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How do I Obtain an ADMNET Account?

How Do I Obtain an ADMNET Account or Reset ADMNET Password

Footprints Public Solution #91483 Updated August 2016

To obtain an ADMNET account if you are a student employee, you must first complete a form found at the following link.  If you are a faculty or staff member, one was automatically created for you as part of the NetID creation process.

Select the ADMNET Access form and complete the form with the required information. Submit the request at the bottom as outlined in the routing instructions. You will be notified by email to pick up your account password at 220 Dodge Hall. You must bring picture ID (220 DHE Office is closed between 12 noon - 1 pm).

If you are a new staff or faculty member, visit https://netid.oakland.edu/profile/ and select the link to Sync your NetID Password Sync Manager to sync your NetID and ADMNET account.  Please note you need your GrizzlyID and 6 digit pin to complete the process.

To change ADMNET password within Windows while logged in:

  1. Press Control + Alt + Delete
  2. Click "Change a Password..."
  3. Enter current password, then new password.
  4. Press enter.

If you cannot complete this process using either method due to an error message, you must complete the ADMNET Access Request form found at https://forms.oakland.edu/default.aspx

You will be contacted via email and telephone when the password is reset. To pick up the new password, bring a picture ID to Operations at 220 Dodge Hall.

NOTE: *All student employees must fill out and submit a User Access Rules form located at the https://forms.oakland.edu