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S.O.P.E. is a student-led initiative that strives to promote environmental awareness and support sustainability projects on the campus of Oakland University. Our goal is to make our campus as “green” as possible -- but we cannot achieve this goal on our own! We need the help of students, faculty, and staff.

Part of our mission is to involve and empower OU community members by giving them the tools they need to achieve sustainability in their lives and around OU.

  • Greening Classrooms
  • Clean Energy Research Center
  • Human Health Building
  • The Oakland Center
  • Organic Farmers at OU
  • Building Recommissioning Program
  • Residence Hall Energy Saving Technology
  • Energy Management Certificate Program
  • Platinum LEED Certified Human Health Building
  • Fair Trade Coffee
  • Recycling Committee
  • Stormwater Management Program
  • Facilities Management Emission Free Vehicles
  • Bio Energy Conference
  • OU-DTE Outdoor Lighting Project
  • Student Apartment Solar Electric Roof

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It’s simple: support University Housing’s sustainability efforts by committing to the positive green actions you are willing to take this semester. Along with protecting our environment, you will be conditioning yourself to save energy, conserve water, and limit the amount of waste you put into the world. Feel like these efforts aren’t relevant to your life on campus? Know that you will reap rewards later when you enjoy lower water, gas and electricity bills – and in the meantime, you’ll be an active participant in creating a brighter future for our planet.

Participation in the initiative is easy. Just complete our online form by selecting the actions you will challenge yourself to take this semester. You will also have the opportunity to invite S.O.P.E. to support your efforts through informational emails, specialized programming, and volunteer opportunities.

The one action we hope every participant will take? Spreading the word about the initiative! Please share information on how to get involved with your roommates and friends to help grow the movement.

Green Room Initiative + Prizes = AWESOME
Every student who participates in the Green Room Initiative will automatically be entered in a raffle for great prizes. Winners will be notified via their OU email address. Saving the earth is its own reward – but extra rewards never hurt, right?

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