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How to Log Into Ebill

How to Log into eBill

This document describes how to log in to access a student's eBill account.


Oakland University uses eBill, a Student Account Suite, which provides students with a 24x7 service offered to students and their families for viewing bills, making payments and managing their student account. With eBill you can check your balance, make a payment towards your balance, view your payment history, store your payment methods for quick and easy payment, and also with student permission provide access to their parents, guardians, or others to view your bill and make payments.

Students Who Do Not Know GrizzlyID and PIN

These instructions will provide you with how to obtain your GrizzlyID and reset your GrizzlyID PIN if you don't already know it. You must know your GrizzlyID number to reset your PIN. If you do not know this number, please see one of the following offices:

  1. Students - Current or former students go to any student services office also see the following document http://www.oakland.edu/helpdesk/documents/how-to-obtain-your-grizzly-id/

  2. Faculty - Academic Affairs Human Resources, 417 Wilson Hall, 248-370-2922
  3. Staff - University Human Resources, 401 Wilson Hall, 248-370-3480

Visit the Oakland University NetID Administration page at https://netid.oakland.edu and follow the instruction found at the following link: http://www.oakland.edu/helpdesk/documents/how-to-obtain-netid-password-and-reset-grizzlyid-pin/

  1. Select: Reset/Change your Grizzly ID PIN
  2. Follow the instructions to Reset your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Note: Enter Grizzly ID with capital "G" (G00######).
  3. For first time processors, you will be prompted to establish a hint question. If this is not your first PIN reset and you don't know your hint answer you will need to contact the OU Help Desk at (248) 370-4357 or email to helpdesk@oakland.edu and request a "PIN hint answer reset".

  4. Once your PIN is successfully reset, close your browser.

Accessing eBill


Once you have obtained all those information above (GrizzlyID and GrizzlyID PIN), go to http://www.oakland.edu and click on the eBill icon in the upper right-hand corner.

 OU Header Graphic

Under Students and Staff header enter in your GrizzlyID (Use upper case "G" followed by two zeros plus six digits 'G00######') and your six-digit GrizzlyID PIN. Then click Login to log into eBill and access your information.

 SAIL Log In Screen