Seigo Nakao

Seigo Nakao
Associate Professor of Japanese
354 O'Dowd Hall

DEGREE: Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, New York University

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Comparative literature between Japanese and European; classical and modern Japanese literature; Japanese cinema; traditional and classical Japanese theater; comparative cultural studies; East-West relationship in literature; war literature; Japanese pedagogy.

Seigo Nakao started teaching at Oakland University in 1992, when Japanese was not a degree program.  Since then, he worked on creating a Japanese Minor in May 1994, and finally a Japanese Major in May 2008.  He has taught all levels of Japanese including Japanese Civilization; classical and modern Japanese literature; Seminar on The Tale of Genji; war literature; Japanese traditional theater (Noh, Bunraku, Kabuki); Japanese cinema; Asian Literature; and Introduction to Japan.  In terms of the Japanese language, his major interests are Japanese pedagogy and making Japanese relatable to a student’s everyday life.  He also is a faculty member of the Center for International Programs, and supervises the Oakland-Nanzan University Exchange Program.  His publications include Random House English-Japanese/Japanese-English Dictionary and articles on Japanese and English writers and fictions.