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Satisfactory Academic Progress to Maintain Enrollment Eligibility


Satisfactory Academic Progress to Maintain Enrollment Eligibility


Authorizing Body:

Curriculum Committee


Robert Noiva, Ph.D.

Date Issued:

August 1, 2011

Last Update:

August 21, 2017


The OUWB School of Medicine Student Performance Review Committee (SPRC) is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the academic performance of all medical students.

Scope and Applicability:

All students enrolled in the School of Medicine

Standard Practice Guideline:

Time Frame for Completion:

The standard time frame for completion of required course work for the M.D. degree at the OUWB School of Medicine is four (4) academic years. The maximum number of years allowed for matriculation at the OUWB is six (6) academic years. In the event of extenuating circumstances, such as a call to active military duty, the SPRC may at its discretion choose to extend beyond the above limits.

Students must complete the M1 and M2 preclinical curriculum in no more than three (3) academic years and sit for USMLE Step 1 within three (3) months of the completion of the M2 year, unless the Office of Medical Education and the SPRC approve a test date at later time in advance, in writing. Even if a delay is granted, students must still obtain a passing score on USMLE Step 1 within twelve (12) months of the completion of M2 year.

Students must complete the M3 and M4 clinical curriculum in no more than three (3) years after receiving a passing score on USMLE Step 1.

Satisfactory Academic Progress:

Satisfactory academic progress is based on students being actively engaged in the satisfactory completion of all curricular requirements. Students will be considered to be making satisfactory progress while undertaking the remediation or while enrolled in the repeat course or clerkship.

Good Academic Standing

Satisfactory Academic Progress is not the same as Good Academic Standing. In cases where a student has not successfully completed undertaken courses and clerkships, they may have Incompletes and Failures on their academic record. A student with outstanding Incompletes and unremediated Failures is not considered to be in Good Academic Standing. The lack of Good Academic Standing status may disqualify a student from some academic opportunities such as scholarships and internships until they have remediated the deficiency.

Remediation of Grades of Incomplete:

All courses or clerkships in which a student has a grade of “Incomplete” must be remediated before the student can be promoted to the next academic year.

Remediation of Grades of Fail:

Students who have failed a course, clerkship, or elective will be referred to the SPRC for action up to and including dismissal from the medical school. Failed courses, clerkships, or electives must be repeated in their entirety.

Financial Aid Eligibility:

Please see the Satisfactory Academic Progress to Maintain Federal Financial Aid Eligibility guidelines.


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