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Jessica Payette

Jessica Payette

 Jessica Payette    Jessica Payette
Associate Professor of Musicology

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Jessica Payette is Associate Professor of Musicology at Oakland University. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in musicology and humanities from Stanford University. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree (piano performance) and a Bachelor of Arts degree (art history) from the University of Minnesota where she was a Selmer Birkelo scholar. At Oakland, Professor Payette serves as the Master’s program coordinator and teaches segments of the undergraduate music history survey, the introductory graduate research course, and graduate music history seminars.

Professor Payette specializes in twentieth-century music and her research focuses on fin- de-siècle Vienna, Arnold Schoenberg’s dramatic vocal works, and twentieth-century choreographic music. Her publications on these topics appear in Nineteenth-Century Music Review; Melodramatic Voices: Understanding Music Drama, edited by Sarah Hibberd (Ashgate, 2011); Classical Music in the German Democratic Republic: Production and Reception, edited by Kyle Frackman and Larson Powell (Camden House, 2015); Boulez Studies, edited by Edward Campbell and Peter O’Hagan (Cambridge, 2016). Her work in dance studies also includes a research guide entitled Writings on Music in American Dance Periodicals, 1927–83, forthcoming in the Music Library Association Index and Bibliography Series.

Professor Payette has received grants from the Oakland University Research Council, the Stanford Humanities Center, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, and the National Endowment for the Humanities summer seminar program. She has presented papers nationally and internationally at conferences, including national meetings of the American Musicological Society, the Society for American Music, and the Congress on Research in Dance. Professor Payette has recently served on the AMS Midwest Program Committee and the AMS Committee on Women and Gender.