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How to Add a Network Printer to Mac OS X

How to Add a Network Printer to Mac OS X

  • 1. Launch Printer Setup Utility (//Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities folder)



  • 2. Click Add button on the Toolbar or click Printers > Add Printer…



  • 3. After step 2 you will get a new dialog, Printer Browser. Click IP Printer button on the Toolbar



  • 4. Select Line Printer Daemon – LPD for the Protocol:. If you want to print directly to the printer and know the IP address of the printer, enter the IP into the Address: box and leave the Queue box empty. Or, if you know the printer queue name (e.g., utsp005) and want to print through the print server, you can enter “print.oakland.edu” (without quotes) into the Address: box and enter the printer queue name into the Queue: box.


  • 5. Enter a name and location for the printer in the Name: and Location: boxes (if some name or IP automatically appear in those boxes, you can overwrite them)


  • 6. Click the arrow to the right of Print Using: drop-down menu, first choose the correct manufacturer and then select your printer in the Model list (you can scroll up and down in the list to find your model). If you cannot find your printer model from the pull-down list, you can choose Print Using: Generic PostScript Printer option.


  • 7. If your computer cannot determine the options that are installed on your printer, a dialog appears that let you choose those options. Make sure the settings in that dialog accurately reflect your printer’s installed options so you can take full advantage of them. Then click Continue.



  • 8. The printer appears in the Printer List as the default printer (in bold type). If you would like keeping other printer as default, highlight the printer in the printer list and click Make Default button on Toolbar. The newly setup printer will also appear in the Printer pop-up menu when you print a document from any applications.