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ISSO Events

The International Students and Scholars Office provides cross cultural programs throughout the year to celebrate Oakland University’s diverse population and its academic research. The office staff, along with many students around campus, works hard to ensure that our international students and scholars have an enriching academic and personal experience here in America. Oakland University offers many unique programs and events for its international students as well as the domestic students on campus. From the International Welcome Reception to the Academic Excellence Luncheon, there is always some new way to learn about the different cultures at Oakland University. Please look out for these exciting programs and events; and don’t hesitate to get involved!

Learn About Me
The International Students and Scholars Office wants to give you the opportunity to help children and pre-teens learn and understand about people who are from other cultures and countries. The Learn About Me program allows you, the student, to educate children of all ages about your country and culture. You may use your own materials to bring your culture to life for others to experience. We will supply the transportation to the various locations, food and other materials if needed.

OU International Allies
America has more to offer than academics. Being able to experience everyday life in another country is an opportunity of a lifetime. The International Students and Scholars Office is proud to introduce OU International Allies, a student organization geared to integrate international students with OU locals. This organization focuses on introducing international students with American life. Wouldn’t it be fun to spend an evening out with new friends, going to the movies, attending an OU athletic event, or simply sharing a conversation over a nice meal? These are just some of the benefits OU International Allies can provide. If you are interested in becoming an international ally, please fill out a bio sheet and e-mail it to Petra Knoche at

ISSO Informational Seminars
ISSO staff hosts a number of seminars to inform international students about changes to policies, information on current standards and other helpful information. The seminars are held throughout the year.