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Outdoor Lighting Pilot Project

In 2011, OU Facilities Management and Detroit Edison's Community Lighting group launched a pilot program to install and evaluate multiple LED, induction, and other outdoor lighting technologies across campus.  Together, DTE and OU have funded the installation of over $1/2M in fixture replacements, new poles and layout for the main parking lot P1, and new lot P35 to the south.  Most of the roadway, high pressure sodium (HPS) 250 watt fixtures were replaced with various LED and induction fixtures in the 100-150 watt range.  Along with energy savings, additional savings will result from the 5-10 year expected life of the new fixtures.  OU will study the energy, light output and maintenance seen in this installation.  Look to the right for fixture information and links to the manufacturers.  <CLICK HERE FOR A SELF GUIDED TOUR MAP>

Oxford, MI    
(Full Spectrum Solutions)  
Jackson, MI