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Human Resource Development, B.S. and minors

With a bachelor of science in in human resource development, you will be prepared for administrative and training careers in business and industry, where you can create new ways to train and support employees. 

This field of study focuses on four areas: 

  • organization development
  • training and development
  • career and leadership development
  • employment systems and standards
The degree program covers topics in these focus areas related to instructional design and delivery, program evaluation, performance appraisal, personnel selection, recruiting, ethics, organization development, principles of leadership, labor relations, employment law, employee involvement, and cultural diversity. Graduates are prepared with conceptual knowledge and technical and interpersonal skills for a variety of careers.

Students complete the core curriculum and have the option of choosing between four areas of emphasis by adding a minor to their degree program. Courses for any one of the four HRD minors can be used to satisfy the HRD focus areas of the HRD program plan or general electives. Students can earn a minor in training and developmentemployment systems and standards, organization and career development or applied leadership skills in addition to earning their bachelor of science in HRD. These minors are also available to any student admitted to the university. 

The School of Education and Human Services offers a minor in human resource development for students other than HRD majors who wish to strengthen their academic majors with course work in human resource development. 

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