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Faculty IT Support for Research Proposal

Faculty IT Support for Research Proposal


Does your project require significant information technology resources?

If the answer to any of the following questions is “Yes,” please contact the Help Desk to enter a ticket request for assistance.  We will arrange for the appropriate UTS professional to assist you with your planning. Early involvement with UTS will assure your project is properly resourced and handled on schedule.

  • Will you be acquiring new computers, lab equipment, or other devices that will connect to the campus data network and the Internet?
  • Will you be transmitting research data across campus or across the Internet (via e-mail, video, instant messaging, etc.)?
  • Will you be remodeling campus buildings, adding new space, or renting or leasing additional space?
  • Will you require access to OU computing and network resources from an off-campus location?
  • Do you require connection to Internet?
  • Will you require a server, and if so, do you have an appropriate location with environmental controls (HVAC, UPS, etc.) for locating the server?
  • If you require a server, do you have adequate systems administration support?
  • Do you plan to write or add new software to existing computer systems?
  • Do you need to use software covered by existing university site licenses?
  • Do you need assistance using your storage quota allocation of 200 MB?
  • Do you need over 200 MB of electronic storage for research data or project information?
  • Do you have a plan or strategy for backup of your research and for disaster recovery?
  • Do you need to evaluate network or computer security to protect the integrity of your data?
  • Are there technology-related regulatory issues that must be addressed, such as HIPAA, GLB, FERPA?
  • Will you be hiring new employees or graduate assistants or using guest researchers for the project?
  • Will you be developing or revising a public Web site for the project?

For further help, please email helpdesk@oakland.edu, visit us at 202 Kresge Library or call (248) 370-4357 Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.