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Roommate Matching Guidelines

Please note: the roommate matching process is for returning residents only. Returning residents may not pull incoming freshmen into their rooms or apartments. Freshmen will be assigned to dedicated freshmen buildings at a later date.

How do I participate in Roommate Matching?

  • After submitting a housing contract online, and during the appropriate roommate matching period, log in to My Housing.
  • From the left-hand navigation menu, choose Room Selection, then Roommate Selection.
  • Add the first name, last name and OU email address of your preferred roommate(s); you may request up to three roommates.
  • Each person you have added will be listed under Future Roommate Requests with the status Does Not Match. The statement “You have an unmatched roommate group” will appear.
  • Each student you have requested as a roommate must log in to their own My Housing page and accept you as their roommate.
  • If you need to remove a requested roommate because they have failed to confirm the roommate match, click the Remove button. All requested roommates MUST accept your request in order to have a matched roommate group.

How do we select a room once we are all matched?

  • Students who have roommate matched will be able select their room during the appropriate room selection period (see here for more details).
  • The person in your matched group with the lowest priority number may select a room for the entire matched group as space permits during their available room selection time. We recommend that all group members be present during this time, so all may give input regarding location and who will be assigned to each room within a suite or apartment. If the person with the lowest number is not available during their assigned room selection time, they can log in any time after their assigned time. Alternately, the person with the next lowest number can select the room for the group during their own assigned time.  

Please note the following critical points:

  • Anyone can add or remove a roommate request at any time during roommate matching until a room is actually selected, so it is important to regularly check your group status in the My Housing portal (especially right before your room selection time) to make sure you still have a matched roommate group.
  • The person who chooses the room for the group will need to place each person in a specific bed/room within the suite/apartment. If a person chooses only a room for themselves during their assigned time the group then becomes unmatched.  If that happens, the rest of the group will need to remove the person who made the original selection from the group, then chose a room through the person with next lowest priority number, forming a new matched group.
  • The Remove button may also be used to break larger groups into smaller ones. You may need to break into smaller groups if, during room selection, you find there is not a space large enough to accommodate your entire group. For example, if you have a matched group of four people but there are no whole suites or apartments left, you may need to split into two groups of two. The group members will need to determine who is staying together, then all group members will need to log in to My Housing and remove those who are no longer in their new group, forming two new matched groups.
  • Finally, do not participate in Roommate Matching with anyone you do not trust to choose a room for you. Room choices that are made for the group by one member of the group are final. Changes will not be made to assignments until the first room change period in the fall.