Seán Farrell Moran

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 408 Varner Hall
Phone: (248) 370-3533
Fax: (248) 370-3528


Ph.D., American University

Major Fields: 

Modern Britain, Ireland, History of Ideas, Twentieth-Century Europe

Research Interests:

Up to this point, my research has focused on revolutionary violence and nationalism in Ireland but recently I have become more interested in the practice of historians. In part, this has grown out of my feeling that history as a discipline is hampered by a willingness to ignore many of the recent developments in philosophy and critical theory. In teaching, I try to leave as much room for individual initiative and creativity as possible. I still believe history is meant to be a reflective art and that the only true learning that comes in class comes out of the willingness of students to challenge themselves to think about the subject. History is a writing discipline and the essay is its basic form and because of this I will always, beyond the introductory level, rely on substantial take-home essays that require research and reflection.



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Work in Progress

"The Butcher's Bill" (historical novel).

"Irish Exceptions: The Unique Contributions of Irish Thought."