Infection Prevention & Control

Graham Health Center
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Residents' Awareness

College students should pack more than the iPod and mini-fridge as they prepare for campus and/or off-site housing. Health authorities say they should also pack an ounce of prevention against communicable diseases. Living in residence halls and off-campus apartments can be a pleasant experience, but know that everything you own will probably be used by one person or another at some time. If you have roommates and visitors, be aware. Remember that items such as phones, computer keyboards, remote controls for your television, and even towels are all carriers of infectious disease.

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Communicable Diseases

Students diagnosed by their doctor or the staff at Graham Health Center, with chicken pox, measles, mumps, mononucleosis, SARS or any other communicable disease that proves a health threat to the residence halls community, must leave the residence halls until they no longer are contagious as determined by the staff at Graham Health Center.