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Friday, April 26, 2013 - April 2013 Newsletter: DIS and OmnicO Exhibit at SAE World Congress
Mac-OU INC client companies Dynamic Intelligent Solutions, LLC (DIS) and OmnicO AGV Inc. presented at the 2013 SAE World Congress, held April 16 - 18 at Cobo Center.

DIS introduced the testing industry to ChamberCam™, a 3-dimensional data acquisition system capable of acquiring test data during extreme climates (-50c up to 220c) using MoveInspect technology. Now, DIS brings those same accurate measurement techniques found in ChamberCam™ to all areas of testing. Larry Arnone, partner at DIS says “ChamberCam and MoveInspect technology has opened many doors for us, not only to OEM’s and Tier 1 companies but to chamber manufacturers and testing laboratories that are now new customers to DIS”. MoveInspect Technology covers a wide area of applications and will measure parts from a few millimeters up to many meters in size. Dynamic processes can be acquired with a resolution of up to 1000Hz during an unlimited period of time. All components are portable, and can always be measured right on-site.

About Dynamic Intelligent Solutions (DIS)
A privately held company based in Clinton Township, Mich., Dynamic Intelligent Solutions (DIS) is a world-leading provider of optical measurement services when testing products under extreme climatic conditions, dimensional stability, and durability in the automotive, aerospace, government, marine, recreational vehicle and consumer goods markets. For more information about Dynamic Intelligent Solutions, go to the DIS main website at

About OmnicO AGV
OmnicO AGV Inc. is introducing a revolutionary concept in Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology. AGVs have made big inroads in automotive assembly operations. AGV requirements often change to meet demands for flexible manufacturing and material handling. Three deficiencies were identified in current AGVs including the lack of ability to maneuver in confined space, to resize and reconfigure the AGV platform and to readily reconfigure navigation pathways. Omnico AGV has technical innovations that address these deficiencies. For more information, please visit