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JRN 404 is a four-credit course, requiring at least 12 weeks and 150 hours of work during the course of the 14-week semester. Most organizations feel that students cannot gain enough useful experiences or complete their job responsibilities adequately without this minimum time frame; in fact, many organizations require a longer commitment (from six months to one year), especially if it is a paid situation. The value of the internship experiences increase proportionately to the time students commit; however, only four credit hours may be earned for each internship experience, no matter how long the job lasts.

Journalism students must be juniors or seniors and have received credit for JRN 200 and THREE other journalism courses. Journalism majors and minor must take the JRN 404 internship class. COM 491 does not satisfy JRN major or minor requirements. 


Log/Journal: Students shall keep a record of their time and work experiences throughout the internship; this will serve as verification that the required minimum time requirement has been fulfilled, and also be a good reference for students as they write their report.

Paper: Students shall write a paper (usually between four to six pages) covering the following criteria:

Job Description: Typical day or main responsibilities, significant incidents or special assignments, personal meaning of the experience, et al. This section should be written in such a manner that if your readers were thinking of applying for this internship, they would have a very good idea of what to expect from the experience.

  • Internal Communication Climate — How does communication work within the organization? Can you get the information you need? Is it clear what you're expected to do? Is there friendly social exchange? Are new ideas and self-starting encouraged or at least accepted?
  • External — Identify the audience(s) the organization targets and describe how the company seeks to reach its goals. How did your work help?
Clips and Portfolio: Students must keep a portfolio of all written work throughout the internship. These materials should be compiled in a notebook or folder and submitted with the report. The portfolio will count as one-third of the final grade.

Evaluation: An evaluation form is sent to supervisors near the end of the semester It asks for judgments on a student's abilities and aptitudes in a variety of areas. In addition, supervisors are encouraged to include written comments.

Grade: For JRN 404, the final grade weights the report, clips or portfolio, and the supervisor's evaluation about equally, with more weight given to the evaluation.

All required material (portfolio, paper, log/journal and a survey that you will be given) will be due at a date the internship director will set. It's usually a few weeks before the semester ends. Some internships run longer, and that's OK.  Later papers will be given a P (progress) grade IF YOU LET THE INTERNSHIP DIRECTOR KNOW IN ADVANCE. This P grade is changed when the required materials are turned in. If you plan to graduate then, be sure to let the internship director know

IMPORTANT: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all affairs are in order to secure credit for the internship. All internships must be pre-approved by the internship director before the student starts the internship (no retro-active approvals) and the student may not gain credit for an internship that the student has already started or completed without approval and/or oversight. The internship experience must be an entirely new experience for the student in a new setting. The student may not repackage his/her current situation, job, or volunteer experience into an internship experience or do an internship for his/her current employer. 

The internship director’s approval of an internship does not mean that the student will receive credit for the internship. Reasons why credit may not be granted include, but are not limited to: failure to comply with the employer’s policies or OU’s policies (it is entirely the student’s responsibility to seek out all relevant information as it relates to policies of both OU and the employer), inappropriate behavior at the workplace, being fired from the job, and/or any dishonesty or unethical behavior related to the internship. Because the on-site internship supervisor assists in determining the student’s grade, the internship supervisor may not be a family member, close friend, or a person with whom the student has had or currently has a romantic relationship. Romantic relationships with employees at the internship workplace during the internship are discouraged. 

 If a student is deemed to have engaged in academic misconduct, the incident will be reported to the Dean of Students, the student will fail the class, and/or the student will receive disciplinary reprimand, probation, suspension, or expulsion. See the syllabus for other important information. Cases of internship fraud or any instances of dishonesty related to the internship will be pursued to the fullest extent possible as allowed under the Academic Conduct Policy and any other relevant policies. 
How to set up an internship:

While some employers may want students to work full time (40 hours/week), the department does not recommend this type of commitment unless it is a paid situation. It is important for students to have an explicit understanding with their employer of the time commitment they will be expected to fulfill before they accept a position. Usually students start an internship at the beginning of a semester. However, they may start an internship at any time during the school year. If the work experience extends beyond the end of the term when they are registered for JRN 404, a progress (P) grade will be assigned. This is a hold grade, which will be replaced with a number grade as soon as the student's final report/clips and evaluation are received.
  • Contact Brian Hlavaty, internship director, via email ( that an internship search is under way. Let him know what your focus is and where you intend to look. Occasionally, students on their own secure what they think is an appropriate internship only to find it doesn't meet OU's standards and is denied. This is avoided by a simple email at the start of the process. All internships must be approved by Brian Hlavaty before a student can receive credit. 
  • Complete the Internship Application Form and email it to Brian Hlavaty or leave it in his mailbox in 316 Wilson Hall. 
  • Check the available internships tab for organizations offering internships. This list is updated whenever we get a call from a business.
  • Plan ahead by making a list of organizations offering experiences that best meet your career preferences.
  • Aggressively go after internships. Your classmates are. So are students from other colleges and universities.
  • Talk to classmates about possible internships. Put the word out that you're interested. Get online and research businesses that appeal to you. Ask instructors if they know of any internships.
  • Realize that a business could decide in midsemester that it needs an intern. Or it could lose an intern who unexpectedly leaves. Those businesses call us for help and say we need one — right now. This is good news for flexible students. It could mean that a student looking for a winter internship, for example, could stumble on a just-posted offering in October and start the internship right then. When we get such a call, we immediately list that internship on this website. So check often.
  • Understand that many listed internships roll over from semester to semester. If they're on this list, it's likely the companies will need interns in the future.
  • Realize that you can contact organizations not listed here. (This list is of companies we've dealt with in the past who offer quality internships). There are many more out there — local and national — to go after. Should you set your sights on one such position, email the internship director immediately and tell him what you're up to. You'll need his approval to use such a position for credit. DO NOT interview with a company not on this list before contacting the internship director.
  • Prepare (or update) a resume, along with a cover letter and writing samples, if applicable. Take these to Career Services  for review.
Contact organizations to set up interviews using the method suggested by each organization and following the time frames suggested below (earlier is even better):
  • Fall Term: Early July
  • Winter Term: Late October or early November.
  • Spring and Summer Terms: Late fall term through early winter term
Fill out the Internship Approval Form and email to Brian Hlavaty or leave it in his mailbox in 316 Wilson Hall. 

Students DO NOT register on their own for the JRN 404 internship class. All registration is done through the internship director only after he has approved the internship and only after the student has filled out both the application and approval forms.

Keep the internship director updated with occasional emails on how the search is progressing.

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IXITI.COM Editorial Intern — Are you passionate about Detroit area arts, culture and entertainment and looking for experience covering the local scene? seeks interns to assist with the online events calendar, social media and other editorial duties for its Southeast Michigan online publication, produced by the nonprofit CultureSource. The internship is 15 hours a week and has a $100-a-week stipend. The editorial intern will help gather, input and edit event listings for the website and help the editor choose events for greater editorial coverage. The position also includes duties to assist with the publication of the weekly e-newsletter, including feature writing, image handling, photography and social media. The internship would be suited for someone who has experience working on websites, using a CMS, writing for the web, digital photography, online research and proofreading. A journalism, communications, PR or marketing major is preferred. The successful candidate must be detail-oriented and fast; able to work independently and with a team; communicate effectively; have a laptop computer capable of web editing and handling images; and be a resident of metro Detroit. For more information on how to apply, go to Apply by Feb. 1, 2015.

OLHSA — a community action agency ( seeks a communication intern in Pontiac. The intern will: develop, implement and/or coordinate aspects of internal and external public relations and marketing activities as assigned; assist in maintaining agency’s social media presence; assist in the planning and implementation of designated and special events; and carry out all other duties as directed by your supervisor. In addition the intern will: design and send out monthly internal newsletter; create Facebook and Twitter posts; prepare event box for staff attending community events; Assist with media relations as needed; and create agency flyers as needed. Qualified applicants must be working toward a B.S. or B.A. in communications, public relations or a related field, have a minimum of 12 credit hours of classroom experience in public relations, journalism and/or communication and a working knowledge of computer applications, especially using Windows environment for word processing and Adobe Creative Suite. Please e-mail a resume and cover letter to Ashley Yocum, Public Relations Coordinator, at Please put Internship in the e-mail heading.

ORION AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE — The Chamber seeks someone who loves to write about people, businesses and events. The intern will write articles about new members, events featuring current members, in addition to special assignments. The Chamber needs help with advance press releases on events, plus articles after the events as well. The intern will coordinate this information with newspapers, TV and radio stations. The Chamber has a monthly newspaper insert in the Orion Review called The Biz that will feature the intern’s bylined articles. The intern also will supply information for the monthly email announcements called The Motivator. In addition, the intern will help support weekly email announcements, assist with special emails and post cards, and help with social networking. The intern also will be required to attend most, if not all, Chamber events-luncheons, business ribbon-cutting ceremonies and business development meetings. In May, the intern will assist with the Annual Business Expo and work with LOHS Decca Program students concerning advertising and press coverage. Interns are welcome to provide input on anything that could benefit the Chamber. This is a nonpaying position. The Chamber seeks interns for fall, winter and summer semesters. Please send resume and cover letter to: Bill Kokenos at P. O. Box 484 Lake Orion, MI 48361.

EISBRENNER PUBLIC RELATIONS — The Royal Oak-based PR company seeks a winter intern starting in December. This PAID internship is for a minimum of 20 hours a week, but ideally is 40. It will run for three months, possibly longer. The company will accept current students and recent grads. Interns must have outside-the-classroom PR experience, preferably through one or more prior PR internships. Interns will receive experience in all aspects of agency PR, including writing, media relations, event management, vendor coordination, account administration and office assistance. Visit the company at Send resume and work samples to Tricia Marion at

THE DETROIT ZOO — Want to mingle with the macaronis and pal with the polar bears while learning valuable PR and communication skills? The Detroit Zoo seeks enthusiastic student interns for the winter semester who are in their junior or senior years and studying public relations, communications or a related field. Among intern duties are: researching and drafting press releases, talking points, newsletter profiles and other PR-related copy; scheduling and coordinating media interviews; escorting media through the zoo during video-photo shoots; and assisting with commercial and motion picture film shoots and special events. Interns will work closely with the communications director and other interns while learning valuable skills needed for PR. Excellent writing and public speaking skills are a plus. The winter 2015 internship runs early January through early May, 16 hours (2 days) per week. The deadline for applying is Nov. 15, 2014. Please apply here and send a resume to Patricia Janeway, communications director, at with a cc. to Please put "Winter PR Internship in the subject line.

MLIVE — is recruiting students interested in learning about covering high school basketball for its for-credit internship program in the winter semester. Students should have a passion for journalism and high school sports, computer skills and access to transportation to cover basketball games in metro Detroit. The program will mean covering games on Fridays and Saturdays, and you'll be working closely with Dave McVety,'s high school sports coordinator. The program will culminate with March Madness in the spring. If you are interested, please send a resume, a cover letter describing how the program would fit into your education and career goals, and some writing samples (preferably sports) to Dave at

WDET — Wayne State University’s public radio station WDET is looking for mature and self-motivated interns interested in pursuing a career in multimedia journalism. Join WDET in its mission to serve the community with informative programming and gain real-world experience in the WDET department that’s right for you. The station is accepting interns for fall, winter and spring. With opportunities ranging from field reporting and photojournalism, to social media engagement and marketing, there’s a chance for every applicant to learn useful skills. Students and volunteers must be able to commit a minimum of 20 hours a week. So, are you ready to see where you fit in at WDET? Send your resume, cover letter and work samples to, and be sure to include your intended WDET department in the subject line.
            1) Digital/Social Media Department — WDET’s Digital Specialist Terry Parris Jr. is on the lookout for prospective interns who are ready to delve into the multifaceted world of digital journalism. Parris, a Wayne State alumnus, says an internship with the digital team affords students the chance to explore multimedia journalism by utilizing video, social media, photojournalism, writing for the web and data visualization. Solid writing skills and an interest in digital journalism are both necessary to this internship.

            2) News — Experience the rush of covering breaking news alongside WDET’s team of award-winning broadcast journalists. News Director Jerome Vaughn gives interns and volunteers a crash course on the basics of broadcast journalism and the opportunity to gain invaluable real-world experience. Newsroom interns will review local and national headlines, interview newsmakers, report on events, record and edit audio and will even create their own feature story for WDET. Vaughn says prospective interns should be driven, self-motivated and ready to work hard under tight deadlines. This internship requires students to commit at least two full days to the radio station every week.
            3) Detroit Today Research and Programming Internship — Detroit Today’s interns get a chance to peek behind the curtain and see what all goes into creating a successful live daily radio show in a major market.  This internship also includes research for CuriousiD stories, WDET’s listener-inspired investigative collection of stories. WDET Program Director and Executive Producer Joan Cherry Isabella says prospective interns must have strong writing skills and an interest in current events and regional news. Photojournalists are also welcome to apply and contribute digital and photographic elements to Detroit Today’s online stories. This internship allows volunteers and students to work alongside a team of producers, where they can participate in producing a live show, create web content, pitch stories, research and collect information and utilize the many components critical to a daily live radio show. Skills such as time management, teamwork, online content creation and engagement are all integral to this internship. Volunteers and students pursuing degrees in Media Arts and Studies, Political Science, Liberal Arts and Communications are all encouraged to apply.

MACOMB-OAKLAND UNIVERSITY INCUBATOR – Mac-OU INC supports economic development in Southeast Michigan by accelerating high-tech businesses, cultivating academic innovation and encouraging research & development. We help entrepreneurs make their seemingly wacky ideas come to life. There’s an abundance of entrepreneurial passion and drive at Mac-OU INC, so be prepared to jump right in! The marketing and communications PAID student intern will provide support to all integrated-marketing communications operations, including branding, event planning, advertising, public relations and graphic/web design. This means you’ll have a lot of options to network with industry professionals and to enhance your portfolio. Project duties include collaborating with the marketing and communications manager to establish optimum reach to the target market, taking a leadership role in event organization and implementation, creating strong visual content through images and videos, composing well-researched material to be published in various communication vehicles, gaining knowledge of the Oakland University content management system in order to update the website and create email blasts, and performing miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. Applicants may include all full- or part-time junior or senior undergraduate students. This internship will be up to 25 hours per week for fall semester, but may be extended depending on future program funding, intern performance and the student’s academic work and schedule availability. Mac-OU INC is located in Sterling Heights, so the selected candidate will need to have a vehicle to get to this off-campus location. Please send resumes and cover letters to

TRUSCOTT ROSSMAN — This full-service public relations agency in downtown Detroit seeks interns for paid positions. Interns will draft news releases, pitch media, draft ad copy, plan and attend press conferences, work on digital media projects and assist in coalition building. Truscott Rossman seeks creative, detail-oriented individuals who are strong writers and have great interpersonal skills. Internship positions are highly competitive. Candidates should have strong writing skills, have a knowledge of the Detroit area and be digital/social media savvy. For more information and how to apply, go to For general information about the company, go to

LIBERTY WAY REALTY —The Lake Orion-based real estate office is seeking a fall intern who will design ads, develop the company’s website, write for web and print, and work on multimedia projects. We’re looking for someone who’s motivated and aspires to be creative through a business-oriented mind. Hours are flexible. The student can work from the office or from home. Bonuses will be paid. Send a resume, cover letter and work samples to James Gillen at

HOUR MEDIA — The publisher of Hour Detroit, DBusiness, Detroit Home, Metro Detroit Bride magazines and more offers internships in advertising/sales, marketing/public relations, Web development and editorial. A division of Hour Media, Hour Custom Publishing, offers graphic design internships. A full description of the internships is on the company's website at

GREEN LIGHT GO MUSIC PUBLICITY — Located in Ferndale, the Green Light Go publicity staff is more than just passionate about music; they're obsessed! Sound like fun? It is! Green Light Go likes to think outside the box, so while they are constantly thinking of new ideas to promote their artists, they invite interns to do the same. You'll learn how to effectively run a music publicity campaign through specific goals and tailored strategies all the while being creative in the process. Green Light Go is a business, but they think of their staff and clients as family —  a family who will "adopt" the right intern into their exciting, yet organized world of marketing music. What you'll do: research media opportunities at blogs, radio and print media; brainstorm and write blog posts; write press releases; update artist media pages; update media contacts; utilize social networks to promote the artists; and create weekly newsletters. To apply, send resume, writing samples and five bands you're currently listening to, to Janelle Rogers at

MARX LAYNE — The Farmington Hills-based marketing and PR agency Marx Layne & Co. provides communications counsel to clients in the business, government and nonprofit sectors. Marx Layne has been helping interns become successful public relations executives for more than a decade. Interns have the opportunity to draft press releases, media alerts, articles, op-eds, client talking points and pitches to journalists; and compile media lists, assist in the conceptualization of pitch ideas and accompany Marx Layne executives to select client meetings, television appearances and other onsite client events. The agency strives to teach interns what they require to be successful in the business. The agency seeks students who are in their junior and senior years. Fall and winter internships require a minimum of 20 hours per week; summer internships require 30 hours per week. Both are unpaid and for college credit only.  The agency typically will accept between two and three interns in the fall and winter. Resumes should be sent to Natalie Stavale at and Michael Odom at The agency is online at

BRENDY BARR COMMUNICATIONS — We may not be the biggest PR firm in town, but we like it that way … and so do our national accounts, which is why our interns get fantastic hands-on PR experience with clients such as the Fisher Theater, Field Entertainment and 7-Eleve. Internships are available year-round and while they are for college credit only (non-paid,) the experience and perks are great. Candidate requirements: a major in public relations, communication, marketing, journalism or a related field who possesses reliable transportation and is available weekends and evenings for client events, in addition to regular office hours. The intern must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, possess a professional presence and be a hard worker who is able to meet demanding deadlines. The intern must have knowledge of Microsoft Word. The internship requires a minimum two days a week, but the schedule can be designed to fit around class schedule. We are located in north Rochester Hills. For more information about Brendy Barr Communications, please visit Questions and resumes should be submitted via email to

BLUE WHEEL MEDIA  seeks digital marketing/editorial interns. BWM ( is a digital marketing agency based in Troy, only a few miles from Oakland University's campus. It seeks interns who are dedicated to the craft of marketing via the Internet’s many social facets. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Stumbleupon, interns will learn valuable lessons in social bookmarking, community building, search optimization and content writing from a highly trained staff. BWM requires interns to work 3 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (unpaid), and also requires experience with Mac and a working knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google Docs. Familiarity with Facebook, Twitter and blogging platforms (specifically WordPress) is crucial. Experience with blogging multimedia such as images, videos, and hyperlinks helps. Knowledge of Adobe applications and Final Cut Pro is also a plus. If interested, please e-mail a brief cover and attach your resume and 1 writing sample to

THE ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION, GREAT LAKES REGION/MICHIGAN — The foundation, based in Troy, seeks student interested in event planning and public relations. The internship is unpaid. Position is available for the fall 2014 semester. The intern will gain experience in event planning in the nonprofit sector while assisting in the management of the 2014 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis. The Jingle Bell Run/Walk is the nation's largest holiday 5K race series aimed to fight arthritis. Responsibilities include assisting with event logistics, acquiring in-kind donations and team recruitment. Other tasks may include travel, making phone calls and compiling/sorting databases. Intern will create writing samples of public service announcements, pitch letters and press releases; create media lists; solicit media for coverage; submit event info to online community event sites. Multiple event attendance is required. Contact Sunny Kerschenheiter at 248-530-5024 for more information or submit your resume, cover letter and writing samples to and

BIANCHI PUBLIC RELATIONS — This PR agency based in Troy seeks an intern interested in a PR career for a PAID, for-credit internship in summer. Candidates should be pursuing a degree in public relations, journalism, English or communications and have the ability to: communicate effectively; maintain high ethical standards; be accurate, honest and dependable; be open to listen and learn; ask lots of questions; and work hard when on the job. As an intern, you will learn about agency public relations and hopefully have some fun in the process. You could have the opportunity to: participate in staff meetings; fine-tune your writing, editing and proofreading skills; develop targeted media lists; learn about media relations; attend special events; and learn about PR agency service, responsiveness and client needs. If you are interested in applying for the position and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, please send your resume to Jaclyn Reardon at The website is

COMMUNITY HOUSING NETWORK — The Troy-based nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing affordable housing and housing resources to people in need in Oakland and Macomb counties. It helps the homeless, those transitioning from homelessness and people with disabilities. It shows up on Crain's list of Cool Places to Work. The organization offers a public relations/marketing internship in fall, winter and summer semesters. The intern will support all members of the development team and will gain experience in fundraising, event planning, market research, press relations, marketing and communications. The intern will assist with social media; compose written materials such as press releases and newsletter articles; capture stories and testimonials from CHN program participants and supporters; and assist with other relevant projects. This position is unpaid. Start and end dates are flexible, but a 10-week commitment is preferable. Interns will work 10-15 hours per week.  The successful intern will need good written, oral and organizational skills. The position requires a strong interest in nonprofit work and an ability to work independently. To apply, send a cover letter (including dates and hours of availability), resume, an official or unofficial academic transcript, and writing samples (three pages maximum) to Jessie Korte at Put the internship name in the subject field. Candidates also could fax those materials to (248) 928-0122 or mail them to Jessie Korte at 570 Kirts Blvd, Suite 231, Troy, MI., 48084.

OAKLAND UNIVERSITY COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT — The department seeks a multi-faceted online media intern. During this internship, you will build upon journalistic skills learned in the classroom and apply them to marketing and public relations for the university. You will receive assignments to cover campus events, learn about and report on new programs and initiatives, seek out stories, and ultimately put together polished content — including photo and video — for the OU’s website and social media platforms. The online media intern will be expected to coordinate interviews and photo/video shoots with multiple people within the Communications and Marketing team, Alumni Relations, and sources around campus. Candidates should be able to identify compelling news stories, gather and report information accurately, and work well in a team environment. Candidates should have taken JRN 200 or have had equivalent experience putting together a standard news story and be comfortable using professional camera equipment. The online media intern will also work on building the Social Media Street Team and Ambassador programs. This is a PAID internship - 20 hours/week for 15 weeks (must meet eligibility requirements) Those interested in applying should submit a resume and samples to Colleen Campbell at or (248) 370-2944.

CHOICE SCHOOLS ASSOCIATES — This company seeks marketing and communications interns to work with the marketing team in recruitment and retention efforts throughout the spring and summer. It’s possible this could turn into full time. This is a PAID internship, with a wage between $10-12/hour. Interns will organize grassroots evens and coordinate with school leaders; assist in planning and hosting recruitment events at schools; update websites and social media sites; write or assist with monthly/weekly newsletter (print and/or electronic); monitor Facebook posts, comments, messages, campaigns; write press releases and letters to families; update building sign messaging; partner with businesses and organizations; update the school blog; and meet with the marketing committee. The company hopes to fill the slots with seniors majoring in public relations or marketing. Interns should be able to prioritize and juggle several projects at once, have outstanding interpersonal skills, be detail and deadline oriented, have superior organizational and communication skills, and have excellent computer skills. The company hopes to have the interns start in May. Apply to: Maria Valladares, Marketing & Communications Coordinator via email at The website is

ALLSTATE INSURANCE CO. — The insurance company seeks an intern for its corporate relations department in Farmington Hills for spring 2015 (fall 2014 is filled). The PAID position requires a minimum of 20 hours per week for three months. The start date can be as early as mid-March. Among the duties, the intern will: write, edit and proofread press releases and newsletter articles; create media coverage reports; and assist at PR events. Allstate requires excellent oral and written skills (including AP style), and advanced computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), plus Twitter and Facebook. Video editing is a plus. The intern must manage large workloads and organize work efficiently with minimal supervision, perform multiple tasks within deadlines, and demonstrate an ability to work independently and on a team. Preference will be given to candidates with an interest in public relations and communications careers and who had prior related work experience. Please submit applications to Writing samples are requested, particularly pieces relating to news media relations, articles written for publication, or other public relations individual projects.

THE PALACE — Palace Sports & Entertainment (Detroit Pistons, Palace of Auburn Hills, DTE Energy Music Theater and Meadowbrook Music Festival) has multiple internships available for the 2014 summer season. Many fall under the journalism umbrella. The internship program is designed to provide interns with hands on skills and experiences that can be readily applied to future challenges and professional pursuits. These PAID, full-time internships are for 12 weeks. Click here for details.

DIPLOMAT — We’re Diplomat, the nation’s largest independent Specialty Pharmacy, a Top Workplace (according to the Detroit News) and we are offering a PAID writer internship to the right candidate. We are a company that is team based and patient focused. We inspire, share, evolve, exceed and are 100 percent fun. From a marketing standpoint, we offer the right candidate a lot of opportunities — advertising, SEO, website, promotional, blog, social media, press releases and so much more — see for yourself at  Join our team and learn, share, collaborate and grow at the corporate level. Sound good? Then we want to learn more about you email with your cover letter, resume and a few samples of your best work. This internship is in Flint.

CIVIC CENTER TV — The West Bloomfield-based municipal and community television station seeks one or two interns per semester to develop scripts, produce segments, write companion print or web articles, and assist in editing and photography.  Civic Center TV has brand new state-of-the-art HD digital studios. Students also can appear on camera. Job responsibilities would depend on the student’s previous OU broadcast classes and training. For more information about Civic Center TV, go to To apply, send a resume, cover letter, writing samples and video clips to Dave Scott,  General Manager — Civic Center TV at

MLIVE MEDIA GROUP is launching a nationwide summer internship program in journalism, sales and marketing in major markets across the country, including Michigan. Digital media experiences are in Pennsylvania, Oregon, Alabama, Massachusetts, New Orleans, New Jersey, Ohio and Syracuse, N.Y. The deadline to apply for these paid positions is Feb. 28, 2014. For a story and details, click here.

PRODUCTIONS PLUS – THE TALENT SHOP – PPTTS is a fast-growing, national Talent Management and Event Staffing agency with offices in suburban Detroit (Bingham Farms), Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. The company books actors for film and TV, models for trade shows and promotions, and product demonstrators for retail.  The agency is offering an internship opportunity for a serious writer — a student in journalism, PR, English, or communications.  The successful intern will need exceptional writing, oral, research and organizational skills.  The intern will: write blogs and articles for the company websites; assist with writing articles, white papers, and press releases; and write copy for marketing pieces and presentations.  Social media, Keynote, and PowerPoint experience helpful, but not necessary.  Experience with Word is required. This position is unpaid but the intern will receive a $750 stipend upon completion.  Start and end dates are flexible, but a 15-week commitment at 10 hours per week is preferable.  Please email a cover letter (including dates and hours of availability), resume, and examples of your work to Dan Wolan at or mail them to Dan Wolan at Productions Plus, 30600 Telegraph Rd., Suite 2156, Bingham Farms, MI 48025.  No phone calls please.

BENZINGA — Benzinga is looking for smart, energetic people to intern in our office. Could you be one of them? Benzinga, an intrepid and exciting financial news start-up, offers up-to-the-minute market news and trading insights on its website. Benzinga is currently accepting applications for social media, journalism, editing, and marketing interns.  As an intern, students will be immersed in the economic markets and digital publishing space. Previous finance-related experience or knowledge is preferred, but NOT required. As a small and fast growing startup, this PAID internship will put you on the frontlines of the company where you will gain experiences you cannot find anywhere else. You will be given full ownership of projects that you will see through to completion, giving you a history of concrete deliverables that you have followed through on. Additionally, because we use our internship process as one of our primary recruiting tools, your performance can lead directly to a full-time position. If interested, email with your resume and a few samples of past work. Show us your creativity and have fun with it!

GREAT LAKES CROSSING OUTLETS — Is accepting applications for interns who will assist the management team and gain knowledge of marketing and advertising. The intern will be given projects to develop, execute and manage as they relate to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. The duties are to: support the marketing director and marketing coordinators in all initiatives; execute corporate, merchant, sponsor and website promotions; assist with all aspects of shopping center events, research and writing/editing of marketing collateral, including, but not limited to, public relations materials, tenant newsletters, website content and advertisements; and facilitation of in-center tasks, research and administrative duties on a daily basis. The requirements are: a professional attitude; an ability to multitask and shift gears quickly; a comfort level in speaking with many different types of audiences (store management teams, customers, mall management staff, corporate contacts); enthusiasm; ability to work 25-30 hours a week; and a willingness to work occasional weekend events Please send a resume to Seok Chung at for consideration. If contacted for an interview, please bring at least one writing sample.

GREATER MEDIA INC — The Greater Media Inc. Interactive Department is seeking a graphics intern and social media writing interns who will focus on website content development and presentation for like-formatted groups of radio stations with the company. Interns will gain first-hand experience creating, editing and presenting newsworthy material for web and social media sites related to the musical direction of each station’s format. Candidates must have proficiency with Word, Excel and PowerPoint; be skilled in using the Internet for research; understand how to write for and use social media (Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare); have excellent oral and written communication skills; and be a major in PR, journalism or a related field. A portfolio of writing samples is preferred. The internship is unpaid.  Greater Media is the parent company of 23 AM and FM radio stations in the Detroit, Charlotte, Boston, Philadelphia and New Jersey markets. To apply, send a cover letter, resume and writing samples to Jennifer Williams, Director of Interactive Marketing, at

THE FLINT JOURNAL/MLIVE.COM seeks full-time newswriting interns during the spring, summer and fall. PAID interns work for print and online. Previous internships are a plus, but not necessary; published clips, at the college newspaper and/or other publications, are a must. Students or recent graduates welcome. Send a resume, cover letter and clips to Clark Hughes, managing producer, at chughes3@mlive. Deadlines to apply are Nov. 1 for winter/spring, March 1 for summer and Aug. 1 for fall.

THE SAGINAW NEWS/MLIVE.COM is seeking full-time newswriting and photo interns during the spring, summer and fall. PAID interns work for print and online at a four-editions-per-week paper that's bridging the digital and print divide every day. Previous internships are a plus, but not necessary; published clips, at the college newspaper and/or other publications, are a must. Students or recent graduates welcome. Send a resume, cover letter and five clips to Jodi McFarland at or The Saginaw News, 100 S. Michigan, Suite 3, Saginaw, MI 48602. Photographers may address their correspondence to Jeff Schrier, photographer, at or at the above address. Deadlines to apply are Nov. 1 for winter/spring, March 1 for summer and Aug. 1 for fall.

THE BAY CITY TIMES/MLIVE.COM is seeking full-time reporting and photo interns throughout the year. PAID interns work for a newspaper printed four times a week and online daily. Previous experience should include internships at other news organizations, or experience on a college newspaper. Published clips are a must. Students or recent graduates are welcome to apply. Send a resume, cover letter and five clips to Rob Clark, community editor, at or The Bay City Times, 311 Fifth St., Bay City, MI 49708.  Photographers may send resumes and portfolios of images to Yfat Yossifor, chief photographer, at or at the above address. Photo interns should also include examples of multimedia/video. Deadlines to apply are Feb. 1 for summer internships, May 1 for fall and Nov. 1 for winter/spring.

MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTS (MACPA) is excited to announce the availability of a fall internship with our Communications team.  This internship offers valuable experience in the nonprofit, professional, statewide association environment and is a great opportunity for someone looking for a future career in marketing, communications or public relations.  With nearly 18,000 members, the MACPA provides a one-of-a kind opportunity for the selected intern to assist the association in achieving its strategic goals.  Candidates must be enrolled in a college/university program that provides educational credit and oversight.   Under the direction, supervision and training of the Senior Director of Communications/Membership and Communications Specialist, interns will assist in writing communications to our members utilizing various vehicles including e-mail, social media, print and web; help in the creation and execution of overall marketing and branding of the association; assist in organizing and handling special projects; observe and assist members of the communications department with various projects and tasks.  Candidates must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student seeking related school credit (such as communications, public relations or marketing), possess marketing and public relations knowledge, effective writing, research and interpersonal communication skills, be tech savvy, have the ability to maintain professional demeanor and possess an upbeat, friendly attitude and be able to commit to 10-20 hours per week for one academic semester.  Interested students should send a resume and writing sample to the MACPA at:

BEAUMONT HEALTH SYSTEM — Seeks unpaid interns in Community Affairs in all semesters. The community affairs intern would assist in planning community events, updating information on the political community, arranging speakers bureau presentations and more. Must be proficient in Microsoft Word.  Interested students should send a resume and cover letter to Darlene Niksic at

BEAUMONT HEALTH SYSTEM — Seeking an intern for the Corporate Communications department. Strong writing skills are a must. You can expect to write press releases, newsletter articles, accompany the media on shoots at the hospital, research, help with special events and more. We look for interns in all three semesters. If you want a great experience, this is the place for you. Please send your resume and two writing samples to Rebecca Calappi at Internships might be available at Troy and Royal Oak facilities.

MOOSEJAW — The Madison Heights-based Moosejaw seeks an intern for its web team. This internship involves content writing and Search Engine Optimization. The SEO intern is responsible for assisting Moosejaw’s web team with developing relevant and effective content and implementing SEO strategies throughout This is an unpaid internship requiring a 16-24 hours a week commitment for the fall. Interns will: assist with SEO, including developing keyword lists; assist the web content team with new SEO strategies and seasonal content updates; write content and articles for; research websites for link partners; become familiar with search engine rankings and best practices for improving natural search traffic; and analyze the marketplace, monitor competitor websites and suggest promotions to improve The intern must have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills; strong analytical and problem-solving skills; be able to multitask and work in a fast-paced, team environment; and work independently while keeping a supervisor informed. The SEO intern must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and have excellent writing skills. Experience with HTML and other web development coding, as well as Google Adwords, web analytics terminology, capabilities and reporting is preferred, but not required. Email your resume to Please use job code SEO so the company knows which internship you’re applying for. Moosejaw is an outdoor retailer that sells gear and outwear through seven retail shops in Michigan and Illinois, plus a mail order catalog and website. 

MOOSEJAW — The Madison Heights-based outdoor retailer seeks a web content copywriter intern for its marketing and web teams. This fall internship involves the web and writing informative and engaging copy. The copywriter is responsible for assisting Moosejaw’s marketing and web teams with developing relevant and effective copy that includes good SEO practices throughout  This is an unpaid internship requiring a 16-24 hours a week. The schedule and length of internship is flexible. Responsibilities include: writing product descriptions and other web content; gathering new keywords and assisting with keyword discovery; taking vendor-provided product information to develop engaging and informative landing pages for; assisting the web content team with executing SEO strategies and seasonal content updates; and analyzing the marketplace, including monitoring competitor websites and promotions. The web copywriter intern should enjoy writing and must have exceptional writing skills. The intern should be organized, detailed oriented and be able to multitask and work in a fast-paced, team environment. The intern must have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to transform boring old copy and data into super fun product information and Moosejaw madness. Moosejaw seeks someone who knows Microsoft Excel, has impeccable writing skills and has experience with social media websites. Experience with HTML and other web development coding, Adobe Photoshop, web analytics terminology, capabilities and reporting is preferred, but not required. Email your resume to Please use job code WCW. The Madison Heights-based outdoor retailer is an outdoor retailer that sells gear and outwear through seven retail shops in Michigan and Illinois, plus a mail order catalog and website.

MOOSEJAW — The Madison Heights-based outdoor retailer seeks a social media marketing intern for the marketing team. The intern will assist social media efforts through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, as well as Moosejaw characters, promotions and customer email responses. This is an unpaid fall internship requiring a 16-24-hour/week commitment. The schedule is flexible. The intern must be organized, detail oriented, have highly developed interpersonal and communication skills, strong writing skills, and be able to multitask in a fast-paced work environment. The intern must be proficient in MS Excel and be experienced with social media sites. Email your resume to and use the job code SM.

KNOW ADVERTISING — Know Advertising is a full-service, creative agency situated comfortably in downtown Royal Oak. We consistently envision innovative ideas, develop integrated marketing programs and create memorable brand campaigns. We are always looking for good talent, and each year we offer multiple internship opportunities.  Join the Know Advertising team for a semester of fun and valuable agency experience. Positions are available for students interested in design, account management and copywriting. Candidates must be a sophomore, junior or senior in college and be able to work four days per week, especially in summer. Students applying for design or copywriting must have work samples available to share. Start dates are winter (Jan. 1), summer (May 1) and fall (Sept. 1). Internship resumes must be submitted 30 days prior to the start of the desired participation period. Please visit for more details.

ABC12 in FLINT — This television station in Flint has openings for broadcast interns. Information to apply can be found at (then click on About abc12 on the right side). Specific questions can be addressed to Patrick Wilson, assignment editor, at

OU CAMPUS RECREATION VIDEO PRODUCTION MARKETING INTERN — OU Campus Recreation seeks a knowledgeable video student with an interest in physical fitness to assist the marketing graduate assistant with the creation of any visual media for the department. This internship would appeal to an undergraduate student looking to gain hands-on experience creating videos and working as part of a marketing team. Basic tasks may include, but are not limited to: film and edit Campus Recreation videos related to general rec usage, intramurals, fitness, wellness, aquatics, etc.; conduct video interviews with Campus Recreation patrons or employees; post videos to Campus Recreation YouTube channel (with graduate assistant oversight); and work with all areas to coordinate program marketing (fitness/wellness, intramural sports, membership, aquatics, and facility operations. Requirements: experience with video production (Campus Rec has a Kodak EasyShare Z712 camera); experience using Apple iMovie editing software; excellent written and verbal communication skills; detail-oriented, organized and able to work on multiple projects at once; well-read and up to date on current events or trends; self-starter, able to manage time and complete tasks assigned; creativity, sense of humor and ability to work with others; active user/participant of the Recreation Center or athletics preferred; pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism or related field preferred. This internship will provide real-life experience in visual communication, video production, project management and will allow an intern the opportunity to explore various areas and events within Campus Recreation. The internship can be taken as a semester class with the option of continuing based on performance. Please send cover letter, resume and any work samples to Sarah Button, marketing graduate assistant, at

OU CAMPUS RECREATION SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INTERN  — OU Campus Recreation seeks an avid blogger/social media fiend with an interest in physical fitness to manage the department's blog, assign articles and assist the marketing graduate assistant with the creation of any written media for the department. This internship would appeal to an undergraduate student looking to gain hands-on experience writing promotional and social media and who wants to work as part of a marketing team. Basic tasks may include, but are not limited to: manage the Campus Rec Wordpress blog, write and edit weekly blog articles, and assign articles for contributing writers; write weekly posts for the Campus Rec Facebook and Twitter pages; contact and interview club sport teams/reps regarding scores, news, and other announcements; write content for monthly issues of Toilet Times (Rec Center newsletter), student employee newsletter, and campuswide newsletter, as well as university electronic newsletter; work with all areas to coordinate program marketing (fitness/wellness, intramural sports; membership, aquatics, and facility operations. Photography skills are highly recommended. The student must be an active user of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Pinterest; knowledge of a plus). The requirements include: excellent written, verbal, and social media communication skills; at least one-year blogging experience preferred in Wordpress,,, etc.; detail-oriented, organized, and able to work on multiple projects at once; well-read and up-to-date on current events or trends in social media; self-starter, able to manage time and complete tasks assigned; creativity, sense of humor, and ability to work with others; active user/participant of the Recreation Center or athletics preferred; pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism or related field. This internship will provide real-life experience in journalism, social media marketing, communication, project management and will allow an intern the opportunity to explore various areas and events within Campus Recreation. It is a PAID position that will require 10 hours a week. The internship can be taken as a semester class with the option of continuing based on performance. Contact Maura Selahowski, assistant director of marketing and business operations, at by Monday, March 31, 2014. Submit a cover letter, resume and three writing samples.

AMERICAN POWER BOAT ASSOCIATION — Has openings for a journalism/multimedia intern and a graphic design intern. The APBA offers students real-world experience working with a national organization on the cutting edge of multimedia. Journalism/multimedia interns will have the opportunity to become published writers in the APBA’s month magazine, Propeller, as well as on the APBA’s website. Talented and motivated individuals will interact with association members through social media, as well as conduct personal interviews and write stories.  As a member of the APBA’s communications department, intern responsibilities may include: writing and developing content for online and print publications; website management; social media page manager; attending races; editing content; taking pictures; and shooting video. Students must have knowledge of AP style, and be able to work flexible hours and some weekends. Graphic design interns will assist with Propeller, media relations information, marketing collateral and all of its advertising information. Interns must be creative, manage projects, be oriented to detail and proficient with Microsoft Office. For both internships, strong skills with Adobe Suite are preferred, as well as junior or senior status. The internships are unpaid. Interested students should send a resume and writing sample to Dan Wiener at The internship site is at the APBA office at 9 Mile and Kelly in Eastpointe. The association seeks interns for fall, winter and summer.  For more information, please visit   

THE ROCK & ROLL LAWYER SHOW — (Lawyer smarts meets rockabilly bop) is now hiring interns, and this ain’t no gopher job. Hosted by Sheldon Kay, The Rock & Roll Lawyer Show is the longest running roots radio show in Michigan. The program plays the best music no one’s ever heard of while also exploring topical issues in-depth and interviewing newsmakers. Sheldon Kay and his dynamic team seek to create a new listening experience for young and old listeners alike. The team seeks independent, creative and cool interns that come up with and research story lines; research the music, artists and songs; book, set up and prepare questions for guests; update the Facebook page; provide production ideas/spots; and maybe even be on air — that is, if you are cool enough! The RRLS runs every Friday from 6-7 p.m. on WCXI 1160 AM and it is streamed live on air on The Rock & Roll Lawyer Show website. Visit the website to get a sense of the show. To apply, send your resume and cover letter to Sheldon Kay at

LIGHTHOUSE OF OAKLAND COUNTY COMMUNICATIONS INTERNSHIP —  Are you interested in nonprofit organizations and helping to advance their work in the community? Are you passionate about communications and integrating new and “old” communications tools to tell a story? Would you like to work with one of the largest and most comprehensive human service organizations in Oakland County? If so, join Lighthouse of Oakland County as a communications intern! The Development Department is responsible for the organization’s fund development activities as well as all media relations, message development, publications, advertising and marketing. This internship focuses on print and web communications, marketing and publications, offering an opportunity to learn the techniques and strategies used in communications for a non-profit organization, as well as the production of a variety of written materials including booklets, pamphlets, ads and brochures. This internship represents an excellent opportunity for someone interested in learning about careers in non-profit communications. Responsibilities will entail a mix of administration and substantive work experience, including: assist the Development Associate with daily operation of the communications activity; provide creative input for department's social media plan and processes; research, edit and proofread a broad range of materials; respond to internal and external requests for information; assist with the creation of Lighthouse's newsletter and annual report, and the development of its content; assist with the development of electronic communications and the implementation of promotional strategies for online communications channels such as Facebook & Twitter; assist other department staff members in planning and executing special events; a other administrative duties as needed. Ideal candidates are college juniors, seniors, recent graduates or graduate students who are: detail oriented, organized and able to work independently; responsible, creative, reliable and energetic; majoring in journalism, communications, English, public relations or related fields preferred; have professional writing, editing, proofreading and communication skills; prior experience with Social Media; have Strong copyediting skills, a strong command of English spelling and grammar; experience with AP style preferred; have proficiency and experience with online research and general computer skills including experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.); team players willing to pitch in and help out; prompt with excellent time management skills; familiarity with website editing (preferred but not required); knowledge of blogging platforms (WordPress). Please send your resume and cover letter to: Lizabeth M. Wiggins, Volunteer Resources Officer, Lighthouse of Oakland County, 46156 Woodward Ave., Pontiac, MI  48342-5033. P:  248-972-1480. F:  248-335-1099. Email:

SPECIAL OLYMPICS MICHIGAN — Seeks two development and public relations interns at the Southeast Office in Auburn Hills. The ideal candidate will assist staff with internal and external development efforts, including special event development and support, creation of marketing plans and materials, assistance with the integration of social media, volunteer recruitment and empowerment, and working with different communication pieces for publication. Qualifications for the position include strong written and verbal communication skills (AP style), literacy in Microsoft Office, strong attention to details and the ability to work independently. The position is appropriate for journalism, public relations, communications and marketing majors. The position is unpaid but offers a flexible schedule for the working student. Special Olympics Michigan works hard to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition for people with intellectual disabilities. To find out more information regarding the organization, please visit the Special Olympics Michigan website. Please send resume with cover letter to Jim Adams at

DONER — This full-service advertising agency in Southfield has internship openings for graphic design, creative, media planning, art direction and broadcast production. For internship details, click here. For more on Doner, go to

QUICKEN LOANS — The downtown Detroit-based mortgage company has openings for interns in public relations, social media marketing, copywriting, HTML, interactive design and web development. Many are paid. Quicken hires many interns after their internship ends. To apply for an internship at Quicken Loans, click here.

TANNER FRIEDMAN — This Farmington Hills-based strategic communications firm specializes in traditional and emerging media relations, adversity management and public relations counsel. Summer, fall and winter interns will need to work in the office 10-15 hours per week. The goal of the internships is to provide students with a meaningful, multidimensional, “real world” experience that will tangibly augment their educational background and help build a foundation on which they can base a professional career. Interns will learn about and contribute to research, writing, media relations and client meetings. Students seeking a degree in public relations — whether agency, corporate or nonprofit — are preferred. The skills most important to any PR professional are necessary: good judgment; writing and overall communications skills; and the ability to think creatively, multitask and work effectively, both individually and as part of a team. Candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to Lexi Cerilli and Maggie Sisco at and Application deadlines are March 15 for summer internships, July 15 for fall internships and Oct. 1 for winter internships. They expect to review resumes and bring in candidates to interview within two weeks of application deadline. The company's website is This is an unpaid internship.

BIRMINGHAM BLOOMFIELD CHAMBER — The BBC is a member-driven organization that builds relationships with local government, education and community entities to create a prosperous business climate for the six communities it serves — Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township and Franklin. Communications interns will have the opportunity to assist with the following communication functions: media relations (draft news releases, public service announcements and other media materials as well as monitor news coverage and prepare press clippings), publications/electronic information (assist with preparation of electronic newsletter and event update and prepare and print materials such as fliers and mailings), develop and manage chamber social media accounts and web profiles (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and assist with website changes, research (conduct research as needed to identify public relations opportunities or prepare competitive analysis), events and programs (complete tasks as assigned to help prepare for events and program, including promotion and publicity - i.e. posting online calendar listings, etc.). The chamber seeks interns who have completed college coursework in journalism, communications or similar subject matter. Interns will have journalism or writing experience and be familiar with the development of social networking site profiles and other mass-publishing interactive web applications. Media relations experience desired but not necessary. Internship hours are flexible and a stipend will be paid for work completed. College credit also is available. Interns report directly to the president. To apply, please send cover letter and resume to Joe Bauman via email at No calls please.

LAMBERT, EDWARDS & ASSOCIATES — The public relations company seeks a student for a paid, part-time internship that will serve many local, regional and national accounts. The student should be majoring in public relations, journalism, communications or a related field, have knowledge of or an interest in the health care industry, and know common office tools (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, etc). Responsibilities include: media monitoring and analysis, media and marketing material production, planning and executing events, developing press releases and media advisories, and marketing research. Interns can expect to work closely with the PR staff, multitask on different accounts and gain working knowledge of basic public relations functions. LE&A takes interns in all semesters. Please submit resume and cover letter to Kim Tassie at LE&A ( is a Top 10 Midwest-based PR firm and a Top 20 investor relations firm nationally with approximately 100 clients based in 20 states and five countries. With offices in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing, it serves middle-market companies and national brands in five areas: automotive, consumer, financial communications, health care & technology, and public affairs.

DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS — The office seeks a student majoring in communications, journalism or public relations to assist with day-to-day operations of the department. This person must be self-motivated, great at multi-tasking and devoted to quality customer service. The intern will work collaboratively with team members on many projects, including: write/edit press releases and blogs to strategically place positive news stories on local and national print, television, radio and social media channels; assist with coordinating executive level press conferences; assist with daily updates of the district’s website and social media channels; work with team members to coordinate public relations and marketing campaigns; design fliers, advertisements and other promotional materials; and supply creative ideas. Students must: be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher (a familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign is preferred, but not necessary); have excellent interpersonal and communications skills; be able to work on deadline and with a team; pay attention to detail and be able to multitask; be well organized, able to accept criticism and show enthusiasm about learning. The internship requires a minimum of 24 hours a week Monday through Friday. The office, which is on the 10th floor of the Fisher Building, 7321 Second Avenue, Detroit, will work with a student’s schedule. Send an email resume and cover letter to with the subject line INTERNSHIP.

FEDERAL–MOGUL CORP. — Seeks a communications intern to work in the company’s headquarters in Southfield for 35-40 hours per week. The intern will help the company launch a new corporate website as well as work on a variety of other communications projects, including writing for the intranet, creating internal weekly announcements, assisting with event planning, working on press releases and other media relations projects. The ideal intern will be interested in digital marketing and communications, plus have familiarity with website publishing and writing for the web. It is a paid position. If interested, please send a resume, cover letter and writing samples to and for consideration.

THE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART DETROIT — The development intern position represents an opportunity for a student with stellar communication skills, some grant-writing experience and a keen interest in arts administration to learn skills that could evolve into a position in the field of development and institutional advancement. This individual researches and writes grants, progress reports and proposals seeking individual, corporate, and foundation giving in support of exhibitions, education programs and general operations. The intern maintains a spreadsheet of foundation deadlines and award amounts. With the guidance of the director of external affairs and advancement, the intern manages the membership program, cultivating new members and soliciting renewals of memberships at all giving levels through various strategies. The intern also assists in coordinating special fundraising events, working with board of directors, and other activities that cultivate donors. The student must possess an interest in contemporary art and culture; excellent written and oral communication skills; business, marketing, and fundraising interests; superior organizational abilities as well as time management skills; excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work on a team; attention to detail and ability to maintain confidentiality; excellent skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Word and Excel); familiarity with FileMaker Pro, Google Calendar; and some relevant experience, including customer service, online or retail sales and basic knowledge of accounting procedures. Please send resume, one writing sample of at least 700 words, and a letter of interest to Felicia Molnar, director of advancement and external affairs, at No phone calls please. Click here to read more about the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.    

REPORTING OUT OF STATE — Journalists looking far afield (and far ahead) for their internship can examine opportunities at these news companies or organizations. They involve internships in other states or countries. Many have deadlines six months prior to the internship. Information and deadlines are on each website. Students with questions should contact these sites directly: USA TODAY Summer Collegiate Correspondent ProgramHearst MagazinesSociety of Professional JournalistsReutersDow Jones News FundScripps Howard.

CLEAR CHANNEL MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT-DETROIT — The organization offers a one-semester, nonpaid internship to students seeking insight and hands-on training within the workings of a major-market radio station. In addition to day-to-day working knowledge and experience obtained, participating students gain valuable hands-on work experience. CC Detroit is looking for talented, motivated individuals who are eligible to receive school credit for an internship in marketing and promotions. As a member of the promotions department at Clear Chanel Media, responsibilities may include; listener interaction at live concerts and community events; writing and developing content for seven radio station websites; interaction with station prizing databases; weekly office hours assisting with promotions office operations; working with broadcast professionals; database management for station functions; and updating promotional website content. Internships are available all semesters. Students must be able to work a flexible schedule that may include nights and weekends. Interested students should send a resume to Renee Murad at

METRO PARENT MAGAZINE - Has an opening for an unpaid internship in its editorial department. Interns will be reporting and writing articles for print as well as Must be able to commit to two days each week. Contact associate editor Stacey Winconek at 

SS DIGITAL MEDIA — The full-service digital advertising agency based in Royal Oak that was founded in 2007. The agency specializes in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display advertising, web development/maintenance, social networking and public relations. SS Digital Media serves a wide variety of clients from the corporate world to the small business owner. This position will show interns how to work in the fast-paced digital era and how deadlines are handled in the real world. Interns must have great writing skills, some AP style experience, and the ability to work within a team and meet deadlines. Interns will also learn how to use online applications such as WordPress, basic HTML, Google Analytics and more. This is an unpaid internship. The internship requests a 16-week commitment and also requests you are in the office at least two days per week. For more information or to send your résumé, contact

OAKLAND UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE — The department seeks one or two students with extensive video knowledge to create, edit and produce an educational/informative video that would showcase a special program called “Partners in Care” for use during orientation for OU medical and nursing students. The intern would be responsible for brainstorming ideas for the video, meeting to discuss communication strategies, and producing and editing the video. Other smaller projects if time allows include: creating advertisement fliers, assisting in creating a standardized patient program website and taping a standardized patient encounter for the website. This is an unpaid internship for the fall with flexible hours. The internship could begin in August or September; the video must be completed in the fall semester. A background in video is essential. There is some script writing involved. The intern does not need to have an interest in medicine, however, it may make the responsibilities and outcome more meaningful for a student interested in medical journalism or hospital public relations. This internship may include trips to and from the Clinical Skills Center on the William Beaumont Hospital east campus in Troy for videotaping. Interested students can submit a cover letter and resume to Beth Anne Sutton at She is available to answer questions at that email or at 248-964-5198.

MICHIGAN WOMEN'S MEDIA — This nonprofit seeks a creative, self-motivated and passionate person to tackle a multimedia reporting project related to a specific issue facing women in Michigan. You will work in cyberspace and in person with a talented team of board members who are experienced journalists eager to mentor the right candidate. We are looking for someone with the discipline to work at least 150 hours during the 2013 fall semester, turning in regular progress reports in the form of a blog that the student will “own” once the internship is complete. The completed project will be published on the website, an electronic magazine with connections to thousands of Michigan political, business and community leaders. Your work will be actively promoted and sent to the website's mailing list. In addition, you will receive a $500 stipend. This is an internship for a serious journalism student. You will, with guidance and support, learn to organize, report on and publish a larger-scale project and will come away with an impressive series of published articles to submit as clips when applying for jobs after graduation. Applicants must be pursuing a Journalism or Women's Studies degree, have a 3.0 or higher GPA and have basic photography and video skills. For an application and more information, contact board chair Joni Hubred-Golden,
STRATACOMM — This full-service strategic communications firm is searching for strong candidates for a full-time, paid internship in the Bloomfield office. This is a fantastic opportunity for a passionate PR/communications student to broaden his/her traditional and digital expertise while contributing to a dynamic team. Candidate should be studying public relations, journalism or a communications-related field and be a senior or a recent college graduate. Candidate should have solid writing and research experience, as well as experience using various forms of digital media in order to assist colleagues with daily account activities. Qualifications: superior written and verbal communication skills; familiarity with multiple forms of digital media, including websites, blogs, multimedia applications, and custom features for social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, etc.); excellent interpersonal skills; ability to juggle multiple tasks along with excellent time-management skills; understanding of how various communications disciplines intersect (public relations, advertising, marketing); and creative thinking and analytical problem-solving skills. Job responsibilities may include: contribute strategies, tactics and creative ideas to client accounts; write client materials (e.g. press releases, advisories, articles); build media lists and pitch media execute social media/networking campaigns and blogger outreach; conduct research and prepare daily news summaries; participate in account group brainstorms, strategy and creative sessions, contributing digital/interactive/new media ideas; coordinate event logistics; and stay abreast of the latest and upcoming trends in digital communications For more information about Stratacomm, visit Interested candidates should e-mail a resume and cover letter to Brooke Ziomek at No phone calls, please.

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF TROY — This nonprofit seeks a highly motivated student to serve as a summer Creative Services Intern and develop an image for the nonprofit. Depending on experience, this could be a paid part-time position. The main responsibilities would be to update the website, social media page and flat-screen TV PowerPoint ads; send out press releases; and design fliers, brochures and newsletters. Interns also will be asked to assist with special events, such as golf outings, the Rochester 5K Run/Walk, etc. Please send a cover letter, resume and examples of your work to Jeff Evans at The application deadline is May 31. 

LIEBLER GROUP — The Detroit-based public relations and strategic communications counseling firm is offering a paid summer internship that would require a student of junior or senior status to work three days a week from June to early September. The company is willing to work around a student’s schedule. The company requires a student in journalism, PR, English or communications and is skilled in social media, Microsoft Works and writing. The internship involves writing and/or editing press releases and other publications; social media outreach for the company and specific clients; media list-building via research and the Cision platform; day-to-day operational needs; and administrative work. Submit resumes to Anne Cable at

AMERICAN AXLE & MANUFACTURING — This automotive components supplier needs a talented individual to fill the role of a marketing and communications co-op at its world headquarters in Detroit. Because of the learning curve, the company wants someone who will graduate no sooner than 2013 and who can work 30-40 hours a week for what could be a one- or two-year opportunity. The pay is $12.75-$20/hour, based on class standing.  The student must be enrolled in an undergrad or graduate program and be eligible to hold a co-op position. The intern must: develop reference material for global location displays and graphics; update sales presentations and work with various organizations; update photography and graphics for brochures/presentations; update web content; assist in the coordination of company events; help organize the archive library/storage and photo library system/development; obtain knowledge of the department and its operations; and complete assignment within the assigned department. Students must be: pursuing a COM, PR or Marketing degree with at least a 3.0; have a curriculum involving journalism, advertising, design and marketing; have excellent verbal and written communication skills; have knowledge of MS Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word; be able to work independently and with a team; and must be available to work 30-40 hours per week. American Axle & Manufacturing Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture, engineering, validation and design of driveline systems, chassis systems and forged products for trucks, buses, sports utility vehicles and passenger cars. To apply, go to and type in the keywords Marketing & Communications College Co-op. Then find those words in the list that comes up.

STEEL MARKET DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE — The institute, located in Southfield, seeks a communications intern for a full-time, paid summer internship that will begin in May and end in July. The institute is a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute. Its objective is to grow markets for steel in the automotive, construction and container industries. The intern must have: exceptional project and time management skills; strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously; the ability to work independently and with a team; excellent verbal and written skills; and have a familiarity with social networking tools, Internet research tools and Microsoft Office applications. Duties include: assisting in the development of collateral materials, website content, press releases, byline articles and quarterly newsletters; developing new content for websites; contributing to social media efforts, including writing content for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube; assisting with presentation preparation and speaker coordination; helping in the planning, designing and execution of exhibits for tradeshows and special events; helping maintain, stock and archive organizational brochures and technical collateral; updating and maintaining computer files and mailing databases; assisting committees by preparing correspondence and distributing communications meeting reports, agendas and other documents. Send a resume to Deanna Lorincz, senior director of communications, at .

GANNETT — The media company has created an internship program that offers selected college students real-world experience and valuable learning opportunities. The Gannett Talent Development Intern Program offers students robust training and development and prepares them to enter the job market with Gannett or other organizations. The program offers internships in multimedia journalism, digital operations such as web and mobile development, digital sales, marketing, multimedia journalism, broadcast production and other disciplines. If you are a college student and wish to be considered for the program, simply complete the application and upload your resume. More information is found at

SOUTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS — Southfield Public Schools (SPS) is a thriving school district with its own specialized marketing and public relations department.  As an intern at SPS you will be exposed to a wide range of public relations experiences. With nearly 8,000 students and 14 schools, SPS provides a numerous opportunities to learn the skills needed to be a successful public relations practitioner.  Interns will gain experience in media relations, community marketing, research, public affairs and event management. Applicants should be proficient on Word, Excel and PowerPoint; preferably have knowledge of Publisher, InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator; and have good communication skills, some writing experience and a good work ethic. The intern will be involved with: newsletter development, writing media materials, background research, event assistant, clerical activities, media clip compilation, database development and calendar of events assembly. Potential candidates will need to complete a basic background check  (paid for by the district) prior to approval for an internship. Internships are in fall and winter. Contact Jacqueline Robinson atrobinsonja@southfield.k12, or call (248) 746-8542.

JEWISH COMMUNITY RELATIONS COUNCIL — This nonprofit organization seeks a currently enrolled student to help develop and expand the agency’s social media platforms. As the public affairs voice for Detroit’s Jewish community, JCRC’s exciting programs include partnerships with various religious and ethnic communities, engaging with elected officials and the news media on significant political issues, Israel advocacy, and organizing volunteer projects promoting literacy and helping vulnerable populations. Intern duties: work with JCRC staff professionals in developing a social media master plan for creating continuous connections with followers and other users of social media platforms to promote the agency’s public affairs agenda; establish procedures and train JCRC staff to create and update content on a regular basis; develop effective JCRC content for various social media platforms; assess other social media platforms for inclusion in JCRC’s community engagement; collect and analyze statistics about JCRC social media accounts to establish trends and optimize audience engagement. Requirements: must actively use and understand social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn; excellent communication skills: written, verbal, interpersonal, social media, email, instant messaging, video chatting, etc.; analytical skills and the ability to creatively problem-solve; excellent understanding of Microsoft products (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook…); and can-do attitude and an ability to take on new challenges. Start date: immediately. This internship is unpaid. College credit can be received and is preferred. Apply through  Send resume and academic references.  For more information about JCRC, go to

NATIONAL COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN — The National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Detroit Section (NCJW/GDS), a grassroots volunteer nonprofit agency in Southfield, is seeking a journalism intern for the winter and/or spring semesters.  The intern would work towards marketing the organization’s ReSale shops and the opening of a third store.  This would include developing advertising, press releases, fliers and social media networking.  Additional tasks would include updating the website, writing press releases for other NCJW/GDS programs and assisting with a quarterly bulletin. To apply, submit a resume to Susan Gertner, executive director, at Her number is 248.355.3300, ext. 3.

CLICKONDETROIT.COM — WDIV’s online news site is seeking an intern for an unpaid position to write and post stories online. The news site seeks a journalism student who has an interest in the Web. Applicants must  be a junior or senior, receive course credit and be majoring in journalism or communications. The intern will work 8-12 hours a week. Contact Halston Herrera, Online News Editor, at or call at (313) 223-2220.  

C&G NEWSPAPERS — The weekly chain seeks a fall sports intern to cover football games, help with social media and assist the sports editor with stories. This is a paid internship. The position was still open as of 10/13/11. The newspaper chain seeks an intern to do similar work in the winter semester covering basketball. C&G, based in Warren, consists of 18 weekly papers in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties. Interested students should send a resume and writing samples to Sports Editor Susan Shanley at

FOX2 COMMUNITY SERVICE  — The department has an opening for a fall intern. The intern would write public service announcements, work on holiday projects, manage community web content and assist with news duties such as helping with the production of the Made in Michigan franchise. The station is looking for a go-getter with great attention to detail. If you’re interested, send a resume and cover letter by Friday, Sept. 2, to Katie Fehr, Community Service Director

ALLIED INTEGRATED MARKETING  — Seeks communications and public relations majors interested in a career in the entertainment industry. Interns working with Allied would be responsible for maintaining the flow of publicity breaks; extensive research for word-of-mouth screening campaigns; working with local media groups (radio, television, newspapers, and online outlets) to pitch features and stories to gain publicity for upcoming film releases; assisting publicists in order to execute efficient promotions and garner publicity on all accounts; creating grassroots programs through researching specific target audiences; and creating partnerships with various organizations, retailers and appropriate third party partners. Any interested student should send a letter and resume to Margo Baetens at More information about Allied can be found on

AUBURN HILLS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE — The Chamber seeks a journalism or public relations intern to help develop and implement the Chamber’s social media strategy. Experience also includes event planning, and the creation of press releases and articles for the Chamber’s bi-monthly newsletter, Accent on Auburn Hills. Candidates require strong writing, communication and organizational skills. This is a non-paid internship with flexible hours, providing a great understanding of the business community and the opportunity for networking. Students should send a resume and cover letter to Denise Asker at

SHUTTERBOOTH — The photo booth company seeks a Communications/Marketing/Social Media intern to work 10-20 hours per week in its Royal Oak office during the fall semester. The intern will: assist in writing marketing materials including flyers, websites and presentations; develop copy content to attract new business; edit and update existing marketing materials; assist with graphic design, website design and development; create concepts for new materials and make suggestions to improve existing content; market and promote ShutterBooth using social networking; attend industry social networking events; and assist in the office. Candidates should send a resume and cover letter ShutterBooth specializes in creating a customized experience for clients and their guests at life’s special events. The company is online at

OAKLAND PRESS — The Oakland Press sports department is looking for two interns for the fall to assist with its MIPrepZone Weekly show. Interns will get a chance to work in all aspects of the show, everything from being on camera to editing the final product in FinalCut Pro. Experience is a plus, but not required to apply. The internship is paid and can be taken for college credit. Working nights and weekends is required. For more information or to apply email Jason Schmitt

OAKLAND PRESS — Seeks journalism students interested in working in print. Interns for the Oakland Press get the opportunity to work on putting out a daily newspaper. Students will get the chance to improve their writing skills in a real world atmosphere. Interested students should send a resume and cover letter to Julie Jacobson, Local News Editor, at

OAKLAND PRESS — The Oakland Press is looking to add one or two copy editor/pagination interns. The daily newspaper paginates in InDesign and gives interns a challenging and educational experience. Interested students should have experience with inDesign and have some newspaper pagination background. Many interns are able to take on tasks that will serve them well in future job applications. The newspaper also hires qualified interns. Interested students should contact Matt Myftiu at  These copy editor/pagination internships are in addition to the reporting internships adjacent to this listing.

SMART (Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation) — The agency is offering an unpaid marketing internship working 15-20 hours per week in its downtown Detroit office. The intern will gain experience assisting with the creation, development and execution of targeted marketing and communication programs to increase awareness of SMART and its ridership. SMART is southeastern Michigan’s only regional public transportation provider in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties. It has an annual ridership of 12 million. Qualified candidates will be undergraduate students pursuing a degree in advertising, marketing or communications. Interns will: assist with marketing efforts; research and write press releases, newsletters, ad and brochure copy, and internal communication pieces; help with presentations; edit and proofread department documents; and update the SMART website. The intern must have strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and effective verbal and written communication skills. The intern will receive a free student bus pass for the semester. Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to Beth Gibbons, Marketing and Communication manager at

AMERICAN RED CROSS — The Southeastern Michigan Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross seeks an intern for communications and public relations projects. If you are at least a junior who can dazzle us with your feature writing prowess, event organization skills and occasional entry level “and other duties” tasks, we’d like to hear from you. The intern for this unpaid position will work a minimum of 14 hours a week, plus extra hours for special events. Key responsibilities include: writing news and feature articles for regional newsletters; serving as lead for organizing at least one Red Cross event; and contributing to planning and marketing of large-scale blood drives. The agency seeks a dependable, responsible student with excellent writing skills who understands key messaging structures, can work independently, and can interact with paid and volunteer staff. An understanding of Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop and writing for the Web is not necessary, but is a plus. Send cover letter, resume and no more than three journalism-style writing samples to: Martha Roemer Kurtz at Please put College Intern in the subject line.

MICHIGAN LEAN CONSORTIUM — The consortium is seeking an unpaid intern with a background in journalism, communications and public relations who would like to earn college credit.  The MLC communications leader will be responsible for development of the communications and marketing strategy and its implementation for the MLC. This includes writing and submitting press releases, advertising and summary reviews of events. The intern also will work with the website and social media, including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, as well as contribute fundraising ideas. The intern will interact with MLC members at events, as well as plan and market the events, take photos/videos at events, and lead post-event communication. This position is about promoting the MLC and being the main contact with members. It is a great opportunity for a creative, proactive person who would like to be part of an organization helping to rebound Michigan's economy. Requirements include writing (letters, ads, press releases, articles, e-mails), professional speaking, good telephone etiquette, organizational skills, and Web and social network maintenance. The intern must be proactive, assertive, forward-thinking and have excellent customer service skills. The website is The intern is expected to work 20 hours a week. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Debra Levantrosser at The organization is looking for a winter intern, plus a summer intern to work from April to August.

LIVIO RADIO — This Ferndale-based company seeks a PR intern to write pitches, help with releases, call media and assist in managing the company’s coverage. Summer duties including assisting with trade shows and handling and calling media lists. Interns must have strong written and verbal communication skills. They must be detail-oriented, outgoing self-starters who aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and hear no from a reporter. Founded in 2008, Livio Radio has developed a list of successful Internet radio products through ongoing relationships with Pandora, Grooveshark and NPR. The company remains committed to providing sleek and sophisticated radios and accessories for users who want quality without gimmicks, hassles and unnecessary bells and whistles. Its website is Livio Radio seeks interns for winter, summer and fall semesters. Send a resume and cover letter to Nicole Yelland at

BERG MUIRHEAD AND ASSOCIATES — This multifaceted, full-service public relations agency specializes in community marketing, event management, crisis management and public affairs. It has a diverse range of clients in industries such as nonprofits (foundations, museums, benefits), real estate development, retail hospitality, information technology, telecommunications, law, health care and government. The agency uses two interns per semester (winter, summer and fall) who will do client research, media pitching, media list development, media monitoring and media clip compilation, plus various administrative activities. Writing experience is preferred. The agency is in the Fisher Building in Detroit. Its website is Students interested in an internship should send a resume and cover letter to Peter Van Dyke at

SYLVAN MEDIA — Are you Web 2.0 compliant? Would you like to learn the skills of what it takes to bring an organization to the forefront in its industry? The Sylvan Media team is looking for interns who are motivated, dynamic and a little different. If you are willing to work hard while learning the skills of what it takes to bring an organization to the forefront of its market using social media, we want to work with you.  The internship is unpaid, but the experience will be invaluable for students hoping to find the job of their dreams.  Additionally, as an emerging company, there will be opportunities for paid positions after you complete your internship. You will be assisting with various marketing and promotional positions, and you will be assisting with executing social media campaigns. Prospective social media interns must be able to work 12 hours per week. Interns must write well and be able to think on their feet in a variety of situations while performing such tasks as: developing articles, stories, press releases, website and other social media content. Additionally, must be able to write clearly, cogently and quickly, and have a strong commitment to learning. Send resume, cover letter and writing sample The company expects to need interns in summer, fall and winter semesters.

B.L.A.C. Detroit — This monthly lifestyle print magazine is constantly recruiting interns for the fall and spring semesters, as well as for summer. It is an unpaid internship. Students have the opportunity to report and write articles, fact-check, do background reporting for other journalists, participate in editorial meetings, attend photo shoots, support our social networking sites and perform administrative and promotional tasks. Students should submit resumes and three clips to Editor Lori Robinson at To check us out online, visit

foneGEAR — Seeks a talented intern for winter (and possibly summer) for a paid internship as the company transitions to its new “fuse” brand. foneGear is an electronics accessory manufacturer in Rochester that has changed its entire retail branding from foneGEAR to “fuse,” and needs someone to assist in promotion. The company’s goal is to become THE aftermarket electronics accessory brand. The position is heavy on creativity. The company wants an “aspiring brand genius” to help it get social, with all the tweeting, Facebooking and overall hype that entails. The intern’s objective is to drive brand awareness and sales growth for “fuse”-brand accessories.  The company seeks a marketing, advertising or communications senior or junior who is passionate about technology, enthusiastic, willing to learn and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. You’ll be tweeting and on Facebook, and assisting the marketing department, with an emphasis on Web content, social media, and on supporting product management and sales initiatives. Needed is a knowledge of html, interactive marketing concepts, website design/development, and blogging authoring tools. Strong writing and communications skills are a must. This internship would best be suited for someone with a connection between marketing and journalism. Please send a resume and cover letter to

AUTOMATION ALLEY — This growing technology business association of more than 1,000 organizations seeks a communications and events intern for a full-year, paid internship beginning in January at its Troy location. The intern will work with the communications staff to develop newsletters, press releases, PowerPoint presentations and website content, plus manage Automation Alley's social media outlets. The intern also will work with the events team and assist in the annual awards gala, seminars, outings, social mixers and promotional events. It will require occasional travel in southeastern Michigan. Candidates must be pursuing a degree in journalism or communications, be proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and online applications, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. The chosen intern must work well with others and be able to juggle multiple projects under deadline. The job requires 20-24 hours per week. Go to for more details and to apply.

DETROIT MEDIA PARTNERSHIP — The organization has several design- and marketing-related internships. Go to, scroll to the bottom and click on Employment Opportunities. Listed there are a number of internships for students pursuing degrees in design, marketing, PR, advertising or communications. They are unpaid. Interested students should e-mail a resume and cover letter to

97.1, THE TICKET —  The radio station seeks an intern for the "Caputo And Fithian" show. The candidate must be a journalism major at Oakland and meet the course requirements for a journalism internship. The position requires two night and one weekend shift per week.  Duties include helping the hosts with website postings and research on show topics. Not only is knowledge of sports imperative, but also popular culture and Metro Detroit  issues. Those interested should contact Pat Caputo at

THE BOTTOMLESS TOY CHEST — This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is devoted to delivering interactive toys, crafts and hands-on activities to children going through cancer treatment in local hospitals. Its mission is to lift the spirits of young cancer patients by providing them with engaging, empowering activities while they are going through treatment. The nonprofit seeks a computer-savvy student to be in charge of updating and helping design its website, working on events and fundraising efforts, as well as taking part in other miscellaneous projects. The Bottomless Toy Chest is a small nonprofit, which means each person who works there has the opportunity to make a big difference and offer input. This internship includes a lot of hands-on experience with the inner workings of a small company and how it is run. You should have an interest in nonprofits and be willing to work on a team and assist in daily operations. If you're motivated, industrious and good at working with people, this is the right job for you. Email your resume and cover letter to Mickey Guisewite at

BRAND LABS — This Internet marketing company in Rochester seeks a highly motivated online marketing intern with a strong interest in the Internet and e-commerce marketing. Marketing is rapidly moving from print and other traditional media to the Internet, and Brand Labs is at the forefront of Internet marketing. You will have the opportunity to learn such programs as pay-per-click, comparison shopping engine, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization. Brand Labs is growing rapidly, and an internship with us will allow you gain the real-world experience you need as marketing evolves into e-marketing. Among the responsibilities are: assisting with creation and implementation of pay-per-click campaigns for paid search channels such as Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing; conducting keyword research and selection for pay-per-click campaigns; managing pay-per-click campaigns, including keywords, bidding, ad copy and landing pages; monitoring and analyzing pay-per-click campaigns and making decisions to improve key campaign performance metrics; helping with management of comparison shopping engine programs, including bidding, product selection and categorization, and data feed management; assisting with management of affiliate marketing programs; generating performance reports for clients; writing unique content for search engines; and contributing to social marketing by commenting on relevant blogs, forums and websites. The intern should be: pursuing a bachelor's degree with an interest or emphasis in communications, journalism, marketing, advertising, computer science or a related field; have a strong interest in the Internet and online marketing, especially e-commerce; possess a strong desire to learn new skills; be detail oriented; possess excellent writing skills; possess advanced computer knowledge, including the ability to manipulate data in a spreadsheet application; be organized; show the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously; and have the ability to use web analytics and other tools to identify trends and make decisions to improve key performance metrics. The company's website is Send a cover letter, resume and writing samples to Jackie McClelland, online marketing specialist, at

VFI MARKETING — Join an energetic PR team based in Rochester to receive a well-rounded career experience. VFI seeks smart and hard-working students who have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher, are juniors or seniors, and are pursuing a degree in public relations, journalism, or communications. This internship opportunity is unpaid and for-credit. VFI interns will learn about national media relations in support of a nine-month campaign. There's an opportunity to: participate in staff meetings; fine-tune writing, editing and proofreading skills; develop targeted media lists; coordinate press coverage, including print, online and broadcast; learn about media relations; and join in PR agency service, and responsiveness to client needs. There is also an opportunity to assist in marketing efforts in support of the campaign. Emphasis is placed on quality work using best practices, innovating, and contributing to the PR Team. Interns should have the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively on the phone and via e-mail; maintain professionalism and the highest ethical standards; be on-time, accurate, honest, self-confident, organized; be open to listen and learn; know computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite and the Internet (Facebook is a plus); be goal-oriented with strong problem-solving skills; and keep multiple projects in progress. Interested students should send a resume and cover letter to Ralph Liebner at

VEHICLE LIGHTING INNOVATIONS — VLI seeks an intern to manage our online and social media sales and marketing efforts. The ideal candidate will have very strong computer skills, and be very familiar with social media and online sales sites such as Ebay and Additionally, candidates should posses very strong organizational skills, and the ability to multitask on multiple projects of equal importance to our company's goals and success.  VLI is a startup company in the aftermarket automotive parts business.  We recently launched our company and website with our first product, an aftermarket lighting product for Ford Mustangs. We are offering you the opportunity to learn how a new online business is marketed, as well as the opportunity to be a big part of our company's early success. Your main function will be to manage and update content on all social media sites (Facebook/Twitter) as well as manage and monitor our overall online sales strategy.  We will challenge you to use any and all online resources to develop awareness of our company, and drive traffic to our website.  Results will be measureable. Future employment opportunities within our organization are possible. Potential candidates can send resume and cover letter to Scott Myers at

PONTIAC YOUTH ASSISTANCE — The non-profit organization, Pontiac Youth Assistance (PYA) is seeking a Web Intern to maintain, update, and improve the site on a regular basis. PYA is looking for a student to update the website weekly and spruce up the design of the site. The student should have excellent writing skills, as well as knowledge regarding web design. This position would require approximately two days a week, approximately 5 hours per day. For questions or to apply, please send query or resume / cover letter to Mary Stewart at and Kaniqua

WXYZ CHANNEL 7 — The station seeks interns in news, sports, creative services, graphics, public affairs, public relations, and programming every semester. For more information, please visit the webpage at

ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN + CONSTRUCTION (ED+C) and SUSTAINABLE FACILITY (SF) magazines — The magazines seeks a part- or full-time editorial intern based in Troy. They are B2B publications/online media resources focused on the green building industry. The internship includes: proofreading, editing press releases and product announcements, managing social media accounts, assisting with eNewsletters and podcasts, maintaining editorial databases, conducting research, and coordinating follow-up for articles and content. The student must be proficient in Office and have basic computer skills, strong written and verbal communication skills, and have the ability to meet deadlines and operate with minimal supervision. The hours are flexible; the position is unpaid. There are increased responsibilities as the job progresses, and the company is open to discussing long-term opportunities following the internship. If you are interested in this summer internship, please forward your resume to Michelle Hucal at There also are fall, winter and summer internships available.  

SZWED COMMUNICATIONS PUBLIC RELATIONS — The Ferndale-based company seeks a journalism/PR student for a paid internship, depending on the level of skills. Unpaid internships also are available. The candidate must be a motivated self-starter, have excellent writing skills, proficiency in Microsoft Word and AP style and the ability to use common sense. The candidate must be a great proofreader with an eye for details and ability to catch typos. Szwed is seeking someone with initiative and fresh ideas who can really “turn a phrase!” Someone who can spin some fabulous publicity from a few sentences. Szwed's clients are corporate, travel and tourism, medical and nonprofit. The firm often has several projects going at once and needs an intern with the ability to jump into a project, understand the task presented and work independently. Duties will include writing and placing press releases, developing newsletter stories and clever photo captions, editing, proofreading, writing reports, assisting with brochures and videos/documentaries, and writing catchy headlines. Design experience is a major plus, but not required. The intern will work 12:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Wednesdays and 8:30-5 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays. E-mail a cover letter and resume to or call 248-542-5072 for an appointment. 

93.1 DOUG-FM and 96.3 WDVD PROMOTIONS DEPARTMENT — Needed are students looking for hands-on experience in public relations and radio broadcasting. The Promotions Department seeks outgoing, dedicated undergraduate or graduate students, preferably in communications, marketing, public relations or business, for these unpaid internships. The department produces, promotes and executes concerts, live broadcasts, movie screenings and other station-related events as well as client-based promotional appearances. Interns assist at these events and are assigned day-to-day office duties to learn how this Detroit radio station operates. Students should be available 15-20 hours per week. There is some flexibility in hours. Contact Ronald Smerigan, promotions coordinator, at The contact phone number is 313-871-3030.

PUBLICITY WORKS — This boutique public relations and social media marketing agency is seeking an intern to assist in its Royal Oak office. Needed is someone passionate about writing and social media who is pursuing a career in public relations. The company is seeking a part- or full-time intern who is a junior, senior graduate or graduate student — with a concentration in public relations or journalism – whose resume includes at least one previous internship. The position requires a candidate with ample experience and demonstrated results in social media platforms including, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. The position is unpaid. Please e-mail a cover letter to Lisa Maas, president of Publicity Works, along with your resume, references and three current writing samples to No phone calls, please. Public Works will contact the most eligible applicants for more information. To learn more about Publicity Works, visit its website at Publicity Works is an equal opportunity employer.

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY — The organization seeks an intern to assist the communications staff at its Southfield office with tasks that include: writing of general news materials and event promotions, working with a team to create and edit marketing materials, providing special event support, and assisting in the conducting of media relations activities, story tracking and earned media reporting. Qualifications include strong written and verbal communications skills, literacy in Microsoft Office software, strong attention to detail, an ability to proof and copy edit, and an ability to work within set deadlines. The position would be appropriate for journalism, communications, marketing and public relations majors. The position is between 20 and 40 hours a week. It is unpaid but offers a flexible schedule. Send a resume with a cover letter and writing sample to Kate Dietrich at

GENISYS CREDIT UNION — Seeks an intern who is looking for experience with in-house corporate marketing and copywriting, or is looking to pursue a career in advertising. This unpaid internship is for at least 10 hours a week, all during the regular business day. Hours are flexible. The intern will assist with writing, marketing and advertising content for the monthly member newsletter; youth club materials; direct mail postcard and self-mailers; newspaper print ads; counter cards, fliers, handouts and branch posters; and website updates. Genisys Credit Union, headquartered in Auburn Hills, is the fourth largest credit union in Michigan. Interested students should contact Mark Reuter at

FOX 2 —  The television station seeks to familiarize students seeking a career in broadcasting with the inner-workings of the industry. Interns observe firsthand how skills learned in the classrooms are employed in day-to-day commercial broadcasting. Interns are used in news, sports, sales/marketing/research, community service and creative services. In news, for example, students are offered specialized internships for the Web team, the medical unit (Health Works), the weather unit (Weather Authority), the Local News Service and the Fox 2 Problem Solvers investigative unit. While interns are assigned by choice and need to one area for the entire internship, they will have opportunities to view all aspects of broadcasting. Deadlines are March 1 for summer, July 1 for fall and Nov. 1 for winter semesters. Request an application packet from Cynthia Smith at 

WCSX (the Ken Calvert Morning Show) and WMGC (the Jim Harper Morning Show) are seeking interns. Those selected will load sports clips in the audio vault, screen calls, record shows and prepare daily prep (live reads, commercial logs and more). The interns will work from 4:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. They must be responsible and motivated. It's a great opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in Detroit radio and get a well-rounded lesson in programming and production. Contact Jim O'Brien at

The PAINT CREEK CENTER FOR THE ARTS — Located in downtown Rochester, the center seeks an intern majoring in PR, marketing, communications or a related field to work up to 20 hours a week. The intern will work closely with the marketing director and staff to: write press releases, work with the media, assist with special projects and events, create a weekly e-newsletter, write and lay out printed materials, and update the website and Web calendar. The intern must have excellent writing skills and be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Explorer. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop skills would help. The candidate should have a background or interest in learning about arts management, fundraising, event planning and public relations. Creative thinking, multitasking and teamwork are important. The organization's website is Contact Suzanne Wiggins, executive director, at

DRIVEN SOLUTIONS INC. — The Ferndale-based creative advertising company seeks copywriting interns. The company needs students with a passion for the written word who would write the stuff on the side of a cereal box if they had a chance. Here’s how the company describes a work day: Dream. Laugh. Imagine. Put your feet up on the desk. Tell bad jokes. Play foosball. Play guitar hero. Chat. Think outside the box. Have fun. Create. Design. Take long lunches. Work late hours. Play nice with others. Read magazines. Look at award show books. Organize your Itunes. Challenge the status quo. Be innovative. Be original. Be introspective. Sketch. Write. Under-promise. Over-Deliver. Ask good questions. Ask stupid questions. Smile, because you’re going to get to come up with ideas for a living. The website is If you think you're creative enough, send a resume, cover letter and clips to Brian Cusac, principal chief creative officer, at

CRAIN'S DETROIT BUSINESS — The magazine seeks a paid intern for duties that include: reporting on Web and print; writing for Web and print; research; marketing and administrative support with online community development; multimedia projects; and assisting on recognition programs. Crain's wants someone with at least one previous internship and is looking for a candidate with additional multimedia skills and software knowledge. Send a resume and clips to Jennette Smith, assistant managing editor/Focus, at

93.9 THE RIVER — The radio station seeks interns to assist the promotions director onsite, and at station appearances, broadcasts and events. The main focus will be with 93.9 The River, however, interns could assist sister stations. The unpaid internship is for students in broadcasting, PR, journalism or marketing. Among the responsibilities are: interacting with listeners and the public; passing out station/client-related materials; helping run contests or station promotions; and writing press releases. The internship will give candidates a look into how a major market radio station operates. Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Sarah Eatherly at

4-H COMMUNICATIONS INTERN — The Michigan State University Extension Office in partnership with Oakland County seeks an intern. The communications/journalism student is expected to edit a monthly four-page 4-H Happenings newsletter for Web and print; do layout, graphics, proofreading and headlines; create and update pages for Oakland County 4-H website; develop and disseminate a monthly event calendar, develop and maintain the department's Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites; write news releases; promote and publicize MSU Extension Youth Development programs and assist with the development of an annual report. The candidates should have experience with social networking, newspaper layout, graphic design and website development. The paid internship could last between one and two years, with supervisors expecting interns to work at least one year. Interested candidates should go to Oakland County's website at and click on Job Posting to the General Public, then College Interns. Follow all directions.

GRACE CENTERS OF HOPE — is Oakland County’s oldest and largest homeless shelter providing hope and help since 1942. Today, Grace Centers of Hope (GCH) is considered one of the leading faith-based organizations in Southeastern Michigan daily confronting issues of homelessness, addiction, poverty and spiritual emptiness. On any given night, GCH will accommodate between 150-200 men, women and children. Each year GCH serves over 127,000 meals and provide over 55,000 nights of stay. GCH is currently seeking two communication interns to assist with its Volunteer Department. Duties include assisting with tours, organizing programs, attending meetings and some data entry. Strong computer and communication skills requested. Interested students should contact Rachel Leas, volunteer coordinator, at

GILDA’S CLUB METRO DETROIT — Public Relations/Communications intern needed for this Royal Oak nonprofit. Gilda’s Club offers free social and emotional support for men, women, teens and children touched by any type of cancer. The program includes support and networking groups, education lectures, workshops, children and teen activities, and social events. The public relations/communications intern will assist with general public relations, marketing and fundraising projects. Duties include but are not limited to: Writing press releases; updating the press kit; assisting with event planning, fundraising campaigns and events; creating fundraising and marketing materials; general marketing and PR projects; and daily interaction with staff, volunteers, members and some vendors. Requirements: Junior level or above in college, university or technical school. Excellent writing, communication and computer skills required. Editing and graphic design experience a plus. Unpaid; approximately 15 hours per week. Schedule to be mutually agreed upon. Send cover letter, resume and two writing samples to Heather Hall at or fax to 248-577-0898. Apply by Dec. 3 for the winter semester.

CRANBROOK INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE — Seeks an unpaid intern to learn the business of nonprofit fundraising management and to acquire transferable workplace and research skills. Qualifications include successful study of marketing, communications, business, journalism or other professional fields; demonstrated interpersonal skills; excellent written, oral and organizational skills; and proven strong work ethic plus ability to work independently and as part of a team. Desired, but not required, are an interest or accomplishment in science-related fields, and experience with Facebook, Twitter, mobile applications and Web 2.0. The intern will work 16-24 hours per week on duties that could include Internet research, social media strategy, establishing and maintaining marketing and communications files, assisting in direct mail efforts, helping with on-site membership sales and promotions, assisting in event planning activities, helping with marketing and public relations activities such as promoting the Institute at trade shows and meetings, and more. Please send a cover letter, resume, three references, and two current writing samples by email to If necessary, you may fax these documents to (248) 645-3050, or send via U.S. Mail to: Kimberly Salyers, Director of Development, Cranbrook Institute of Science, P.O. Box 801, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303-0801. For more information, please call (248) 645-3143. The website is

DETROIT OPERA HOUSE — Seeks part-time junior or senior Journalism, marketing or public relations interns for unpaid internship positions within the Communications Department. Interns will be responsible for handling social media, blogging, developing press releases and assisting on media relations plans. Students should have excellent writing skills, be passionate about theater, music, or dance, and be able to attend occasional performances. Interested persons should submit resumes and writing samples to Rebekah Johnson at

CAMPBELL-EWALD — Campbell-Ewald in Warren is looking for a Media Communications intern. Campbell-Ewald is the largest communications agency in Michigan and among the ten largest in the U.S. This is an amazing opportunity for students interested in public relations and media communications. The intern would assist media communication planners and buyers in developing, executing and stewarding plans and points-of-view; participate in brainstorming sessions; contribute new ideas across all media — traditional, digital and non-traditional; assist with analyzing the communication efforts of our clients’ competitors; and perform other duties as assigned. Campbell-Ewald is looking for an intern who: is fluent in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; possesses strong written and oral communication skills; exhibits a genuine interest in and passion for communications; displays a high level of effort; follows through on projects to successful completion; transfers knowledge from one project to the next; is both highly accurate and organized while also being a creative thinker; is punctual and regular in attendance; is flexible and adaptable to change; and is respectful of others and a collaborative team player. Interested students may submit a cover letter and resume, preferably via e-mail, to: Amy Wellington, Human Resources,

METRO TIMES — The weekly newspaper seeks interns for the marketing and promotions department. Duties include: coordinate promotional giveaways; develop radio spots and press releases; manage social media and media contact database; various office duties that include organizational tasks, copying and faxing or completing mailings; competitive research and analysis; assist with planning, set-up and execution of events. Candidate must possess excellent verbal and written skills; a high degree of organization and attention to detail; strong time management skills; a proactive work ethic and ability to act independently if called to do so; a working understanding of media and the market; mastery of Microsoft Office, Facebook and Twitter; and, above all, a positive attitude. Candidate must be a United States citizen, have approved citizenship papers or a current work visa, and be at least 21 years old. Candidate must also be able to receive college credit for the internship. Availability to work evenings and weekends is essential. Please send a cover letter, resume and, if applicable, writing samples to No phone calls please.

METRO TIMES — The weekly newspaper needs creative, motivated editorial interns. The day-to-day grunt work is unpaid, but interns will receive payment for published stories. If they're up to it, we’ll even let them tackle an ambitious story. Send a cover letter stating your interest in an editorial internship, along with a copy of your résumé and three samples of your writing. We’d prefer samples of journalistic writing, but they don’t have to be. Keep in mind, however, that we are a newspaper that prides itself on being in touch with the community. We want to see your writing about the world around you; navel-gazing ramblings belong in your diary, not in our paper. Writing should be crisp and insightful, with welcome dollops of humor and passion. Your résumé must include at least three references. We’ll contact you if we want you to come in for an interview. Mail to: 733 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48226. Attn: Michael Jackman. FAX to: 313-961-6598. Attn: Michael Jackman. E-mail to: Please send your clips and other materials as body text or as attachments, instead of hyperlinking to them. Call Michael Jackman with questions at 313-202-8043. The deadline to apply is Nov. 30 for winter, March 30 for summer and July 30 for fall.

WWJ-TV and CW50 — Seek interns in community affairs/programming, sales and marketing/commercial production, digital media and creative services. All interns must apply online. Go to for information and to see what internships still are available.

BIRMINGHAM BLOOMFIELD ART CENTER — Seeks a marketing intern to maintain and make more vibrant the art center's Facebook presence, establish and maintain a Twitter presence, plus advise the staff on new and changing social media opportunities, strategies and tactics. The intern will participate in marketing efforts that include weekly e-blasts, creating copy for monthly and bi-weekly print ads, updating website pages, handling promotion material, assisting in efforts to increase audience, and promotion of educational programs, exhibits, special events and fundraising campaigns. The intern will be fully assimilated into staff operations and meetings related to marketing efforts and will be asked to work on infrequent evening or weekend events. This unpaid internship will provide a practical insight into what it takes to operate a nonprofit arts organization. To learn more about the BBAC, visit the website at and view the program book The intern must provide a laptop. To apply, send a resume or overview of work/academic experience, along with professional aspirations and statements about why the prospective intern is particularly interested in working at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center to Diane Taylor, communications/marketing director, at

The Voice Newspapers, a group of seven weekly publications in northern Macomb and St. Clair counties, is accepting applications for unpaid intern positions. All interns are general assignment and should expect to cover a variety of news, sports and features from our New Baltimore office. Prospective candidates can send a resume, clips and other supporting materials by e-mail to Jeff Payne, Editor at

MICHIGANPREPS.COM — Seeks unpaid interns in the fall and winter to cover high school football and basketball, and during the spring and summer to cover recruiting, camps, combines and pre-season predictions. Interns will enjoy a very flexible and hands-on experience through a variety of assignments that include writing player interviews, coaches’ interviews, team stories, information collection and the possibility of covering major sporting events around this region such as the state football finals at Ford Field and the basketball finals in East Lansing.. Students should expect a workload of 2-10 hours per week depending on the assignments and needs of each intern. Interested students should send a resume and brief cover letter describing why they are interested in working with to Jim Kielbaso at

OAKLAND UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING — Seeks interns interested in taking an active role related to marketing, advertising and public relations. The health care industry is the largest employer in Michigan. Becoming a School of Nursing intern can help you get your foot in the door at many of Detroit’s largest hospitals, community and nonprofit organizations, or media agencies that are looking for exceptional writers to promote good health, educate the public or improve life for children. The unpaid interns work 10 to 15 hours a week. They must have outstanding communication skills, both oral and written, and possess a professional demeanor, assertive personality and strong sense of imagination. The ability to multitask and handle multiple deadlines simultaneously is required. Interns assist the School of Nursing with press releases; write stories for the website; and write articles for newsletters, the alumni newsletter, donor magazine and the local media. Training is available to write radio or ad copy. Interested students should contact Amy Johnson with a writing sample and a brief explanation of why they are interested in this opportunity.

WJR Detroit 760AM — Seeks communication and journalism students interested in an internship in Radio production. Students would work closely with the production director and be involved in production, editing, programming, etc. Interns would also be able to work on the business side of the radio world. Interested students should send a cover letter and resume to Lori Bennett at

TEACHER'S DISCOVERY — is a company in Auburn Hills that makes and markets materials for teachers. It is looking for unpaid interns to help with a large project. Teacher’s Discovery is working on an electronic textbook project for U.S. history. They are hoping to give it a style similar to good newspaper writing — punchy, attention-getting, something that holds student interest. They are looking for journalism students interested in researching and writing various time periods for stories that can be told as way of teaching the bigger concepts of American history. Students should send a cover letter and resume to Jason Kahler at The company uses interns in all semesters. Deadlines to apply are: Dec. 15 for winter, April 15 for summer and Aug 15 for fall. Applying earlier is better.

MICHIGAN SCRAPBOOKER MAGAZINE — Seeks journalism students for the upcoming semester to receive credit for this unpaid internship. This publication is a free, local magazine distributed in southeastern Michigan, primarily at scrapbooking stores. Interns would assist with press releases, data entry, contacting potential advertisers, updating contact information, proofreading, typing up our calendar entries and general organizational duties. The student would need to have a computer; be proficient in Microsoft Office; work from home in addition to periodic meetings in person, over the phone and via email; and have good attention to detail. Internet and phone access is a must, and candidates must be self-motivated/self-directed. Interested students should send a cover letter, resume and writing samples to Carrie MacGillis

ZIEBART INTERNATIONAL CORP. — Seeks journalism and public relations students to intern in the field of marketing and advertising. Students will have many responsibilities, including developing competitive reviews, working on ad projects, revising websites and assisting with social media plans. Students must have knowledge of Microsoft Office and be either a junior or senior. Ziebart utilizes interns during all semesters. Applicants can submit resumes up to one week prior to the beginning of each semester, but much earlier is recommended. Interested students should send a resume and cover letter to Donna Hutton, human resources manager, at

THE SALVATION ARMY — Seeks communication and journalism students who are interested in event planning. The Special Events Intern would support The Salvation Army’s Special Events staff by providing communication and event planning assistance for a semester. The Salvation Army hires interns for fall, winter and summer semesters. The individual(s) offered the position of Special Events Intern must possess strong business writing skills, communication skills and an interest in learning about the mechanics of nonprofit fundraising. Students will work a minimum of 10 hours a week and must be available to assist at events, which include some evenings and weekends. They must possess interpersonal skills to work with high-profile and corporate individuals. Interested students should contact Amanda Wilton, events manager, at or by calling 248-443-5500 ext. 240. They must provide a business writing sample such as a proposal or professional paper, two references and must complete an initial interview.

PRESTON TRUE, Accomplishment Coaching — is a leadership and executive coaching company in Royal Oak that currently has an opportunity for a journalism intern with the company. This unpaid internship will offer the opportunity to have a student take on three projects: a) conduct interviews with clients, prospects and colleagues, b) develop case studies, testimonials and "white papers" from the interviews, and c) construct and edit an e-book from existing and new content. Interested students should send a cover letter and resume to Preston True at

VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION of Southeast Michigan —Seeks a student for a public relations/marketing internship. Students will gain valuable, real-world experience by working at Michigan’s largest nonprofit home health care and hospice organization. The individual will be responsible for assisting with multiple public relations and marketing projects including creating and distributing marketing support materials, compiling competitive analyses and assistance with special projects and media relations. The candidate will also assist with development of new communications initiatives, data entry, writing and website updating assignments. Knowledge of Web programs and social networking sites is ideal. VNA uses interns during all semesters. Interested students should submit a resume and cover letter to Alexandra Hichel at

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The senior portfolio is an exhibit of your experience, your skills and your talent. For many grads, it's this piece that wins or loses the job. The portfolio should provide potential employers with a clear idea of what you can bring to their organization and, for this reason, creating it will involve some of the most important editorial decisions you'll ever make.

The portfolio is a requirement for journalism majors, and students would be wise to begin preparing this showcase well in advance of graduation. Students with minors in PR, advertising or journalism do not have to complete a senior portfolio (online and print)  — but if you’re searching for a job in those fields, you’ll be in competition against grads who have them.

All graduates with a major in journalism must complete a print portfolio AND an online portfolio beginning with the April 2013 class.  Why both? Some interviewers will prefer something they can hold in their hands. Others will want it online. You’ll need to prepare for both. The physical portfolio is what you’ll take to every job interview. If interviewers want you to leave it, you’ll instead direct them to the same information online. 

The look of your physical and online portfolios is up to you. There are plenty of online resources that can provide help. You’re in competition for jobs with students from other universities who will have both a physical and online presence. To successfully compete, you must, too.

Deadlines — Students completing degree requirements in April need to submit portfolios by April 1. Students completing degree requirements in December need to submit portfolios by December 2. Students completing degree requirements in August must submit portfolios by July 15.

Learn more — The journalism program hosts portfolio information sessions every fall and winter semester, which are publicized widely on this website as well as on FacebookTwitter and on signage around the OC and the journalism wing in East Vandenberg. The university also provides an abundance of Career Guidance services for students including counseling, advising and resume and cover letter help. And, finally, if you have questions, we encourage you to simply ask a member of the faculty


  1. Purchase a quality binder. There’s no need to spend more than $50.
  2. Include separators to organize sections.
  3. Buy plastic page protectors to safeguard all your work.

Page 1: STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY — The following is the exclusive work of XXX XXX and may not be reprinted, duplicated or copied without written permission.
Why do you need this? It sends a signal that this is serious work. Also, it might contain proprietary work samples from your internship.

Page 2: RESUME — Your resume is the summary of your college education, most recent employment experience and notable skill sets.
Why do you need this? It’s the bedrock of this portfolio. You’ll need an updated resume throughout your life. You completed a resume to get your journalism internship sometime during the past two years. Do you need to tweak it? We suggest you take it back to Career Services for another review. Have others look at it, too. Is every word spelled correctly? Did you wander from full sentences to partial sentences? Is the style uniform? One tiny miscue is all it takes to eliminate you from consideration.

Page 3: REFERENCES — Use name, title, complete address (with zip code), email, work phone, cell phone (if you know it). Make it simple for your interviewer to contact your references.
Why do you need this? People in the industry know each other. The interviewer might recognize a name and call right then and there. It could land you on the stack for a second interview. You need every edge you can get.

Page 4: WORK PHILOSOPHY and PROFESSIONAL GOALS — Go for two or three bullet points on each.
Why do you need this? Do you have a work philosophy? You should. The interviewer will want to know how you view work and where you’re headed in life. Don’t get too specific. You can say, for example, that someday you intend to get a master’s degree. But to say you’re headed back to school for it in a year could cost you a job.

Page 5: WORK SAMPLES — Depending on your emphasis or area of interest, work samples will vary. Students use published print stories and photography; audio files from radio broadcasts and podcasts; video productions; multimedia packages; web productions; print and web design pieces; and advertising and public relations projects. You should plan to demonstrate versatility or a very focused specialty.
Why do you need this?
 This is the meat of your portfolio. It shows a business what you can do. Not all students will have all sections. Separate your sections with plastic dividers. You can change the order depending on the job you’re seeking.
Tip — Put a small card in the lower right corner of each new section explaining that particular skill, such as: PR releases written for internship or stories published for The Oakland Post.

Page 6: EVIDENCE OF DEGREES — The actual diploma is better than a copy.
Why do you need thisIt provides evidence that you did, indeed, graduate from college. Include all your degrees, such as AA or MA.

Page 7: CERTIFICATIONS — Anything you are certified in, no matter what: CPR, lifeguarding, heavy equipment operation, pilot, volunteer firefighter, etc.
Why do you need this? It shows the breadth of your knowledge and skills even if it isn’t in journalism. But you must have documents to back it up.

Page 8: LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION  — Two or three. Perhaps one or two to talk about your skills and one to talk about your character (is honest, can handle responsibility, etc). These are best from former bosses or supervisors at your internships.
Why do you need this? It provides validation for everything in this portfolio.

Page 9: EVIDENCE OF COMMUNITY SERVICE — Anything that shows you get involved in the community, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Habitat, nursing home volunteer, campus organizations. Anything. These could be on or off campus. It’s OK if some are repeated on your resume.
Why do you need this? Many businesses are heavily involved in their communities. These companies want to hire people who feel likewise. If, for example, you sing in a choir or play in a community band and your interviewer does, too, …

Page 10: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTERS/THANK YOU LETTERS — Anything from a company, agency or organization that singles you out and thanks you for doing something positive.
Why do you need this? It is more validation that you are someone worth hiring.

Page 11: AWARDS — This could be the dean’s list, outstanding person of the month, student senator of the year — any award that recognizes you for something.
Why do you need this? It provides evidence that you are a success. Put in the actual certificate or letter.

Page 12: PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS — Are you a member of the Society for Professional Journalists? Other professional groups?
Why do you need this? It shows you’re involved in your profession. Include the letter or certificate. 

Page 13: ACADEMIC PLAN OF STUDY — A list of all the classes in your particular major or minor. Include any COM classes that are relevant, too. Keep it simple. For example: JRN 200, Newswriting; JRN 300, Media Editing.

Why do you need this? It shows the interviewer you have taken many classes in the field you’re trying to enter.

Tip — Do you have a 3.6 GPA or above and NO bad grades or withdrawals? If so, put in a copy of your transcripts on a separate page. But if you have withdrawals or a few poor grades, then don’t. It will just raise questions. And unless your overall GPA was above 3.6, don't include it anywhere.


Journalism graduates must demonstrate technological savvy, therefore we are requiring students to re-create this portfolio digitally, as well. If you don’t have a preferred platform, we recommend Wordpress. The free version is extremely customizable and the self-hosted version even more so. Both versions have the benefit of built-in SEO. Below are some online resources.

Site set-up

  • Setting up a self-hosted WordPress site, explained by Christopher Heng of thesitewizard
  • Setting up a WordPress-hosted site, explained by Mindy McAdams
  • Why you need a portfolio site on wp journo, a blog about journalism and WordPress

Personal branding

Software options

Issuu ... you publish, take the tour


"Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg," by Malcolm Gladwell. How many worlds do you belong to?

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The journalism major builds on the liberal arts education by teaching students skills and theory necessary to produce meaningful content for news, public relations and advertising organizations. The curriculum is designed to endow students with a solid practical and technical knowledge base as well as an understanding of the legal, ethical and theoretical aspects of journalism and its critical role in a democracy. Students learn the dual concepts of press freedom and press responsibility. Due to the broad nature of the journalism curriculum, students can either generalize or develop a special emphasis within the major by taking a series of courses in print journalism (including media design), broadcast and online journalism, public relations or advertising. Students in the program are encouraged to develop expertise in different disciplines through minors or a double major. All journalism majors must complete an internship and produce a senior portfolio.

With a degree in journalism, you will be prepared to work in any field that emphasizes the value of the written and spoken word. Through optional minors in advertising or public relations, you can tailor your education to make yourself more marketable to these industrie. 

Some career options include:
  • Advertising copywriter 
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Business professional
  • Communications coordinator
  • Educator 
  • Editor
  • Feature writer 
  • Government worker
  • Investigative reporter
  • Lawyer 
  • Nonprofit specialist
  • Political specialist
  • Press secretary
  • Public relations consultant
  • Librarian 
  • Technical writer

Job and career websites:

  • Journalism Jobs is the most poplar site for those seeking employment.
  • Poynter job listings.
  • The federal government posts jobs and internship opportunities.
  • The state of Michigan provides information about jobs and careers in Michigan. 
  • The Public Relations Society of America specializes in careers in Public Relations.
  • MediaLine is an interactive resource for the television industry.
  • Politico offers a range of opportunities for those involved in communication and politics. These jobs may require more experience than you possess today, but they demonstrate the amazing opportunities that exist for those with degrees in communication and journalism.
  • Idealist offers job information, internships and networking opportunities for those interested in non-profit work.
  • Examples of some really well-crafted journalism e-portfolios.
  • And more outstanding journalism e-portfolios.

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