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Prospective Students

For information on applying as an Undergraduate international student, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website, or call (248) 370-3360

For information on applying as an Graduate international student, please visit the Graduate Admissions website, or call
(248) 370-2700 

I. The FIRST STEP for all international students:
Complete and submit and Undergraduate or Graduate application, which will be reviewed according to all admission requirements before admission is given.

OU Admissions Information:
  1. Click here for Undergraduate Admissions and here for Graduate Admission (for application, procedures, documents, deadlines, transfer credit evaluation, English proficiency tests, and more).
  2. Direct all admissions questions to the appropriate office:
  • Bachelor's Degree- Undergraduate Admissions: (248) 370-3360 or
  • Master's Degree or PhD Degrees- Graduate Admissions: (248) 370-2700 or
II. International STUDENTS with F-1 or J-1 student visas:
Those who wish to TRANSFER to Oakland University (OU) from another American educational institution must follow all USCIS procedures.

For transfer of a students SEVIS record, the necessary "Transfer In" form is included in the International Supplemental Application

  1. International transfer students first complete Part I.
  2. Students then submit the form to their current educational institution, who will complete Part II and submit the form to OU.
  3. Students are responsible for follow-up with their current schools regarding transfer of the SEVIS records to OU. 
  4. OU cannot issue an I-20 or DS-2019 until the previous school has released a student's SEVIS record for transfer to OU.
Please note the following "international transfer student" information:
  • An international applicant who applies for OU admission with transfer credits from a NON-American, foreign school does NOT need to complete the Transfer-In form as part of the International Supplemental Application.
  • An international transfer student between American institutions should NOT follow general Transfer Student procedures.
  • All international students should NOT register for/attend the General or Transfer Orientation meetings of the "domestic" OU student population offered through the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  • All international students must attend the International Student Orientation conducted by the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO).
III. International J-1 Exchange Visitor Research SCHOLARS who wish to transfer between American institutions must follow this procedure:
  • OU faculty sponsor must complete and submit to ISSO the DS-2019 Application.
  • Dean of Research department sends J-1 scholar an offer letter. 
  • Upon arrival, J-1 scholar first meets with department sponsor and/or secretary.
  • After checking in with department, J-1 scholar brings immigration documents to ISSO to schedule an orientation with the ISSO director.

Change of Immigration Status (COS) to F-1

Federal regulations permit individuals holding a nonimmigrant visa in the U.S. to change status to another nonimmigrant category while in the U.S. by submitting a change of status application. The ISSO change-of status (COS) process (i.e. F-2 to F-1; J-1 to F-1; J-2 to F-1; H-1B to F-1, H-4 to F-1) consists of three 1-hour appointments with an immigration advisor. Students must first be admitted to Oakland University (OU). The COS usually takes 3-4 months for USCIS approval, during which time, the student should not move from their current residence. Please note that Graduate Assistants can’t begin working until his/her change of status is approved. For B-1 visa holders ISSO will issue a COS I-20 and advise on how to best proceed.

1st Appointment:

·         Make copies of immigration paperwork, i.e. passport, visa, I-94 card, and OU admit letter

·         Identify current immigration status and timeline

·         Review COS process and forms

2nd Appointment:

·         Verify Financial Support

·         Verify OU admitted student status

·         Explain process to pay SEVIS fee

·         Generate I-20

3rd Appointment:

·         Receive check for SEVIS fee

·         Review all support documentation

·         Finalize the COS packet

·         Ready the COS packet for mailing by the student

Once the COS packet has been mailed, monthly update meetings between the student and the ISSO immigration advisor will follow.