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Study Abroad Volunteer Alumni (SAVA)

The purpose of the Study Abroad Volunteer Alumni (SAVA) group is to share our experiences with each other, help prepare future study abroad/away students as well as to help with the transition and culture shock of students coming back home.

This is an awesome opportunity for students to get together, and share what it is really like to study abroad/away, to meet new people who may have shared similar experiences, exchange the good, the bad and amazing stories from your experience. Even if you are not signed up to study abroad, but are interested in learning more, stop by one of our meetings. ALL students are welcome and we are all happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please stay posted for upcoming SAVA events.

SAVA Officers
President             To be announced soon!

Vice President    To be announced soon!

Secretary             To be announced soon!
Treasurer              To be announced soon!