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Department Colloquium

2014-2015   Colloquium Series

Unless indicated otherwise (*), the talks will be held in 372 SEB on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., with refreshments and conversation from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m.

 Date Speaker Affiliation
 September 23
 Leszek Gasiński
 Jagiellonian University In Search of The Ideal Drum
 September 30*
 (Tue. 2:30pm)
 Xinran (Sharon) Xiao  Michigan State Unviersity Stress Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries
 October 7
 Boris Mordukhovich  Wayne State Unviersity Variational Analysis: What Is It?
 October 14
 Esengul Salturk  The University of Scranton Coding Theory and The Counting Problem
 October 28* 
 (Tue. 2:15pm)
 Dan Steffy  Oakland University On Sublinear Inequalities for Mixed Integer Conic Programs
 October 31* 
 (Fri. 3pm)
 Xingfu Zou  University of Western Ontario Budding or lysis --- on viral release strategies
 November 11 
 Samiran Ghosh  Wayne State University Recent advances in Bayesian Non-inferiority Trial for Comparative Effectiveness Research
 November 18   Hung Nguyen  University of Akron Character degrees of finite groups
 November 25   Andrew Salch  Wayne State University Homotopy groups of spheres
 February 10*
(Tue. 3:30pm) 
 Fangyuan Zhang  The Ohio State University Detecting Genomic Imprinting and Maternal Effects in Family‐Based Association Studies
 February 12* 
(Thu. 3:30pm)
 Haiming Zhou  University of South Carolina Marginal Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Time to Disease Arrival in Populations of a Threatened Amphibian
 February 16*
(Mon. 3pm) 
 Adam Sales  Carnegie Mellon University Adjusting for Many Covariates in Matching-Based Causal Inference
 February 17* 
(Tue. 3:30pm)
 Yuying Xie   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Joint Estimation of Dependent Gaussian Graphical Models with Applications to Mouse Genetics
 March 3*
(Tue. 3:30pm) 
 Gregory Muller  University of Michigan Separating good cluster algebras from bad ones
 March 6*
(Fri. 3pm) 
 Robert Smith?  The University of Ottawa From regional pulse vaccination to global disease eradication: insights from a mathematical model of Poliomyelitis
 March 10*
(Tue. 3:30pm) 
 Richard M. Aron  Kent State University Linearity in non-linear situations
 March 17*
(Tue. 3:30pm) 
 Bill Mance  University of North Texas Unexpected distribution phenomenon resulting from Cantor series expansions
 March 24*
(Tue. 3:30pm) 
 Gary McDonald  Oakland University Approaches to the Problem of Ranking Populations (or Choosing the “Best”)
 April 14*
(Tue. 3:30pm) 
 Mircea Sofonea  Université de Perpignan Via Domitia History-dependent Variational inequalities in contact mechanics
 April 21*
(Tue. 3:30pm) 
 Ji Li  Michigan State University Small real noise random perturbation

Alternative time for both talk and refreshments.

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