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Faculty Grade Submission

Faculty Grade Submission

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Office of the Registrar Faculty/Staff Resouces

Grading is turned on for each part of term approximately one week before the grading due date. Once active, web grading is available 24 hours a day. For SAIL access, Firefox and Chrome works best, or you may use Internet Explorer 10 or 11. For Mac users, Safari 9.0 is recommended.

  • Step 1: Access the OU Home Page at www.oakland.edu
    Step 2: Click on MySAIL (Student And Information Link) located in upper right corner
    Step 3: Click on FACULTY AND STAFF SAIL in the Quick Links on the right-hand side.
    Step 4: Click on Login to Secure Area

You also can click this link: https://sail.oakland.edu/PROD/twbkwbis.P_GenMenu?name=homepage

  • Step 5: Enter either your Grizzly ID and PIN or NetID (Email) and Password

    • If PIN is disabled, call the Registration Office at (248) 370-3450
    • If PIN is expired, enter old PIN, then enter a new six-digit number (no letters), then re-enter new PIN, and click on Login

    Step 6: Select Faculty Services icon, then click on Term Selection icon
    Step 7: Select term to be graded from drop-down list of active terms, click on Submit Term
    Step 8: Click on CRN Selection

    • Select Title and CRN (Course Reference Number) for course to be graded (from a drop-down list if you teach more than one section)
    • Click Submit CRN

    Step 9: Scroll down to click on Final Grades option to go to first page of students, then begin student-by-student grade entry, submitting entered grades after completing each page.

    • Scroll down to see student list
    • In Grade column, click on drop-down arrow to see valid grades for that section
    • To select final grade, scroll to, highlight and click on desired grade, then click grade field for next student until that page is completed.
    • Hint: To move quickly through the grade list, skip to the first grade listed of any grade type (4, 3, 2, 1, 0) by pressing the number key on the keyboard for the first digit of the grade desired, then press the down arrow to highlight and click the specific grade desired
    • DO NOT TYPE IN GRADES. A grade typed in as 2.3 will default to the last digit typed, resulting in an unintended grade of 3.0
    • W grades appearing on a grade roster should not be changed or overwritten.
    • W grades may not be assigned by instructors.
    • Enter all grades on one page, review, and make necessary changes. Do not move to next page before submitting those on the completed page, as follows…
    • To finally record grades on each page, click on Submit Grades
    • If class has more than 25 students, Records 1-25, 26-50, etc., will appear at both top and bottom of page
    • To move to the next page of students, after entering grades for Records 1-25, click on Submit Grades, then click on next group of numbered records (e.g. 26-50)

    Step 10: After completing one course of entry and submission of grades page by page, go to bottom of screen to select next course to be graded (if applicable) using CRN Selection
    Step 11: FINAL STEP - When all courses have been graded, click exit button in upper right corner of screen, then IMMEDIATELY exit your web browser for security purposes.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you experience difficulty entering grades: Turn off other PC applications. Your browser should be the only application running.
  • Clear your Internet browser with the instructions found in this document Clearing Internet Browsers

  • If all else fails, you may use a computer in the Registration Office, 100 ODH, to enter your grades. Please call the Registration Office at (248) 370-3450 to make arrangements.