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Technology FAQS

Technology FAQs

Q: I am having trouble connecting to the wireless network on campus. Either I cannot connect at all, or if I do, I am frequently dropped from the network. Is there something wrong with my computer or the network?

A: Often, the simple remedy for this problem is to install a new, updated software driver for your network adapter. Even new computers can be shipped from the factory with outdated drivers, which will sometimes cause problems with enterprise-level wireless networks. If you are experiencing problems with the network connection in your room, contact the Housing Network Helpdesk so they can check the drivers and software configuration on your device to ensure it is set up to run optimally on the University Housing Network. If deemed necessary, they can also perform a sight-survey of the wireless network in your room to ensure there are no problems.

Q: I followed the directions on how to connect my gaming device/iPod/Smartphone, but now I am getting an error.

A: The error may be the result of one of the following:
  • An authentication error -- you are incorrectly entering your user credentials. You should use the same log in and password that you use to access your OU email account (without the in the username).
  • Your MAC address is not recognized -- your MAC address should be entered in all caps and with colons (:) separating the six sets of digits/letters. If you just recently purchased the device you are trying to connect, our authentication system may have trouble recognizing it. If you are sure you are entering your address correctly and are still receiving this error, contact the Housing Network Helpdesk to have it entered manually.
  • An improper MTU, or Bradford has not yet seen this device -- you will need to connect your device to the network at least once before attempting this form of registration process. If you receive this error, please attempt to connect your device and then disconnect it once it fails to get an IP address before repeating your attempt to register.
Q: I have a wireless printer; can I use it on campus?

A: You may connect to the printer via a USB cable, but MUST turn off the wireless functionality. If you do not know how to do this, contact the Housing Network Helpdesk for assistance.

Q: I received an error stating that I am “banned from the network." What should I do?

A: Usually when this error appears, it is the result “take down request” from a governing body, such as the RIAA. You can expect a letter from University Technology Services to be mailed to you; this letter will explain why your access has been blocked. You may also go to 220 Dodge Hall to personally receive your notification. If the error is found to be due to a take down request, you will have to see the Dean of Students to get the issue rectified. Please note that this process in no way involves University Housing and we cannot help beyond this basic information.

Q: I live in the student apartments. Do I have access to the Hamlin Hall Computer Lab?

A: All students who live on campus, regardless of where they live, have access to the Hamlin Hall Computer Lab. Students who live in the apartments must cooperate with Night Watch procedures in order to access the lab when Night Watch hours are in effect.

Q: I’m having a problem with my Comcast Cable connection. What do I do?

A: There is a signup sheet in the University Housing Office (448 Hamlin Hall) that you may use to notify Comcast of your problem.

Q: I previously registered my device, but when I try to access the network via a secondary network adapter, it asks me register again.

A: When you register a computer that has two network cards (i.e., both a wired and wireless adapter), the Bradford authentication process should automatically register both devices. However, if you had the Housing Network Helpdesk manually register your computer, or one of the adapters was disabled when you ran the registration client, you only had one adapter registered at that time.

To resolve this, simply connect the adapter you need to register to the network (disabling the wireless card if it is a wired network adapter) and follow the standard registration procedure. Since gaming consoles and similar devices require you to manually enter the MAC addresses, you will have to follow the registration process for each network adapter for that device in order to have them both registered and able to use the network. For instance, if you live in an area that has both wired and wireless access and wish to use both options on your gaming console, you would have to perform two separate registrations for each adapter.

Q: How long is my device registered for once I've completed the Bradford registration process?

A: In most instances, a device is registered for 120 days. This may vary, however, as you can lose your registration if the device has been inactive on the network for a period of time or if you have to change the network adapter in your device.

Q: Does the university offer any discounts on software such as Microsoft Office or on computers?

A: OU does not offer discounts on any software or hardware purchases. However, the Housing Network Helpdesk can give you recommendations on where to look for savings on these types of purchases.

Q: Can I drop my computer off at the Housing Network Helpdesk to have it diagnosed/repaired/registered?

A: Due to liability issues, students are not allowed to leave any of their devices at the Helpdesk while they are being worked on. As such, please plan accordingly if you think you have a difficult problem, or let the technician know if you have to be somewhere at a certain time so they can determine if they can fix your problem in the allotted amount of time.

Q: Does the Housing Network Helpdesk share the delicious snacks that I often see them enjoying?

A: If you ask nicely, don't abuse the kind gesture and follow proper snack-sharing hygiene rules, more often than not, staff members are happy to share their treats.

Q: If I am waiting for a long period of time in the Housing Network Helpdesk, is it appropriate to request a song to be played for my enjoyment?

A: As long as it is not offensive to other customers, yes… but you MUST be present for the entirety of the song and truly enjoy the selection.