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How to Change NetID and Email Name

How to Change NetID and Email Name

Footprints Public Solution # 72398 Updated March 2016

NetID renames are for Faculty and Staff. Students are only allowed to request a NetID change if they get married, divorced or extenuating circumstances call for a NetID change. Guest/Shared account renames can only be submitted by the owner of the account or the person with budgetary or signing authority.

In order to initiate a NetID change, you must correspond with your choice of one of the following options below then the request is forwarded to uts@oakland.edu for changes.

Option 1: (Email alias) We can provide a new email alias for you based on established naming conventions. Some ideas are: first name.last name@oakland.edu, first initial and last name@oakland.edu, first initial and middle initial and last name@oakland.edu, based on availability. (Spaces, hyphens and underscores are not allowed)

The only rule is that the name must include your last name.

The alias cannot be used to log into any of University services. You will still use your original NetID to log into all University services. The alias can only be used for email purposes. Email can be sent to your original email or the alias, both will work. Option 2: (NetID rename)

  • We can rename your NetID to a new NetID based on established naming conventions.
  • Some ideas are: lastname@oakland.edu, first initial last name@oakland.edu, first initial middle initial last name@oakland.edu; based on availability (Spaces, hyphens and underscores are not allowed). Your old NetID will become an email alias and emails sent to the new or old NetID (alias) will be received. You will use the new NetID to log into all University services. All email, contacts, groups, etc. will be retained with this option.

  • Examples: John David Smith, smith@oakland.edu, jsmith@oakland.edu, jdsmith@oakland.edu; (If the standard options are not available, we will provide alternatives which may include numbers in your NetID).

Option 3: (Legal name change)

  • In order to initiate a NetID change, you must confirm that you have officially changed your name in the appropriate office and provide the requested information below.
  • If you are student, contact the Office of the Registrar, 248-370-3450
  • If you are staff, contact University Human Resources, 248-370-3482
  • If you are faculty, contact Academic Human Resources, 248-370-2922

Provide us with the following information;

    • Current NetID account
    • Your new first and last name
    • An alternative email address
    • A date when you would like this change to take effect. (Several days of lead time is strongly suggested.)
    • Your current NetID and email address will be renamed to match your new legal name based on availability, we will provide you with a few options. All email, contacts, groups, etc. will be retained with this option.

Basic guidelines:

  • During the time when we are processing your request to rename your NetID, you must be logged out of all University services, including webmail, etc. The change should take less than 30 minutes excluding Moodle.
  • After your account has been renamed, your password will remain the same. In addition, the new account information can be obtained by visiting https://netid.oakland.edu

  • If you choose option 2 or 3 from above, your files in oakshare will be deleted. Please backup your files from Oakshare. Any other accounts at OU that are derived from the NetID will be modified. This includes but is not limited to admnet, opennet, vpn, mailing lists, etc.
  • If you have an ADMNET account as well, we will rename the username to your new NetID. You will be able to use your current ADMNET password even after the rename. Your profile on a Windows computer will not be affected; however, the profile folder will still show your old NetID (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\oldNetID). If you would like the profile folder changed to your new NetID, please contact the OU Help Desk as this will require them to copy contents into a new folder. Otherwise, no action is required.
  • Please log into your moodle account to verify all your information is still there, if not it might take up to 24 hrs to process the change. If you have further issues, please contact eLis at http://moodle.oakland.edu and click on the request help page and enter your previous NetID and your new NetID and they will transfer your information.

  • If you choose option 2 or 3 and later decide that it isn’t working out for you, we will be able to rename your account back to its original state within 30 minutes.