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GrizzNet FAQ

GrizzNet FAQ

  • GRIZZNET is a wireless network available in key public locations on campus.
What kind of hardware do I need in order to use GRIZZNET?
  • In order to use GRIZZNET, you will need a wireless network card which is 802.11b compatible. Most cards sold today work with 802.11b and are clearly marked so on the product packaging.
Who can use GRIZZNET?
  • All currently enrolled students, as well as active staff and faculty members, are allowed to use GRIZZNET in the Oakland Center, Kresge Library, and Dodge Hall of Engineering and other locations. 
  • Students living in university housing are able to access their wireless network in the residence halls.
Which wireless network cards do you recommend?
  • Although any 802.11b network card should function correctly on GRIZZNET, we have tested wireless cards from Intel, Proxim and Apple.
Where do I go if I need help with my wireless network card?
  • The OU Help Desk, located at 202 KL can help you if you have problems installing or using your wireless network card.
Where is GRIZZNET available on campus?
  • Oakland University offers wireless network services in the residence halls, as well as select areas in the Oakland Center, Kresge Library and Dodge Hall of Engineering.
  • For complete list of locations see Wireless map: https://www.oakland.edu/helpdesk/documents/Wireless_Network_Map
  • We are in the process of creating signs which will be posted notify ing students of wireless network availability. Please note that the wireless network is a work in progress; watch for availability signs to locate an active wireless connection.

How do I start using GRIZZNET?

  • Depending on your wireless network card’s settings, you may have automatically joined the wireless network. If not, check to see which SSID you are connected to. You can do this by opening up the configuration utility that came with your wireless network card.
  • If you are in the residence halls, your SSID should be grizzlies. 
  • If you are elsewhere on campus, your SSID should be GrizzNet
  • Once connected, open up a web browser. You will be redirected to a login page to authenticate your device on the network.   Enter your NetID (email) Username and Password in the boxes, and click Continue to log on to GRIZZNET.
What do I do if I start experiencing problems on GRIZZNET?
  • First, check to see which SSID you are connected to. The SSID is the local name of the network you are on. If you are in the residence halls, your SSID should be grizzlies
  • If you are elsewhere on campus, your SSID should be GrizzNet
  • You can check your SSID by looking at the configuration utility that came with your network card.
  • Additionally, make sure you have opened up a web browser and logged on to GRIZZNET, as described above. If you continue to experience problems, please contact the OU Helpdesk for additional troubleshooting.
Can I go between buildings on campus and remain on the wireless network?
  • While GRIZZNET is available in several buildings, you may lose connection between buildings and have to re-establish network connection if you roam between buildings.
Does GRIZZNET support encryption?
  • Wireless Encryption (WEP) is not turned on for the OU Wireless Network for several reasons. WEP encryption is easily broken, and decreases the amount ofbandwidth available for people to use.
How private is the information I send and receive on GRIZZNET?
  • Wireless networks in their nature are not overly secure. There are applications which can “sniff” wireless networks, reading data which may be destined for other computers. As such, you should always be aware that any data you send or transmit, such as Instant Messages or web pages, may possibly be intercepted by people around you.
Does GRIZZNET work on iPhones/iTouches?
  • New iPhones/iTouches can connect to wireless.  You may have to select 'GRIZZNET' from the list of wireless connections. If your device does not automatically recognize the 'GRIZZNET' network, you may need to manually set it up by selecting 'OTHER' in your wi-fi settings and type in GRIZZNET in the NAME field and select NONE in the SECURITY field. From there, the connection to 'GRIZZNET' should connect immediately.