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Managers' Toolkit

Regardless of your title, and whether you are a new supervisor or a seasoned veteran, if you supervise employees, this site is designed for you.  From the section titled Getting Started where you will find information on the development of a position to the section End of the Road which includes a Separation Checklist, the Manager's Toolkit has everything you will need for the life cycle of your employee.

You are accountable for the employees whom you supervise and/or manage. Take advantage of management training opportunities offered. Stay current with University Administrative Policies and Procedures and the information within this site.

Click on document titles for pdf version.  Click the to access the audio version where available.

Introduction to TEAMS - Total Employee and Management Source - System Information and Login 

TIP - Any link with TEAMS in the title in an instruction tool for the TEAMS system.
Recruiting and Hiring Separation and Retirement Management and Training Incidents and Grievances