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Practice Kindness

Become an everyday hero through small acts of kindness. Be part of the Wake Up OU! Kindness Project. Small Acts of Kindness, when multiplied by hundreds of people can change a community. Pick up kindness cards at Graham Health Center, OU Counseling Center, Career Services, the Recreation Center, Kresge Library circulation desk and at GRASP and iPause workshops. Please contact GHC at if you want Kindness cards for your group. Share your experiences with #WakeUpOU


Say Hello 

Listen To A Friend. Really Listen.

Include An Acquaintance In Your Group.


Hold The Door Open For Someone

Write A Positive Message On A Post-It And Place It Somewhere

Say "Please" And "Thank You"—And Really Mean It.

Surprise A Friend With A Small Gift

Greet People By Name

Invite Someone To Lunch Or Dinner

Give Someone Your Parking Place

Let A Fellow Driver Merge In Front Of You

Buy A Bouquet Of Daisies And Leave One On Someone's Windshield With A Note That Says, 'Have A Nice Day.'

Put A Coin In An Expired Meter.

Let Someone Go In Line In Front Of You

Pay The Tab For The Person Behind You

Return A Shopping Cart

Study With A Classmate

Pick Up Trash

Be A Designated Driver

Encourage Someone Who Needs It

Thank The Bear Bus Driver

Give Someone A Compliment

Be Polite To Other Drivers

Forgive Someone