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Practice Kindness

Become an everyday hero through small acts of kindness. 

Small Acts of Kindness, when multiplied by hundreds of people can change a community.


Say Hello 

Listen To A Friend. Really Listen.

Include An Acquaintance In Your Group.


Hold The Door Open For Someone

Write A Positive Message On A Post-It And Place It Somewhere

Say "Please" And "Thank You"—And Really Mean It.

Surprise A Friend With A Small Gift

Greet People By Name

Invite Someone To Lunch Or Dinner

Give Someone Your Parking Place

Let A Fellow Driver Merge In Front Of You

Buy A Bouquet Of Daisies And Leave One On Someone's Windshield With A Note That Says, 'Have A Nice Day.'

Put A Coin In An Expired Meter.

Let Someone Go In Line In Front Of You

Pay The Tab For The Person Behind You

Return A Shopping Cart

Study With A Classmate

Pick Up Trash

Be A Designated Driver

Encourage Someone Who Needs It

Thank The Bear Bus Driver

Give Someone A Compliment

Be Polite To Other Drivers

Forgive Someone