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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 - Alumni Ambassador Recruits in the Windy City
Oakland University alumni from Los Angeles to New York City have joined the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program. Lorin Oles, SBA ’79, from the greater Chicago area is one such example. Oles, who travels frequently for IBM, always finds time to fit in a run as he jets across the globe. He can be seen running through Chicago or Tokyo while always wearing an OU t-shirt. “It’s great to try and pick up some reaction of others’ recognition of Oakland.” He mentioned he has even been waved down running in the downtown streets of Dublin because of his OU t-shirt. Oles stays connected with Oakland as best he can as an out-of-state OU alumnus. He frequently checks the OUAA website to keep up to date and communicates with his OU roommate on a weekly basis. In fact, they both met up in Dayton, Ohio, in March of 2005 and routed the Grizzlies to victory in the NCAA Play in Game vs. Alabama A&M and both enjoyed the OUAA post game reception. Oles also enjoys catching a basketball game on his local sports cable channel when Oakland takes on Summit League foe Western Illinois.

On April 8, 2008, Oles participated in a college fair in Palatine, Illinois, as an AAAP volunteer. Oles shared his OU experience with dozens of high school students and parents. Representing OU in the Chicago area gave Oles the opportunity to connect his community with his alma mater. “It’s enjoying to spark an interest and see eyes light up when connecting with people about OU, something I’m passionate about,” Oles explained. After teaming up with Bouwman, Oles will represent Oakland this fall at Chicago area fairs as an Oakland Alumni Ambassador.

Through the AAAP, Oles takes the opportunity to connect with his community, the greater Chicago area, while giving back to Oakland University where he had an enriching experience as an undergraduate that still continues as alumni. He looks forward to his future involvement with the AAAP in helping recruit Chicago area high school students. “What a great program for out-of-state alumni to stay connected on a regular basis,” remarked Oles regarding the AAAP.

If you are interested in joining the team of Alumni Admissions Ambassadors and representing Oakland in your area, email Coordinator Luke Fleer at Visit for more information on the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program.