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Sunday, June 01, 2008 - LeanSchools Weblog June 2008


LeanSchools™ Weblog June 2008

Welcome to the LeanSchools™ eNews from the Oakland University Pawley Lean Institute. This is a monthly communiqué of the best in thinking for Lean schools. We invite you to read the information and realize that great strides can be made in the journey when you connect with others.

This June 2008 installment explores topics that school administrators from the recent Lean Thinking for Schools™ Seminar raised:

“How do I begin to engage in Lean thinking for my schools?”
“What does the Lean journey involve?”

This month presents the White Paper, Becoming Lean: Stages of Implementation by Dr. Kevin H. Brockberg, outlining four stages of Lean principles and processes to become a Lean organization. The manuscript also may help you to understand how to synchronize your community of learning with a series of open access online LeanSchools™ surveys. The Pawley Lean Institute can show you how to use these surveys as valuable assessment tools, if you are interested in doing so.

Feel free to forward this information by e-mail to a friend as the LeanSchools community is a growing network of improvement champions!

All the best,

Shannon Flumerfelt
Kevin Brockberg