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Wednesday, March 04, 2009 - AAAP Highlight
You’re a part of the OU Family. . .

Is the GRIZZ a part of yours?             

Brothers Adam Kochenderfer, CAS ’02, and Aaron Kochenderfer, CAS ’08, along with the Grizz, volunteered as Alumni Admissions Ambassadors during the January 26, 2009 on campus Welcome Reception. Aaron was one of 19 AAAP ambassadors who greeted admitted fall 2009 high school seniors and their parents and welcomed them to the OU family. Adam was one of 6 AAAP ambassadors who gave the Alumni speech for the winter Receptions. AAAP ambassadors welcomed nearly 1000 high school seniors and their parents to the OU family during the six winter Receptions.

Join the Grizz and the Kochenderfer’s as active Alumni Admissions Ambassadors and share your OU experience with your local community. Help spread the word of the value and affordability of an Oakland University degree. For more details on Welcome Receptions and upcoming college fairs across the country, please visit or connect with AAAP Coordinator Luke Fleer, at (248) 370 – GRIZ or Let’s all get our black and gold on!