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Thursday, February 27, 2014 - February 2014 Newsletter: Partner Happenings: "Google Glass Competition at Oakland University"
Oakland University students have been invited to become Google Glassware developers by identifying and developing concepts for game-changing technology in the School of Business Administration’s Google Glass App Development Team Competition. Through this Glassware competition, teams are challenged to identify a unique-to-Glass app idea and develop it to proof of concept using the Glass Development Kit following the competition guidelines. Mac-OU INC team members look forward to witnessing many innovative ideas as they judge the competition!

The competition is being coordinated by the Decision & Information Sciences Department of Oakland University's School of Business Administration. Google Glass is not yet available to the public. Only about 10,000 Glass Explorers, including business school MIS instructor Amy Rutledge, who is organizing the competition, along with visiting professor Jerry DeHondt were invited to participate in the product’s early distribution. This puts Oakland University and its students in a select group of institutions to have access to the product.

Business cases are due March 7, proof of concepts are due March 28 and the finalists will be presented on April 18. Visit the OU School of Business website for more information and the application form.

Google Glass is the name for a wearable computer created by the Google's Project Glass. The futuristic glasses provide augmented reality for users by visually connecting them to an Android-run heads up display that offers many of the features of an Android smartphone and connects users to many of Google's key cloud features, such as maps, calendar, Gmail, Google+ and Google Places.