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How to Setup Email on Android Phone

How to Setup Email on Android Phone

Footprints Public Solution # 83621 Updated March 2016

Please complete the following steps before you create your email account on your Android phone.

All customers will need to enable IMAP (or POP) in the Webmail powered by Google setting.

  1. Log into http://webmail.oakland.edu/

  2. Click Settings in the upper-right corner
  3. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  4. Click Enable IMAP or Enable POP for all mail, depending on your preference
  5. Click Save Changes

Synchronize your account with Google: https://netid.oakland.edu/profile/ Click on and complete Gmail IMAP/POP Password Syncronize Utility

  1. Enter NetID Username
  2. Enter NetID Password
  3. Click Submit

Account unlock service - Unlock Captcha at https://www.google.com/accounts/UnlockCaptcha Use this step only if you are unsuccessful at syncing your account to your phone.

  1. Enter your FULL OU e-mail as username (Ex. johndoe@oakland.edu )

  2. Enter your NetID password
  3. Click Submit

The following steps will allow you to sync your Android OS Phone to your OU Webmail.

If it is a newer Android, you will be able to add your email and calendar by selecting 'Google' from the list of providers (when setting up the email), and inputting your Oakland Webmail credentials.  Once completed, your Oakland email will be added to your phone.

If 'Google' is not an available option, please follow the steps listed below:

1. Open the Mail client installed on the phone

2. Select "Other(POP3/IMAP)"

3. Under new Account enter your full email address including @oakland.edu and password

4. Select Manual Setup

5. For incoming settings: choose your protocol (Either IMAP or POP)

6. Enter your full Email address including @oakland.edu

7. Enter Your full Email address including @oakland.edu again for the username

8. Type in your NetID password

9. If IMAP was selected enter "imap.gmail.com"

  • If POP was selected enter "pop.gmail.com"

10. If IMAP was selected: For security type select SSL and 993 for the port

  • IF POP was selected: For security type select SSL and 995 for the port and click next

11. Under outgoing server settings: check login required

12. Enter your full email address including @oakland.edu and password

13. For security type select "TLS" and port 587 and click next

14. For account name enter whatever you want the account to be called (ex. school email)

15. Finally, Enter your name in the last box.

There are two ways to set up an email client program to check your email. One is to use a POP (POP3 actually: Post Office Protocol) and the other is to use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).

If POP is used all your email messages are downloaded from the email server to your computer and stored on the hard drive. Most programs have the option to keep the messages on the server for x number of days but later the messages are removed from the server. Also, with POP your outgoing emails are kept locally on your hard drive

If IMAP is used all your email messages are stored on the server. Your sent mail and drafts are uploaded to the server. Because of this, you will see the same incoming and sent messages from any computer as long as your mail program is configured for IMAP. (POP3 does not have this functionality.)

Oakland calendar on Android

Follow the steps below to sync your Oakland Webmail Calendar with your Android phone.

1. Log into your Oakland Webmail Calendar.

2.Select "Calendar settings" in the top right corner.

3.Click on the "Calendars" tab

4.Select "Shared:Edit Settings" on the right

5.In the Share with specific people box enter the Gmail account you created when you first turned on your Droid Incredible.

6.Under permission settings you can select how you want your calendar to work on your phone.

  • - See all event details will allow your phone to ONLY see events on your Webmail calendar
  • - Make changes to events will allow you to see events and add/edit events from your phone
  • - See only Free/busy will show events on your phones calendar but will hide all detail
  • - Make changes and edit sharing gives you full control of your Oakland calendar. You will be able to see, add, and edit events from the phone and you will be able to
  • control the sharing

7.Click on the Add Person button to add the Gmail account on your phone.

8.On your phone open the built in calendar application.

9. Press Menu, More, then Calendars to check that your Oakland calendar is listed.

10. Your Oakland calendar is now synced with your Android phone.

  • - Please note that in can take up to 20 minutes for the phone to fully sync with your calendar.

Troubleshooting Tips:

1. 2-step verification Must be turned off.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to visit the UTS website for additional information; http://www.oakland.edu/?id=13652&sid=70