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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - April 2013 Newsletter: Mac-OU INC Testimonial from Client Company OmnicO AGV
Julie and Larry,

My thanks to the incubator for all the support in getting the Michigan Business Accelerator Fund (BAF) award for Omnico AGV. I know everyone works hard at the incubator and hopefully these awards validate that the efforts put forth by the personnel at Velocity pay off. I would like to especially thank Mike Brennan for his support and guidance. He met with the Omnico team many times to help formulate and refine the business plan that was submitted as part of the proposal. He has also been very instrumental in lining up possible investors. Funding sources are absolutely essential to make the Omnico AGV plan an reality.

I can attest that these BAF awards are extremely helpful to small companies like Dataspeed Inc. or Omnico AGV. The cost to develop technology can be prohibitive and every bit of funding, like the BAF, is very helpful. Even a mighty Oak tree starts from the nurturing of one small acorn, Velocity and the programs you offer helps with the nurturing required for small businesses to be successful.

Thank you again for all the help.

Paul Fleck
Dataspeed Inc.
OmnicO AGV