest College Fairs, effectively engaging college bound students and their families. Johnson mentioned that many families expressed keen interest in the out-of-state opportunity scholarship (which awards in-state tuition to entering freshman who meet admissions criteria).

Johnson, like many out-of-state OU alumni, became involved in the AAAP and now shares his OU story with high school students and families in the Pacific Northwest, productively bragging about his alma mater while still finding a way to boast his OU pride on his vehicle.

Visit the Oakland University License plate program  for more information on the university fundriasing program that allows you to brag with your tag. If you are interested in the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program please contact the AAAP coordinator at to learn about ways to represent OU at an undergraduate recruitment event as an ambassador for your alma mater.