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Department Colloquium

2013-2014   Colloquium Series

Unless indicated otherwise (*), the talks will be held in 372 SEB on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., with refreshments and conversation from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m.

 Date Speaker Affiliation
 September 10
 T. Shaska
 Oakland Coverings of elliptic curves and some classical problems of arithmetic geometry
 September 17  M. Shapiro  Michigan State Integrability of generalized pentagram maps and cluster algebra
 September 25* 
 (Wed. 3:00pm)
 X. Zheng  Central Michigan University Interface-fitted adaptive mesh method for free interface problems with surface tension based on level-set formulation
 October 2*
 (Wed. 3:00pm)
 E. Dalkiran  Wayne State University RLT-POS: Reformulation-Linearization Technique-based Optimization Software for Solving Polynomial Programming Problems
 October 8
 M. Mincheva  Northern Illinois University Dynamic Instabilities of Biochemical Reaction Networks
 October 15  L. Rong   Oakland Modeling hepatitis C virus dynamics in the era of new drugs
 October 22
 E. Kubatko  Ohio State Recent advances in modeling coastal ocean currents and waves in two and three dimensions using finite element methods
 November 5  L. Li  Oakland Bases for Cluster Algebras
 November 11*
 (Mon. 3:00pm)
 T. Ralphs  Lehigh University Multilevel and Multistage Integer Programming: Algorithms and Complexity
 November 19  D. Lamb  TARDEC The Application of Mathematics and Statistics in the Modeling of Military Ground Vehicles
 November 26  M. Rao  U. Cincinnati

Hardy-Weinbergequilibrium in Genetics – Algebraic Statistics and Markov bases

 December 3   A. Cesmelioglu  Oakland Photonic Crystals : An Eigenvalue Problem in Electromagnetics
 January 14  E. Tsimis  Siemens

Developable surfaces with curved folds in Design and Manufacturing

 January 21   D. Swinarski  Fordham University Hunting for equations of Riemann surfaces with automorphisms
 January 28  M. Leite  University of Toledo  [Talk canceled due to school closure]
 January 30*
(Thurs. 3:30pm)
 H.M. Phan  U. of British Columbia Okanaga

Projections method for solving feasibility problems

 February 4  B. Ames  CalTech

Finding hidden cliques and clusters by convex optimization

 February 6*
(Thurs. 3:30pm)
 T.T.A. Nghia  U. of British Columbia Okanaga

Second-order variational analysis in optimization

 February 12*
(Wed. 3:00pm)
 C.K. Sim  National University of Singapore On solving an application-based completely positive program of size 3 and some consequences.
  March 11  A. Roy  U. of Texas at
San Antonio
Principal component analyses of symbolic data using patterned covariance structures.
  March 13*
(Thurs. 3:30pm)
 W. Mance  University of North Texas Normal Numbers.
  March 25  M. Leite  University of Toledo A model for coupling fire and insect outbreaks in forests
  April 1  S. Shim Northwestern University A few strong knapsack facets
  May 20  T. Sakkalis Agricultural University of Athens Quaternion polynomials and rational rotation-minimizing frame curves
July 17*
(Thurs. 4:00pm)
  J. Gutierrez Univ. Cantabria Lattice reduction techniques and applications

Alternative time for both talk and refreshments.

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