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Sustaining Our Planet Earth (S.O.P.E.) is a student-led initiative that strives to promote environmental awareness and support sustainability projects on the campus of Oakland University. Our goal is to make our campus as “green” as possible -- but we cannot achieve this goal on our own! We need the help of students, faculty, and staff.

Part of our mission is to involve and empower OU community members by giving them the tools they need to achieve sustainability in their lives and around OU.
How to get involved: Subscribe to our emails and get notifications of upcoming programs and events!
How to join SOPE: Housing job applications go live in the spring!
What is
SOPE Doing?


  • Recycling - SOPE staff goes out every Thursday to take out all of the Housing recycling bins to be picked up in the morning.
  • Planning and hosting events.
  • Making connections with other organizations that will provide us with the tools we need to achieve sustainability.
  • Facilitating projects that will help achieve our goal of making our campus as green as possible.
  • Hosting events that promote environmental awareness. (See Annual Events tab)

What OU is doing:

Annual Events
Organic Dinner
Enjoy a free meal prepared by our S.O.P.E. staff! This is a fun, friendly experience to help expose campus housing students to a greener way of living.
This event fair raises awareness about environmental issues, campus programs, and green practices from local businesses.
Clint River Watershed Monitoring
Welcome Week activities
Green Jeopardy
Come answer questions about the environment for a chance to win great prizes!
Initiatives in 2015-2016
Bear Lake Project - cleaning up Bear Lake and making it more appealing