Ian Greenspan

Ian Greenspan

Title: Special Lecturer
Office: 455 Varner Hall
Phone: (248) 370-3518
Fax: (248) 370-3528
Email: greenspa@oakland.edu


Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley 
B.A., Oakland University

Major Fields:

Early Modern and Modern Europe, Religious and Ethnic Conflict and Violence, Antisemitism, Propaganda

Research and Publications:

"Updated Media, Outdated Themes: An Overview of Web-Based Antisemitic Activism" in Antisemitism in North America: Theory, Research, and Methodology, eds. S.K. Baum, F. Cohen, and L. Rensmann (Leiden and Boston: Brill, forthcoming).

"The Aryanization of Higher Education and the History Curriculum: Youth for Western Civilization, the Recurring Myth of Jewish World Dominance, and the Rise of Antisemitic Historical Consciousness," Journal for the Study of Antisemitism 4 (2013), forthcoming.

"Hate in the Publishing Trade: A Historical Perspective on Recent Antisemitic E-Books," Journal for the Study of Antisemitism 4 (2013), forthcoming.

The Blasting of Trumpets: Admonitory Literature and the Intellectual Culture of Religious Exile, 1540-1590 (Ph.D. Diss., University of California-Berkeley, 2006).