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Returner Sign-Up: Honors College and Other Living Learning Communities

Moving to the Cottages or Living Learning Communities

Returner Sign-Up will start on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 and will last until we reach capacity. We highly recommend that returning residents submit their 2017-18 as early as possible for their best chance at securing a space. 

Overview -- the basic facts, for folks in a hurry. Detailed instructions can be found below.
  • You need to start by submitting an online contract.
  • Later, you may choose to participate in the roommate matching period, if you desire; this will take place March 13-14.
  • You will select your new room/building during your room selection period, which will take place between March 15-16.
  • The date and time you submit your contract will determine where you fall in line for room selection; it is therefore best to submit your contract as early as possible.
  • You will receive a reminder email when it is time for you to choose a roommate, and when it is time for you to select a room.


Wondering how to get started?
Students begin the sign-up process by submitting an online contract. As you complete your contract, please be sure to indicate which Living Learning Community you are planning to live in (or indicate that you plan to live in the cottages). When you submit your contract, you will be assigned a priority number based on the time and date you submitted your contract. This number will determine where you fall in line for room selection. Please note that you will not be able to see this number until the room selection period occurs. The next step, after submitting a contract, will be participating in the roommate matching period, if you choose to do so; choosing a roommate is not required.

What is the benefit of the roommate matching period, and how does it work?
Roommate matching establishes your preferred roommate(s), and allows the member of your group who has the lowest assigned priority number to select your room for your group as a whole, increasing the likelihood of obtaining a space large enough to accommodate your pair or group in the building you prefer. Roommate matching must be done in accordance with established guidelines. Please review the Roommate Matching Process carefully before the roommate matching period begins so you are prepared and informed. The roommate matching period for students who plan to live in a Living Learning Community or the cottages will take place March 13-14, 2017. You will receive a reminder email when it is time for you to choose a roommate. The next step, after roommate matching, will be room selection.

And how does room selection work?
Room selection for future Living Learning Community and cottage residents will take place between March 15-16, 2017. Please remember that you must have submitted an online contract in order to participate in room selection. You will be reminded via email when your room selection period is approaching.

How does one specifically go about selecting a room?

  • During the time frame designated for room selection, log in to the My Housing portal to view your priority number, and the time periods during which room selection will occur.
  • Selection periods that appear in red are active; take note what time you may begin selecting a room within the active period.
  • If you have not chosen a roommate during the roommate matching period, but have someone you would like to room with: from the navigation menu on the top of the page, choose Room Selection, then Roommate Selection. If you participated in Roommate Matching, or do not have a preferred roommate, skip this step, and the next one.
  • Enter your preferred roommate's information, then click on Request Student as Roommate. You may request up to three roommates. Roommate requests must be mutual, so be sure that the people you request also request YOU when they select their rooms.
  • Next, from the navigation menu on the top of the page, choose Room Selection, then Select a Room/Suite.
  • The rooms that are available to you will be listed under the List of Available Rooms.
  • Click Select Room next to your room of choice. 

Will single rooms be offered next year?
Due to the high demand for on-campus housing at OU, we do not anticipate that single rooms will be available during the 2017-18 academic year.

Do I have to choose a meal plan?
All students living in the residence halls are required to be on a meal plan. You will receive an email in April asking you to select your preferred meal plan. Residents of the cottages are not required to choose a plan, but may purchase a voluntary meal plan at move in or any time after, if desired.

What is included in the cost of room and board?
The room and board rate for the residence halls includes an all-you-care-to-eat meal plan, cable television (basic plus), utilities, and wireless Internet access service in all student rooms. The cost of the cottages covers all of the above, with the exception of the meal plan.

Still have questions?

Please let us know. You may contact the University Housing Office at (248) 370-3570,, or by stopping by 448 Hamlin Hall. You may also ask your Residence Director or Graduate Residence Director.