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Monday, August 26, 2013 - August 2013 Newsletter: Client News: "BAF Discretionary Fund Awards"
Senior Mac-OU INC staff members have recently awarded client companies KTISIS and Coupon Wallet $5,000 each of the Business Accelerator Fund (BAF) discretionary funds to assist in their milestone achievements.

The KTISIS BAF will be used for advanced natural gas technologies development for transportation and commercialization. Specifically, the awarded fund will be instrumental in accelerating prototype construction and establishing an unique industry model based on the latest market intelligence and data. The combination of the completed prototype and proprietary industry model will be transformational to the natural gas industry by providing a much more effective and efficient way to enable fleet operators, school districts, government agencies, municipalities, businesses and the general public to take advantage of, and enjoy, the lower price and abundance of the domestic fuel.

Coupon Wallet’s BAF will assist with obtaining patent protection under a “method and system of collecting, storing and sharing digital coupons, rebates and offers” that involves storing the coupon information in a central cloud database, to be accessed from multiple platforms and connected with user profiles. The patent includes distribution “between multiple providers, platforms and provisioning systems,” and is a big part of their Coupon Anywhere technology. Coupon Anywhere is their method of embedding coupons in advertisement platforms such as television or magazines. Consumers extract these coupons by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. The patent allows for “further distribution and sharing amongst consumers without the loss of integrity, counterfeiting, etc. experienced in current digital couponing systems.”

With the tagline “the process of creating new,” KTISIS’ vision and culture is to encourage team members to apply engineering expertise and experience with creativity to achieve objectives. They provide practical full-system engineering solutions from defining the initial problem, to guiding clients through the problem solving process, to delivering the final solution. KTISIS offers services to a wide variety of technology industries, including professional motorsports, alternative fuel and natural gas, powersports, renewal energy, innovative designs and technologies and powertrain industries. One of the main areas of development is the natural gas for transportation sector because they believe it will offer this nation a domestic, economical and clean fuel solution for the next century. Contact KTISIS at or (586) 799-2140 if their engineering or technical expertise can add value to your current or future projects.

Coupon Wallet is a marketing platform that was founded in October 2012 as a technological solution for the transition from paper coupons to a digital alternative. Coupon Wallet is a spin-off of the PocketCents Network, which has been advertising local ads online since 2008. It is through insight gained from this experience that led Coupon Wallet to its niche. Coupon Wallet is an end-to-end digital coupon platform that includes managed marketing services and point-of-sale integration for businesses. The Coupon Wallet method of digital clearing allows businesses access to greater information about who is using their coupons, and can draw marketing conclusions from this data to improve their ROI. Additionally, Coupon Wallet integrates with business loyalty programs, and can deliver coupons to loyal customers. Coupon Wallet was designed to create efficiencies for coupon marketers. Coupon Wallet is looking for single to multi-location small business owners looking for freedom from paper coupons, but the single target market that stands to gain most from Coupon Wallet are the larger consumer package good brand (CPG) manufacturers. CPG manufacturers are the largest player in the coupon market, and no solution was previously designed with their needs in mind.